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Washi Tape Use on Scrapbook Pages

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There are so many ways to use washi tape on scrapbook pages. Let's explore some ideas together

There are so many ways to use washi tape on scrapbook pages. Let's explore some ideas together

Washi Tape Basics

In its most basic form, washi tape is a low tack adhesive tape that comes in both colors and patterns. While it has many uses, for our purposes, we are focusing on using it on scrapbook pages. Traditionally, they are made of rice paper or other plant parts.

Unlike western paper, which is made from tree pulp, washi comes from Japanese shrubs. Typically, it’s made from ganpi, kozo, mistumata or sometimes hemp, but it can be fashioned from almost any plant.

So, being made from plants, means that it is renewable, reusable and biodegradable. And, yes, you can remove it several times before you dispose of it.

No need to gunk up your favorite scissors to cut this tape! You can just rip it with your fingers!

You can write on it with any pencil, marker, paint pen, crayons and more.

Is Washi Tape Removable?

Yes, it is removable and repositionable with a few exceptions. You would not want to try to remove it from any tissue paper or other thin paper. When you remove it from paper or a scrapbook page, pick it off slowly rather than yanking the tape off a surface.

Are There Differences in the Quality of Washi Tapes?

The best washi tapes are those actually made in Japan. Their quality and design are highly desirable.

But since these tapes have become so popular, other manufacturers have started to produce washi tape. Most notably, China, which produces washi tape under many brands in the U.S.A, Briton and other craft companies. The quality and design can vary, depending on the process used. Colors as well as stickiness can vary even in the same design.

Length of Different Washi Tapes

Different manufacturers make washi tape in different lengths. make sure to look carefully at the description on the website or packaging to make sure you know the length and width of the washi tape you are buying. We get excited about a design and then never look at the length of the roll we are getting, only to be disappointed later.

Generally speaking, they often come in lengths of 5m, 10m, 12m or 15m. Those tapes manufactured in China are often 8m or 10m.

Don't be fooled by how big they look. Manufacturers often use large cores which make the rolls look larger than they are.

Washi Tape Widths

You can find washi tape in widths from anywhere between 1/4" all the way up to 2 1/2 " widths

Washi Tape Designs

  1. Solids: Every color imaginable is available in washi tapes
  2. Stripes: They can come in horizontal or vertical. They come in different colors.
  3. Checkered: There are small and large checkered tapes; choose the one that goes with your overall design.
  4. Polka dot: Dots in all kinds of colors and sizes
  5. Celestial: Moons and stars grace these washi tapes
  6. Words or Phrases: Things like "Happy Birthday" or holiday phrases
  7. Seasonal: Created for a season or holiday design
  8. Floral: Flowers invoke peace, sincerity, and subtleness.
  9. Hearts: Sharing the love on a bit of tape
  10. Metallic: These are all about the shine
  11. Chevrons: Usually two colors in a chevron design

Best Buys In Washi Tape

Make Your Own Washi Tape

Do you have some printed or designer paper that you really love? You can take that paper and use it to design custom washi tape that you can use on your scrapbook pages

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  • Clear double-sided tape in medium to wide width
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Foil paper or printed cardstock
  1. Place the wax paper on your work surface. Make the length of the wax paper longer than the strips you want to create. You should be able to lay 6-8 strips down on the wax paper.
  2. Adhere strips of the double-sided tape to the wax paper
  3. Trim the wax paper around each strip of double-sided tape. (The wax paper is just there to keep the adhesive safe.)
  4. Lay the tissue paper, foil or cardstock on your worktable. Press the sticky side of each strip on the tissue paper, foil or cardstock.
  5. Trim any excess paper off of your strips with the scissors. Create neat edges around each strip.
  6. Make small tubes with some cardboard or heavy cardstock. Wrap the strips around the tube with the waxed paper side down.
  7. Use some string or a bread tie to keep the strips in place.

Create Washi Tape Embellishments

There are lots of ways to make washi tape embellishments to add to your scrapbook pages.

  • Several of the wider washi tapes have delightful prints of flowers, butterflies and all sorts of amazing designs. Why not cut them out and use them as stickers on your scrapbook pages?
  • Create washi tape punches. Cover cardstock with washi tape. Then use your craft punches or your electronic cutting machine to create delightful shapes. Tyr using different combinations of strips for a half and half look.
  • Make washi tape tags. Use the washi tape to design custom tags for your scrapbook pages.

Create a Hinge With Washi Tape

You can attach just about anything to your pages with a washi tape hinge. You can make your hinge as long or as short as you want it to be. A hinge is a piece of tape on the top of the photo or embellishment. It allows the top piece to flip up, revealing something special underneath.

The nice thing about using a washi tape hinge is that you can hide some extra journaling or pictures underneath the top piece.

It allows extra features on your page without making the page appear to be cluttered.


Stamp on Washi Tape

If you have plain washi tape and would like to create some customized decorative designs, consider stamping on the tape for a totally different look.

Matte finish washi tape is perfect for this type of design. Glossy or glitter washi will not hold the ink, so stick with plain washi for stamping.

You can use a single strip of washi tape, or create several strips together for larger stamps or designs.

Envelopes on Scrapbook Pages With Washi Tape

Envelopes can be used in so many ways on your scrapbook pages and washi tape is the perfect alternative to glam up and decorate them.

  1. Use envelopes to store memorabilia like ticket stubs, booklets or other bits you would like to save
  2. Hide some journaling that explains the events or pictures on your scrapbook layout. Use the washi tape to seal the envelope. You will be able to open th envelope any time you would like
  3. Hide your writing in an envelope and use washi to close it (you’ll be able to open and close it over and over again since it doesn’t stick in the same way as normal tape).

Mix and Match Washi Tapes

You can mix and match patterns and designs of washi tape

You can mix and match patterns and designs of washi tape

Create Some Washi Tape Art

Add some washi tape art to your scrapbook pages. Why not create a design of your own to highlight your theme. Think about flowers, butterflies, silhouettes and more.


  • Cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Black outline pen
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  1. Sketch your outline in pencil on the cardstock Then outline the shape in black pen. If you do not feel comfortable drawing, the print a shape or design from an internet image. You could also stamp a larger image for your design. Another place to get a design is in a coloring book.
  2. Add strips of washi tape over the design
  3. Trim the design with a craft knife or cut the design out with scissors.
  4. Adhere the design to your scrapbook page with double sided tape or glue.
Make minuses and crosses (tic-tac-toe) style grid from washi tape. In each gap, add a photo or embellishment.

Make minuses and crosses (tic-tac-toe) style grid from washi tape. In each gap, add a photo or embellishment.

Create a Ruffle Strip With Washi Tape

This is a really cute way to add a decorative design to your scrapbook page, but it does use a lot of washi tape. So, make sure that you have enough to go the length that you want your ruffle to go.

You could ruffle the whole length of the page, or just on top or under a picture.

You could also make a ruffle border around a picture to make a colorful design statement.


Create Your Own Custom Paper

You can actually create your own custom paper using a solid color cardstock and any washi tape of your choosing. There is wide washi tape that will cover an entire piece of scrapbook paper to make a true custom piece of cardstock. With just a couple of pieces, you can create a whole new page.

Or you can cover just part of a page with the wide washi tape. Do one section either horizontally or vertically. it is your choice. You can do a middle, side or top section with the washi tape.

But do not limit yourself just to the wide washi tape. Strips of thinner washi tape work too. This is especially effective if you use different colors in the same color family.

The nice thing about washi tape is that it can be removable. So, if you make a mistake, you just lift the tape and start again.

Washi Tape Border Ideas

Washi tape can be used to create colorful borders and focal points.

Washi tape can be used to create colorful borders and focal points.

Washi tape is the perfect medium to help you create boarders on your scrapbook pages. Borders can be as simple as a washi tape strip at the top and the bottom of the page or as elaborate as you would like.

Washi Tape/Scrapbook Paper Border

Create a custom border edge using washi tape and scrapbook paper. Just cut strips of scrapbook paper to edge your page. The strips should be wider than the width of the washi tape. Place the border strips along the outer edge of the scrapbook page. Then run strips of the washi tape on top of the paper.

If you use solid border strips, try using printed washi and visa versa. Glitter washi tape adds more glamour anywhere you choose to use it. You can also use a variant of a solid color paper and washi to add an elegant border.

Create a Ruffle Border

Ruffle borders on a scrapbook page make a large statement in design. But they do take a considerable amount of washi tape. So, make sure that you will have enough tape if you want to go completely around the page. You could also use a solid color on two sides of the page and a printed pattern on the other two sides. Whatever you decide to use, try to make it all the same width.

  1. Begin at the edge of your spread and stick down around 1 inch of your washi tape
  2. Next, fold it back on itself so that the two printed sides are now touching in the middle.
  3. Now, fold it back the other way, making sure the fold is a pinky finger width away from the edge of the cardstock base
  4. Keep repeating this process, each time making the fold a little further along.

Half Circle Borders

This is a great technique for wider washi tape. Use a strong hand punch to cut circles from the washi tape. Cut the circles in half and apply along the border.

Washi Tape Frames

You can create amazing frames for your scrapbook pages with washi tape

You can create amazing frames for your scrapbook pages with washi tape

Making frames with washi tape is one of the easiest ways to add custom design to your scrapbook pages.

You can either do a frame around the entire page or the individual pictures. It's up to you!

More Frame Scrapbook Page Ideas

Create a Sunburst Pattern With Washi tape

You can create a sunburst pattern on plain cardstock using washi tape. This is a great effect to highlight a single picture on a page. You can make the rays of the sun a single color or mix it up with different colors or textures. It is your call.

Try to choose a color or colors selected from the colors of the picture that you are featuring.


  • Cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Washi Tape
  1. Start from the central point of your cardstock or the location where you want our rays to burst.
  2. Mark your central point with a pencil.
  3. Using the ruler measure and mark the number of rays with a thin pencil mark
  4. Measure the tape to match your lines
  5. Place the washi tape on your page
  6. Attach the featured picture either matted or not on the page
  7. Add a title or some journaling
  8. Admire your design

Cover Seams Where Papers Meet

If you have added different pieces of paper on your scrapbook layout, hide the seams with some washi tape.

If you have added different pieces of paper on your scrapbook layout, hide the seams with some washi tape.

Create a Chevron Pattern


A chevron is a V-shaped pattern that is often used for military insignia. It is becoming popular in various forms and used in a variety of ways on scrapbook pages. They can be used as a singular item or can be repeated many times.

Chevrons in a repeated pattern tend to give a directional feel as if the chevrons are pointing at a particular element of the scrapbook page.

More Washi Tape Chevron Ideas

  • Mitered Washi Chevron Tutorial - Cosmo Cricket
    I had a really fun idea for a layout that would feature a chevron background made out of Washi Tape. Well, that was a bit trickier to figure out than I thought it would be. I thought I would show...

Washi Tape Embellishments

This lovely floral wreath was created with cutout washi tape

This lovely floral wreath was created with cutout washi tape

This is such an easy way to create custom embellishments. These shaped embellishments can be used to hold a photo, be used in a design, used to hold a die cut, or even if large enough be used to hold a title.

The nice thing about washi tape is that not only does it come in solid and printed versions, but it also comes in seasonal styles. That means that you have a great many options when you use it.

Use a hand punch or cut a shape from your electronic cutting machine. Place strips of your favorite washi tape on the shape. Cut any excess tape off of your shape. Use a thin marker to define strips if you want.

Washi Tape Die Cuts

Another way to embellish your scrapbook pages is with die cuts made with washi tape. All you have to do is to cover a piece of cardstock with washi tape. You could use several thin strips or one wide strip. Burnish (rub) it down well. Then die cut the cardstock as you normally would. You can die cut words or shapes with the washi tape. Once you give it a go, you will use the washi tape a lot more.

Create Washi Tape Tags

You can create dozens of tag ideas with washi tape. Cover the tag with a wide piece of washi for an instant design. Depending on the size of the tag, you may have to trim the washi tape. You could add another of the same tag to hide the washi tape on the back if you need to. Add a word or other die cut and you have a custom design for your layout.

You could also add thin strips of washi either as a solid color, mixed solid colors, design, or mixed design and solid colors. There are endless possibilities.

More Washi Tape Embellishment Ideas

Use Random Strips of Washi Tape

Use random pieces of washi tape to create a custom design

Use random pieces of washi tape to create a custom design

Journal on Top of Washi Tape

To add more interest to your pages, try journaling on top of washi tape. You will want to use a plain, light colored washi tape or a tape that has space within the deign to write on. Use a thin black writer pen to make notes and lists on your washi tape.

You want to use a matte finish washi tape rather than a glossy one. The glossy finishes will not allow the ink from your pen to show through.

Add splashes of color to your scrapbook page with washi tape

Add splashes of color to your scrapbook page with washi tape

Free Printable Washi Tape

Organizing Your Washi Tape

These are our favorite ideas to organize and store your washi tape

These are our favorite ideas to organize and store your washi tape

Create a Wasi Tape Design Tool

Organize your washi tape with tags. These tags help you design you scrapbook pages faster

Organize your washi tape with tags. These tags help you design you scrapbook pages faster

More Washi Tape Scrapbook Ideas

There are multiple ways to organize your washi tape depending on your space and how much tape that you have. Here are a few suggestions that will help you get all your washi tape organized with some tools you may have in your craft space or home. Many of these ideas are economical too.

If you have a large collection, decide how you are going to store your tape. You can choose to organize by color, width, theme or pattern.

  1. Use an embroidery hoop- you can see all those lovely washi tape hanging on display.
  2. Place them in a bowl or basket for instant access
  3. Egg cartons are the perfect place to store your washi tape
  4. Drawer organizers are another option
  5. Foil box(carton) makes a perfect way to store your washi tape, Add a dowel to hold the tape rolls and decorate.
  6. A curtain rod mounted anywhere