The Basics of Duct Tape Art

Updated on August 25, 2018
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Berlin starry night"- Tape art by Berlin-based tape artist Slava Ostap. Coloured. Berlin 2014.
Berlin starry night"- Tape art by Berlin-based tape artist Slava Ostap. Coloured. Berlin 2014. | Source

Why Should I Learn Duct Tape Art?

Anyone can experiment with duct tape to create interesting pieces. Tape art is when you use adhesive tape in a creative way to add depth, highlights, and effects in an artwork. The primary tools are packaged tape, adhesive tape or duct. The artist can effectively create three-dimensional sculptures, glass or plastic applications.

Surfaces Where Duct Tape Can Be Applied:

  • Plastic
  • Regular glass
  • Wall
  • Acrylic glass
  • Sandwich panels
  • Aluminum
  • Stone
  • Asphalt

There are hundreds of amazing ideas and projects you can do with tape, and you are only limited by your creativity and expression. A huge variety of colors, patterns, and functionalities is at your disposal. The craft is perfect for stay-at-home moms, teenagers, adults, and retirees. You'll have lots of fun making any duct tape art!

Some Tools
Some Tools | Source

What You'll Need

  • Tape in different colors (packaged or adhesive)
  • The object you want to use, such as a picture
  • Computer and printer (if you want to create a picture)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Cutting knife

What Tape Should I Use for Duct Tape Art?

Many brands of duct tapes are available in the market. They differ in features such as high-strength, mid-strength, low-strength, and flexibility. The tape you need should be mid-level strength, flexible, and rip easily.

  • The ripping action should be clean and straight.

Tape Art Piece by Buff Diss With Black Duct Tape
Tape Art Piece by Buff Diss With Black Duct Tape | Source


  1. Assemble the tools: a cutting knife, duct tape, cardboard, and ruler. I assume you have a smartphone, computer, and printer. If not, you can print out the images at a library
  2. Find a picture. You can find a picture of your favorite celebrity, holiday, pet, or recreational activity.
  3. Quantize the picture. Use any paint software to turn the image into different colors. There are useful apps on your phone that should be able to easily accommodate this feature. Some useful software is Photoshop or any free paint software. Print out two or three color variations to use for cutting, referencing, and separation.
  4. Lay down the base colors. Stick white duct tape on a piece of card. Start from the center, and work the sides.
  5. Trim the sides with the cutter.
  6. Repeat the process with the next color and lay tape at a 90° angle. This is ideal for stripping and separation
  7. Cut the picture. First, stick the template to the cardboard. Line it up and fix both sides together. Cut it carefully and apply a little bit of pressure. Follow the lines to achieve the best detail.
  8. Once you are through with the cutting, remove the template.
  9. Start peeling. the result should be a one color picture. Start peeling the layers by using the spare print as a reference. Don’t peel too many layers, and cut out the sticky bits.
  10. You probably want to showcase your new creation. Why not put it in a frame and hang in your office or home?

What are Popular Duct Tape Crafts to Try?

There are many craft ideas you can experiment with using duct tape. You can add detail, depth, and color to your designs. Try your hands at prints, pictures, home repair, or other creative projects.

Try Fun Project Ideas

  • Flowers
  • Roses
  • Bows
  • Prom Corsage
  • Accessories
  • Pictures
  • Ornaments
  • Flower Pots
  • Party Mask
  • Woven Wallet
  • Gift box
  • Hanging Décor

Who Are Some Notable Tape Artists?

This interesting art form gradually transcended DIY projects and home décor. Notable artists are creating amazing work with duct tape. They are not limited to scale-down models, wall illustrations, or pictures.

Popular artworks include Portable Tornado three-dimensional illustrations by Slava Ostap, Berlin 2014 or the mixed media masking and tape over impala antelope.

Others artists include:

  • Max Zorn
  • Mark Khaisman
  • Pauline Filioux

Another popular piece is the mural shades and lines, which are exhibited at the Upfest in Bristol.

Donald Trump Pop Art President Usa
Donald Trump Pop Art President Usa | Source

What Can You Do With Duct Tape Art?

Incorporate your designs into different products.

  • Use scrapbook to make abstract art.
  • Incorporate into a mouse pad.
  • Make a flag.
  • Create a cool logo.
  • Make wall art.
  • Create a one-color image.
  • Weave it into a hammock.
  • Design a wallet or purse.
  • Add it to tin cans and water bottles.

Duct Tape Body Form | Pinterest. My duct tape dress form top with legs, arms, neck. Wear a T .
Duct Tape Body Form | Pinterest. My duct tape dress form top with legs, arms, neck. Wear a T .

How to Construct a Duct Tape Scale Model

The versatility and flexibility of duct tape make it ideal for different applications. You can build anything scaled down with relative ease. Here are a few tips on how to effectively use the tape to create models.

  • The Tape: Your choice of tape is very important to the success of your project. There are many brands with different levels of adhesiveness, flexibility, and strength. Some are easy to cut with scissors or blades. The ideal tape should have a little turgidity yet rip easily. It should not be too sticky with medium-range strength.
  • Basic Tools: Put aside basic tools like cutting knife, diagonal cutter, and a set of picks.
  • The Models Structure: Find objects with smooth surfaces so the tape sticks easily. A technique craftsmen use is to stick the tape on a flat surface, feather the edges, pull it back, and roll it inside out. Use this method to produce a duct-tape armature for your model.
  • The Strength Test: The strength of the tape is dependent on the direction it is laid. Self-supporting armatures are guided by clever design, geometry, and angles. Use perpendicular or parallel lines including multiple pieces and a core to create strength.
  • Layering. Multiple layers of duct tape create a smoother look and cover imperfections.

40 Things You Can Make With Duct Tape

  1. Feather earrings
  2. Mini purse
  3. Picture in a frame
  4. Superhero mask
  5. Tape Hammock
  6. Tap bags
  7. Beach bag
  8. Fruit slice purse
  9. Messenger bag
  10. Rolled duct tape bead bracelet
  11. Braided bracelet
  12. Hair bow
  13. Bowtie
  14. Tape beads
  15. Awesome ribbons
  16. Tape belt
  17. No-sew apron
  18. Tape covered boots
  19. Striped floor
  20. Tape covered floor
  21. Luggage bag
  22. Tape decorated water bottles
  23. Tap cans
  24. Covered office containers
  25. Party banner
  26. Tailgate flags
  27. Decorative centerpieces
  28. Tablecloth
  29. Wrapper
  30. Gift bag
  31. Wreath
  32. Santa stockings
  33. Topiary
  34. Duct tape roses
  35. Pencil toppers
  36. Flower pens
  37. Basket
  38. Wallet
  39. Key ring wristlet
  40. Tape apron

Duct Tape Picture Frame

DIY Room Decoration

How to Make Duct Tape Shoes

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