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35 Stunning Wooden Bead Craft Projects

Head to your local craft store and pick up some wooden beads for these creative crafts.

Head to your local craft store and pick up some wooden beads for these creative crafts.

Wood Bead Crafts

Whether your decorating style is modern or farmhouse, I'm sure you'll find a wooden bead project in this article that you'll want to make.

I've already made the small garland to include in a table centerpiece, gnomes, and a beaded heart, but I have plans for a tray featured in one of the videos.

The 35 ideas I give in this article are outstanding ideas for gift giving and decorating.


1. Snowman Ornaments

These cute little snowman ornaments are so easy and quick to make. Consider a craft like this to do with the kids or a senior citizen project. The directions are found at The Country Chic Cottage.


2. Doll Key Fobs

You'll find the tutorial for making the little doll key fobs on the Maditas Haus blog. A lovely gift idea for any girl. It can be used as a key fob for a purse or backpack.


3. Pizza Pan Wreath

This is an inexpensive and attractive way to recycle an unused pizza pan. Check out the instructions at DIY Beautify.


4. Beaded Decorative Plate

All kinds of nifty ideas are included in the tutorial for making this beaded plate on the My Wee Abode site. Imagine a beautiful arrangement displayed on the charger.


5. Blessing Beads with Clay Tags

Porche and Co. is another great site for beautiful wooden bead crafts and other valuable info. I love the way these blessing beads with clay tags are gift-wrapped.


6. Statement Necklace

When your friends see you sporting this statement necklace, they will want to know where you purchased it from! Check out this DIY article by Make and Fable to get their instructions.


7. Beaded Trivet

I saw a couple of other trivet projects, but this is the one that stood above the others. Make sure you check out the directions at Hunker.


8. Towel Rings

I've been having a blast making dish towels using my Cricut and iron-on vinyl. These towel rings look like the perfect way to display them. The tutorial is found at Spoon Fork Bacon.

9. Farmhouse Beaded Tray


10. Easy Tassel Gnome

I've already made some of these easy tassel gnomes. I've used jute and narrow ribbon, which turn out so cute. The easy-to-follow directions are at Just That Perfect Piece.


11. Wooden Bead Pumpkin

I realize that I've placed two pumpkin projects directly beneath each other, but I really like the stem, leaves, and tendrils. The directions are at Just That Perfect Piece.


12. Beaded Pumpkin

I like the fullness of this pumpkin. It uses eight rows of beads instead of the six in the preceding pumpkin project. I like this pumpkin better, but the stem of the prior project. Go to DIY With My Guy for this pumpkin. They are both great projects.


13. Christmas Tree Ornament

These step-by-step directions by a wonderful thought simplify how these Christmas tree ornaments are made.


14. Tasseled Napkin Ring

I love the simplicity of the tasseled napkin ring. It would be perfect for a formal or informal table setting. Directions are found at Hello Central Avenue.


15. Coastal Farmhouse Garland

I think garlands make a beautiful and appreciated gift because everyone can find a place to display them. My Wee Abode is where you'll find the tutorial.


16. Modern Fall Wreath

Isn't it fun to see all the different ideas crafters come up with to use wooden beads? This modern fall wreath is one of the super neat uses for the beads. We can thank the folks at Boho Deco for the idea and directions.

17. How to White Wash Wood Beads


18. Beaded Plant Hanger

The beaded plant hanger is another great idea. And easy to make following the tutorial at Crafted Sparrow.


19. Wooden Bead Doll Head Necklace

Like the key fob ideas, these little doll necklaces are so cute. I think it might even work to make earrings with the littlest wooden beads. Craftberry Bush has the instructions to share.


20. Halloween Wood Bead Garland

We might as well order a big bag of assorted-sized wooden beads because it's going to be hard making just a couple of these projects. The tutorial for making the Halloween garland is found at Eighteen 25.


21. Hanging Snowflakes

Can you imagine making a swag like this one from HGTV and, instead of snowflakes, making beaded hearts for Valentine's Day swag? Stars for the 4th of July? What do you think?


22. Tasseled Door Knob Hanger

There are so many ways and places to display your tasseled bead garlands. This one at Homemade Lovely used it as a knob hanger.


23. Farmhouse Ornament

Different-sized wood beads are perfect for making unique Christmas ornaments or year-round displays. The Cottage Market has directions for making these farmhouse ornaments.

24. DIY Beaded Wreath


25. Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

I'm very impressed with these cute little Christmas ornaments. I believe the background of these is foam board. Go to The Latina Next Door for the supplies list and tutorial.


26. Boho Wood Bead and Yarn Tassels

Notice the cool yarn used in these tassels. If you haven't checked the yarn aisle in your store lately, you're in for a pleasant surprise. So many new and unique choices. Go to the Personally Andrea site for info about these yarn tassels.


27. Mini Wreath Ornaments

You might notice how glass beads are included in these mini wreath ornaments. Don't be afraid to add different elements to your ornament making. The creating me blog shows us how to make these ornaments.


28. Wooden Bead Star Ornie

What or where you display your star ornie depends on the wooden bead size used in making the ornaments. The directions are found on HGTV. Consider using this star as a necklace pendant or on a light chain pull.


29. How to Host a Craft Night

Now that you see how many ways wood beads can be used, you might want to get some friends together and have a craft night. Alice and Lois tell us how to host a craft night and include directions on making a wood bead necklace.

30. Wooden Bead Doll Ornaments


31. Candlestick Makeover

Look what ordinary wooden candlesticks purchased at the Dollar Store can be transformed into with a bit of help from The Latina Next Door, who shares her tutorial.


32. Oversized Wood Bead Garland

Make an oversized wood bead garland to enhance the decor on open shelves. Find the tutorial for this project at Making Joy and Pretty Things.


33. Beaded Garland

Follow the tutorial at Little House of Four to make this beautiful beaded garland. The photo below shows how I included my beaded garland into a tabletop display.


34. Garland with Tassel and Tag

Notice how the little tag on this garland adds to its beauty—a beautiful heartfelt message. Go to Homemade Lovely to find the instructions for this project.


35. Easy Gnome Ornament

Another really cute and easy gnome. Make oodles of them for yourself and give them as gifts. Just That Perfect Piece has the perfect tutorial.

© 2020 Loraine Brummer

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Faythe Payne from USA on September 20, 2020:

So many cute ideas

Danny from India on September 20, 2020:

Loraine, these are some amazing wooden craft ideas. I liked the Garland with tassel and tag.