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Soul-to-Soul Papercrafting

Paper crafting has been my passion since I was a child. I love sharing paper projects, ideas, and products. Get more from your paper.

In card making, one soul creates a card to convey a sentiment to another.

In card making, one soul creates a card to convey a sentiment to another.

What Is Soul-to-Soul Papercrafting?

Each of us has a soul, the very depth of our being. It is where our feelings, hopes, dreams, the very heart of who we are resides.

When someone creates a papercraft, it is a very physical process. You are cutting, gluing, designing, taping to create a craft. But there is more to the process than just the physical aspect if the craft.

In card making, for example, one soul creates a card to convey a sentiment to another. It could be filled with wishes, thoughts and love. A soul reaches out to another in a special way to express something from their heart to another.

Someone is creating a prayer journal where they think deeply of the needs of another. They ask their Creator to help that person overcome their situation.

These crafts and more create a bond between two souls.

We are all about sharing information and ideas. Here are some creative papercraft ideas and crafts that you may want to explore. There are some thoughts and information on each topic with the hope that your soul awakens to new creative possibilities, and you explore one or more ideas.

Scrapbooking soul to soul

Scrapbooking soul to soul

The Soul in Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is an older craft that has become popular again. Sometimes it is a physical book and other times it is a digital preservation of memories. White, it may be fine to see pictures on social media, or on phones, there is still something to be said for the beauty and creativity of making a scrapbook. It is a real art form that transcends generations and time.

When you create scrapbooks and scrapbook pages, you are honoring and celebrating the person the page is about. You are recording family memories as you see them.

Spending time sorting through pictures to scrapbook later creates memories on their own. What a great way to touch the soul of a family member! Sitting down and talking about the memories of your pictures will bond you in a special way.

I create scrapbooks for each of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. These are books about them and their families. They are gifted with the books I create at their wedding or when they have their own homes. I reach to their souls love after i am gone. And hopefully though additional generations.

You can create scrapbooks and mini scrapbooks to give as gifts. These are a perfect gift from the heart. Scrapbooks for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. I still have a scrapbook one of my kids created for my 25 th wedding anniversary. It is a treasure to me, and I will pass it along someday to the person who made it for me as a family archive.

If you have never made a scrapbook, you could by a kit that has everything included in one kit. All you need extra is to get some double-sided tape. You may want to add a few stickers like letter stickers to add to it. You can make the scrapbook yourself with the kit or give the kit as a gift.

The kits come with a scrapbook, paper that have layout suggestions, paper protectors, some embellishments and ideas. They come in many themes like weddings, babies, birthdays and more.

If you give the kit as a gift, include a little pair of scissors, some extra stickers or embellishments and some double-sided tape.

There are also mini scrapbooks that are often made with good heavy cardstock. These little books are creative and great to carry with you. They make great little gifts for just about any occasion. Think about one for a grandparent, a new mom, a special birthday, an anniversary, just about any topic is perfect for these minis!

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Greeting cards from soul to soul

Greeting cards from soul to soul

Soul-to-Soul Greeting Cards

One of the most direct ways we can touch another soul is through greeting cards that we create. We reach out to another in a very personal way. Each card is created to reflect our thoughts and feelings in a way that no mass manufactured card can do.

Though our greeting cards, our sentiments and ideas are sent. Thoughts and wishes for special occasions, encouragement and sympathy can all be expressed in unique and special ways,

We also express our thoughts in colors and designs that express what our souls are thinking.

There are so many ways to create greeting cards. The most popular among the different techniques is stamping. There are so many options when it comes to stamping and inks. It is an art that is easy to use. Lots of stampers collect stamps as a side copy. Stamps and inks are readily available both online and offline.

Die cutting is a second option. This is where you cut shapes and words to add to your projects. This is a fun option. Die cutting is another creative option.

And you can also add foiling too your options. Foiling adds a touch of bling to all of your cardmaking projects.

Not only can we create thoughts and feelings for those that we know, family and friends, but also to souls that we may never know but who we have touched. There are so many charities that need and use handmade greeting cards. You have the opportunity to touch another soul in a most special way!

Charity Card Making Ideas

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Art Journaling soul to soul

Art Journaling soul to soul

Soul-to-Soul Art Journaling

Art journaling is another soul-to-soul papercraft. We have the opportunity to express our inner most thoughts and feelings through art. It is a place where you can bare your soul. Expressing your feelings helps you work through the painful parts of your life. But it also enables you to celebrate the joyful parts of your years too.

You may not feel creative or artistic, but that is ok. You do not have to be a master artist to create an art journal. You are just using things like crayons, colored pencils, markers, or whatever you have to express how you are feeling at that moment.

There are unlimited ways and media to express yourself through an art journal. There are no rules at all. As I always like to say, "your art, your way!"

You can exercise your mind by learning new techniques to explore your art. Expanding your horizons is satisfying. Learning something new, no matter what your age, keeps your mind moving forward.

You can also spend time each week with your kids working in your art journal. It is a good way to open up conversation and spend quality time together catching up with your week.

While no one may or may never see your art, there are souls connecting every day through groups online and off that share the love of creating a special art journal.

They share techniques and ideas as well as their art as well. There are specific Facebook groups just for art journal enthusiasts.

Getting Started in Art Journaling

You can start your art journaling journey with just a mixed media paper pad and whatever media you would like to use. The mixed media paper will be strong enough to hold all the other media.

Then add to your stash with:

  • Crayons
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Gel pens
  • Watercolors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Gesso
  • Stamps and inks
Journals are a great way to tell and share the story of your life

Journals are a great way to tell and share the story of your life

Other Journals

There are lots of other ways to journal that help you create memories, share thoughts and share bits of yourself with others.

Travel Journals

Travel journals are more than just a few memories jotted down in a notebook. They are the stories of your adventures close to home or far away. They help you remember more about the places you have been. Writing down what you have done and what you have learned helps you to connect more with surrounding and culture. By having all these new findings in one place, you will be able to look back and reflect on what you have learned and apply it to other parts of your life.

And like a scrapbook, you can add all sorts of pictures, memorabilia, drawings and lots more creative techniques. You can look back on these in years to come. And someday, share them with future generations.

Faith and Bible Journals

Deep in your soul, you may relate to your faith, no matter what form that takes. Bible journaling and faith journaling helps you create art forms that express your inner core beliefs. This can be done in books specifically designed to do just that. There are Bibles that are made specifically for Bible journaling.

You can color, doodle, and pieces of art like washi tape, ribbon, bookmarks, collage and more.

You can work alone or with a close friend or family member who shares your faith. Not only will you have time to reflect on your beliefs, but those journals will be precious to future generations.

Bullet Journals

You might not think that these types of planners are papercrafts, but they are. Bullet journals are a type of planner that creates an organized system for your daily, monthly and even yearly activities.

Bullet journal users create their planners as pieces of art. Not only are they planners that contain lists of to-dos and goals and activities. but they also reflect the taste of the user in color, design and taste.

Like other journals they have themes that are reflected in lots of different ways. You can doodle, add stickers, add colorful washi tapes, use calligraphy, color, draw and lots of other techniques.

Many bullet journalist keep their journals treasuring not only goals reached but the art they created within the pages.

Prayer Journals

Prayer journals are specific to requesting, listing and recording prayers that were requested and answered. But they do not have to be just listing things within the pages. Many who use them create art within the pages adding colors, designs and drawings as well.

Gratitude Journals

Gratitude journals give us time to pause and reflect on those things that we are grateful for. Many maintain these types of journals and add their own artistic touches to every page.

Coloring Soul To Soul

Coloring Soul To Soul

Soul-to-Soul Coloring

You might not think of coloring pages and coloring books as an opportunity for two souls or more to connect. But in actuality there are opportunities to connect though coloring books every day.

We all need to get away from the electronics that bombard our brains with ideas, world tension, ads and more. Coloring gives us an opportunity to relax.

Coloring has become a popular past time in the last few years. From toddler to adults, a lot of people are coloring. There are colored pencils, inks, markers, alcohol markers, and watercolors. So, you can find the medium that fits your budget and needs.

Setting time aside for coloring events with your family and friends gives you time to enjoy each other and have fun. Finding an evening or a weekend to color with your children and grandchildren connects you souls to create memories that will never be forgotten. Take a refreshment break to chat and catch up on each other's lives.

There are coloring pages that you can print online. You do not need to spend a lot of money on coloring supplies. Print some pages. Use heavy multimedia paper or watercolor paper if you are using alcohol markers or watercolors.

You can also use your coloring pages to create greeting cards, gift bags and more projects. Pieces of your coloring can also be used in art journal pages as well as junk journals. Pieces of your coloring pages can be used as embellishments on scrapbook pages too. Why keep your art hidden in a book when you can display it?

Connect with your kids, family and friends' soul to soul with coloring. There is no better gift than the gift of quality time with those you care most about.

More Coloring Tips and Ideas

Decoupage is popular paper craft where you glue images to a project to create a decorative piece.

Decoupage is popular paper craft where you glue images to a project to create a decorative piece.

Soul-to-Soul Decoupage

Decoupage is the art of taking decorative paper and gluing it to an object with a decoupage medium. It is often used in combination with paint, gold leaf and other elements.

Decoupage uses paper images that are "'glued" on a project with a decoupage medium like Mod Podge. Usually, the decoupage medium will be applied with a foam brush. First you apply the image with the medium and allow it to dry. Then you cover the glued image with more decoupage medium to seal it.

There are different decoupage mediums for different surfaces. It is important to understand which medium is the right one for the surface you are applying it to. That way you will get the best results for your project.

What You Need To Decoupage:

  • Scissors
  • Decoupage paper or decorative napkins
  • Decoupage mediums
  • Paper – scrapbooking or cardmaking paper, tissue paper, newspaper or magazine clippings, wrapping paper, wallpaper, photographs or anything else you can think of!
  • Varnish or gloss for some projects

What Can You Decoupage:

There is an endless amount of projects that you can create to use in your home or to share with others. Here are just a few.

  • Glass plates
  • Wooden pieces
  • Flowerpots
  • Furniture
  • Desk accessories
  • Journal Covers
  • Canister
  • Plastic Storage Units

More Decoupage Ideas

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Altered Books

Altered Books

Soul-to-Soul Altered Books

How are altered book a soul-to-soul paper craft? Altered books can be used as art journals or junk journals.

For one thing you are creating an art project that is all about recycling from the base of the book to all of the designs and embellishments. And much of the materials that you will use will have little or no cost to you.

Much like art journals, these books are expressions of your feelings, thoughts and emotions. And those thoughts can be private or shared with others who share enjoyment of this art form. That is your choice.

But there is another aspect to this art form. You can create an altered book to give as a gift to others. You could create books for special birthdays or anniversaries, weddings, births, move to a new house. You could also create a book that celebrates the special hobby or interest of a friend or family member.

You can create a seasonal book as a decoration for a coffee table, mantle or any other location where you would like a little touch of something special. This could be given as a gift or kept for your own celebrations.

About the Books

You can find books just about anywhere. Start with your own home. If you have not saved any books yourself, try family and friends. Soft cover books generally do not work for this craft. You will want a book that has sewn pages rather than glued pages. Sewn books generally hold up better than glued books, since you will be adding a lot of material to the pages.

You will want a book that has 200-300 pages as a minimum.

You can choose a book of any size. But look carefully at the quality of the paper. You should lean towards a good quality of paper rather than paper that seems light to the touch. Of course, if you have thin paper, you can always glue pages together to thicken them.

You always want to look at the title page. If a book says that it is a first or second printing, you will want to check to see if the book has value before you start altering it.

Where To Find Books To Alter:

  • Garage sales
  • Estate sales
  • Rummage sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Used bookstores
  • Library sales
  • Friends and family

Whatever your use for your altered book is, there are a few things to do to prep your book for use.

  • Leave 4-6 pages in the front of the book as well as in the back
  • Flip 2 pages and the remove 4-8 pages.
  • Glue the 2 pages together where you may see the edges of the torn pages.

More Altered Book Ideas

Junk Journals can be created with just about any left-over you have

Junk Journals can be created with just about any left-over you have

Soul-to-Soul Junk Journaling

Junk journaling is an easy way to recycle just about anything into a stunning journal that expresses your thoughts and ideas using all kinds of saved materials to use to create your pages. Creating junk journals is an easy creative relaxing project.

You can use a bought journal, a journal that you make, a recycled book, a composition book, or even a sketchbook. That is the beauty of this papercraft. anything goes.

What Can You Save?

  • Envelopes from your mail
  • Advertisements
  • Packaging from kitchen products
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Scrap paper
  • Leftover fabric and trim
  • Tea bags
  • Buttons
  • Bits of ribbon
  • Old greeting cards
  • Old postcards

There are plenty of free and low-cost images on the internet that you can print out for your junk journals

You can create thesejunk journals for yourself, give them as gifts, or even sell them on the internet as many do.

You can create them as seasonal themes like Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July or Halloween. They can be part of your seasonal decor.

They can be made to give someone expressing your thoughts. It could be a special birthday, a wedding, a birth, an anniversary, or a graduation. Sharing this kind of gift makes it a true soul-to-soul connection.

Book Folding

Book folding is another recycled paper craft that is as simple as taking the page of a book and folding it to create a three-D image within the pages of the book. That is the simple explanation. Of course, there are more complicated designs that can be created.

These are papercrafts that can be displayed as true art forms within your home. They are perfect on a bookshelf or on a mantle. They can also be displayed as seasonal decor.

Book folding is one of those crafts that looks so much harder than it actually is. With a little patience, love and perseverance, you can transform a book into a piece of art.

They can also celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or a new baby. They are truly a memorable gift from a heart or soul.

Some projects will be made by simple folding and others will be made with a template. The template shows you where to fold each page to create the design.

Book Folding Terms

There are just a few terms to learn when you start book folding:

  • MMF - This stands for measure, mark and fold.
  • 180 Fold - To make a 180-fold, you fold every page towards the spine before marking and cutting.180 fold is simply folding all the pages toward the spine before you start marking and creating the project.
  • Combi Fold - After measuring and marking, fold your first and last page to 45-degree angle instead of straight.
  • Shadow Folding - to create a shadow on your design, leave every other page unmarked.

Choosing Your Book

You’ll need at least 300 pages for an intricate folding project. The more pages that you have, the more pages you can fold, and the design will be defined through the multiple folded pages. Just remember that a page of a book is really two pages (front and back), so if there are 400 pages in the book, there are only 200 available folds.

More Book Folding Ideas

You can create amazing pieces of art and projects with quilling techniques

You can create amazing pieces of art and projects with quilling techniques

Soul-to-Soul Quilling

Quilling is an art that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.

You can create greeting cards, holiday ornaments, keychains, baskets and a lot more. Giving cards and gifts made from your heart and hands to give to another is soulful way to share something special.

There are literally only three things that you need to get started. A quilling tool, paper strips and some glue in a small bottle with a tiny nozzle. You start off with simple shapes like hearts, swirls and teardrops. then you move onto other shapes and go from there.

There are endless combinations and ideas. The internet is filled with videos and patterns that you can use to create your own art forms and projects.

More Quilling Ideas

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Paper flowers are an amazing art form that can be made with different techniques to be shared with family, friends and the community

Paper flowers are an amazing art form that can be made with different techniques to be shared with family, friends and the community

Soul-to-Soul Paper Flowers

Creating paper flowers is one of my favorite paper art forms. Not only are there all kinds of ways to make them, but there are so many ways to share them.with those we most care about.

Paper flowers come in all kinds of colors shapes and sizes. From the tiniest little bud to the largest giant paper flower, I have not met a paper flower that I did not love. You can just about make any flower that you can think of in a paper design.

There are so many papers that can be used to make paper flowers. Cardstock, construction paper, tissue paper, crepe paper and a lot more.

What Can I Do With Paper Flowers?

  • Create a seasonal bouquet for home decor
  • Create a wreath
  • Use to decorate a greeting card
  • Create a bouquet for someone in a hospital or nursing home
  • Create wall decor for a nursery
  • Create flowers for a scrapbook or a journal
  • Create wedding or decor
  • Create decor and party favors for a shower
  • Craft projects to sell both online and off

Different Ways To Create Paper Flowers

There are different ways to create paper flowers Each of the techniques helps you grow as a paper crafter as you create your garden of lovely blooms.

Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe paper flowers are a form onto themselves. Using crepe paper to create flowers have techniques that are different than other types. This is not the crepe paper as you might see in paper streamers. To create these blooms, you use a special paper that has unique requirements. Of all the papers used for paper flower, these are the most realistic blooms that you will see.

Origami Flowers

These are flowers that are created with cuts and folds. So easy to make and require only some paper and scissors.

Tissue Paper Flowers

These are not the same flowers that we used to decorate the dances in our high school gym. These are far more detailed, but very easy to make.

You can actually make tissue paper flowers 5", 8" and even 12 " wide.

Rolled Flowers

This is another way to create paper flowers that is easy and fun! Once you start making these, you will not want to stop.

These flowers are made from pattern on an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut, Silhouette, or Scan N Cut. Sometimes these patterns (SVG files) are already in the machine's computer software. Or you may need to download the file to your machine software.

Once you have the file, the machine will cut as many in any size of the pattern that you tell it to, Then, you simply roll and glue the cut pattern together and watch the magic happen. These rolled flowers can be created quickly and easily.

The Easiest Flower You Will Ever Make


Soul-to-Soul Papercrafts

When you craft paper crafts for your own use or to give to someone as a gift. When you make something as decor for your home, you are sharing a bit of yourself with your family and friends.

When you give a gift that you have made with your own hands, you are giving a bit of yourself to those you most care about. You are giving a bit of your soul to the person you are gifting.


Origami is the art of paper folding to create something special. Not only can you create animals, but you can also create useful items to use or give away

Origami only requires some paper, scissors and a bit of glue.

Paper Beads

Paper Beads can be made from leftover magazines, scrapbook paper, junk mail, wallpaper, washi paper, copy paper, hand colored paper, etc. The paper is cut and rolled with different patterns to create beads. Different papers give color and design to the beads.

Round, tubular and teardrop as well as other shapes are rolled from the paper and allowed to dry. Then they are sealed with a coating of petrofier solution to make them permanent.

Once dry, they can be strung to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

They are fun to make for yourself or give as gifts to someone you love.

Paper Collage

Think of a collage as an art form where you take a group of things (mostly Paper) and glue them to a canvas, journal or other platform to express a thought of feeling

It uses layers of paper, magazine cutouts, or photographs. But some collage artists have been known to add other items to their pieces.

Collage is a true art form that expresses your feeling deep from your soul. Those feelings can be shared with other souls in a meaningful way.

We urge you to explore these art forms on the net. expand your mind, creativity and make something from your heart to share.

Torn paper collage is just one aspect of the art of collage. Collage is another art form where you can share your love of paper

Torn paper collage is just one aspect of the art of collage. Collage is another art form where you can share your love of paper

Final Thoughts on Soul-to-Soul Paper Crafting

We have given you a taste of different papercrafts to explore. And we have shown you how to share these paper crafts with your circle of family, friends and even beyond your circle.

There are so many ways to share a bit of your soul with others. Not only will you have the opportunity to create something, but when you do, you will get a great amount of pleasure from it.

We hope that you will challenge yourself and learn a new papercraft in the near future. And remember to share your crafts with your children and grandchildren. Taking time to create something with them will create a memory that they will never forget.

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