5 Creative Ceramics Artists

Updated on January 30, 2020
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I am a designer and artist and have been createing geometic soncrete planters for the poast 4 years with a studio out in Portugal.

5 Creative Ceramics Artists Worth a Look

What makes a creative ceramic artist? This is a difficult question to answer, because there are plenty of ceramicists out there who produce for large factories and don't get the recognition. So really, I think it is about exclusivity, story and presentation.

Many of the ceramicists that are regarded as artists are residents in more affluent countries and have the luxury of being able to communicate their backstory directly to their customers, whereas some of the foreign talents have lower wages and a less affluent customer base. So on that basis, let's have a look at some of those people lucky enough to be able to bracket themselves in the 'artist' category.

Notable Ceramicists

  1. Inge Vincent
  2. Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling
  3. Yasha Butler
  4. Myrto Zirini
  5. Taizo Kurado


1. Inge Vincent

Inge is resident in Copenhagen and I know firsthand how much the Danes love ceramics. My wife is Danish and I have had to ban her from buying ceramics. The range of pottery called 'thin-ware' is a very delicate and fragile line which follows a trend for thin translucent ceramics. They are ideal for lighting as the thin walls allow the light to refract through and give a warm glow. The studio in Copenhagen is perfectly placed on the door step of wealthy residents to come and see the work being made and interact with the story of its creation.


2. Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling

These pieces are certainly a different direction to the work of Inge, and whilst they are not necessarily something I would have in my home, I like the playfulness of the forms. They remind me of cartoon landscapes with their awkward proportions and irregular shapes—particularly the Vielle Ville, which looks like a backdrop to a 'Coyote vs Roadrunner' scene.

The pair work on very limited numbers and do large sculptural pieces as well as the smaller vases.


They are beautiful statement pieces and conversation starters that infuse a sense of poetry into an interior

— Yasha Butler

3. Yasha Butler

Yasha works in Ireland near Dublin and has a stunning landscape on her doorstep for inspiration. She has been working with ceramics for some time and has a rustic earthy style that gives a very hand made but still neat feel, not the hand made feel of your year 5 ceramics project.

With most pieces in muted tones the work is stylish and not shouty so would blend well into most homes. The line I have chosen to high light is called Lithic and the idea is that the pots are new but the feel is old and precious.


She perceives clay and its transformation process into ceramics as a kind of creation of ‘cultural fossils’.

— Myrto Zirini

4. Myrto Zirini

We travel now over to Greece for a young ceramicist that is trained in architecture and therefore knows a thing or two about form. Myrto has a similar style in terms of form to Yasha but the internal glaze adds a real bite to the work and takes it out of the realm of 'blend in' and into 'stand out'. What I like though is that the exterior is still restrained and it's only when you go over the lip that you are presented with a flash of colour. The concept reminds me of an amethysts crystal where the outside is rough and ready but inside is a gem.


5. Taizo Kurado

Last but not least we have a very influential Japanese artist by the name of Taizo Kurado. Taizo has been around since the mid part of the last century so his work is something of a collectors item now, particularly in the land of the rising sun. His simple, white, pure style is very likable and looks very perfect from a distance but on closer inspection there are those subtle touches that give the hand made feel one looks for. The piece I have shown is called cracked bowl and is one of his more recent works from 2016.

Whilst there are endless talented ceramicists out there that create wonderful art these were just a few. Hopefully they inspired you to consider trying it yourself or support and ceramic artist or maybe there are some out there that you think are worth a mention?


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