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How to Make a Ribbon Wreath

Katee is a freelance writer who enjoys doing easy, creative crafts, especially with kids.

Make a beautiful ribbon wreath for any occasion!

Make a beautiful ribbon wreath for any occasion!

How to Make a Wreath

Make your own ribbon wreath!

Wreaths come in a variety of shapes and colors. People enjoy decorating their homes with them, whether it's for the holidays or to keep something up throughout the year. These ribbon wreaths are easy to make, so feel free to try creating a few in the following themes!

  • Holidays. Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Saint Patrick's Day.
  • Seasonal. A winter wreath can have cold colors, and a spring-themed wreath can have pastel blues, yellows, and purples. If you're making a ribbon wreath for a special occasion, first pick your theme and try to find colors that complement it.

Once you have picked out your wreath base and chosen your theme, gather your ribbon together. Choose the colors you want to use. Now, you are ready to begin!

Choosing the Wreath Base

A wreath base, also known as the “skeleton” or “form” of your wreath, is the structure that holds your wreath together. The beauty of making a ribbon wreath is that the wreath’s skeleton doesn’t have to be very strong since you are only using it for ribbon. I had some paper plates lying around, so I used one for my wreath. There are literally hundreds of materials you can use to make one! Just remember that the size of your wreath and the thickness of the frame both play a role in the final design.

What You'll Need

  • Decorative ribbon
  • A wreath base/form
  • Glue gun


1. I chose to make my ribbon wreath form using a paper plate. Take the paper plate and cut it into the shape you want. I decided to make a simple circular wreath, but you can cut out any shape you want. For example, a heart-shaped form would make a festive wreath for Valentine's Day.

Cut strips of ribbon for your wreath

Cut strips of ribbon for your wreath

2. The ribbon I used was half an inch wide (or about 1 centimeter in width). I cut the ribbon into 3-inch strips (or about 7.5 centimeters long). The sizes don't have to be precise. They can be longer or shorter depending on the size of your wreath and the ribbon you use.

Decorate your wreath with loops of ribbon

Decorate your wreath with loops of ribbon

3. Loop a strip of ribbon and glue the edges together with a glue gun.

4. Once you form a loop, glue the bottom part of your loop together and attach it to your base. If you use different colors, try spacing each color evenly along your base so it looks even. You can put the ribbon loops any which way. Put some in different directions to create a full wreath.

Completed ribbon wreath!

Completed ribbon wreath!

5. Continue doing this until the entire base is covered with ribbon. Once you are done, you can add decorations and embellish it with jewels, bows, flowers, and other craft supplies. Hang it up using a ribbon and place it on a hook. Voila, you have made a ribbon wreath!

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That's really cute and looks simple to do, thanks for sharing!

RTalloni on April 08, 2014:

How clever, and what fun it would be to help a child build one of these wreaths. I can see a dessert plate size to brighten small spaces… :)

Natasha from Hawaii on March 27, 2013:

Love it! I just recently wrote a wreath tutorial, too. It's cool how different they are - I love how the same basic concept can be imagined in so many ways!

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How Fun..and what a good idea..

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thanks lizam1! I hope you have as much making a ribbon wreath as I do!

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This is so pretty and very simple. I am going to use this activity with our mums group. Thanks! Voted up and useful and shared.