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41 Remarkable Craft Ideas Using Jute Twine

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


I love the simple, rustic appearance of items made with jute twine. In this article you’ll find ideas for decorating your home, jewelry items and outstanding holiday gift projects. Only projects which include tutorials for making the project will be found in this article.

You'll find the tutorial for making the attractive jars shown above at WHAT ABOUT THIS.


1. Wish Bracelets

To make these really beautiful bracelets, go to the HAPPYHOURPROJECTS site for the instructions.


2. Rustic Pumpkin

You'll find the tutorial for making this outstanding pumpkin at Simply Sarah M.D. You'll have to scroll down on page for this project.


3. Elegant Wine Bottles

Who couldn't find a place of honor to display these beautiful wine bottles. Cameo Cottage Designs has a terrific tutorial. You'll want to make these for your friends too.


4. Jute Enhanced Sign

This is an easy and inexpensive idea for a kitchen display. Find the tutorial at Your Crafty Friend.


5. Bowl of Jute Balls

When you need that little bit of color on an end table or shelf, consider making these jute balls. Very attractive and simply to make too. The tutorial is found at Make It & Love It .


6. Jute Wrapped Pulls

This is a great idea for updating cabinet pulls. Find the instructions for this project at House Revivals.

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7. Crochet Jute Mug Rugs


8. Wrapped Carrots

Not for Easter only. I love these carrots and think they would look great in a bowl or basket on the kitchen counter or table. You'll find the tutorial at The Creek Line House.


9. Button Looped Tassels

You'll find the directions for making these beautiful tassels at home sweet homemade. Hang one on a lamp or use to hold back a curtain.


10. Jute Trimmed Calendar Dates

Although this has a vintage appearance, it also has a certain elegance about it. Find the tutorial at CHARCOAL & CRAYONS.


11. Jute String Light Covers

This would be a great idea for decorating for a wedding or baby shower. Go to Ella Claire for the instructions.


12. Jute Covered Eggs

Imagine a cute little wire basket loaded with these jute covered eggs...beautiful. Go to About a Mom for the tutorial.


13. Succulent Planters

Such a nice look for your desk or tabletop. Find the instructions for making these planters at Knick of Time.


14. Vintage Look Bunny

It's amazing what you can make with newspaper, tape and twine. When you do this project, go to The Creek Line House for a great and helpful tutorial.


15. Jute Wrapped Bottles

If you are looking for an simple, but elegant, idea for decorating a wedding hall, go to Everyday a la Mode. You'll love how easy this project is.


16. Crocheted Coasters

I think these coasters would be a thoughtful gift for a new bride, or anyone who enjoys the rustic look of jute. Find the instructions for making these beautiful coasters at DELIA CREATES.


17. Nest Making

Although the instructions for this cute little nest makes it a hanging project, I think I would rather have it as a table decoration. I'm thinking the nest could be placed in a jar lid to make it stand. The tutorial is at Creative Khadija.


18. Crocheted Ornaments

I can imagine lots of ways to decorate these crocheted ornaments for anyone who likes a bit of sparkle or bling on their tree. Think spray glitter, gems, beads, etc. Go to CRAFTAHOLICS ANONYMOUS for the tutorial.


19. Jute Enhanced Mirror

A very attractive addition to a plain mirror. You'll find the instructions for this project at how sweet it is.


20. String Chandelier

I like the hanging chandelier and can imagine making these to hang on the patio. Only changes that would have to be made would be making hanger (start with four strands of jute tied around the top opening, then drawing the strands together, braiding them together and adding a ring for hanging. Then placing flames-less tealights in the ball for light. Go to DESIGN DEVOTEE to see how to make this chandelier.


21. Framed Keys on Jute

It's amazing to me how something so simple as a key on a jute backing could become such an attractive wall adornment. THE SIMPLE CRAFT DIARIES has the tutorial.


22. Covered Ornament

Although this simple jute covered ball is a very attractive ornament, I know I would want to embellish it in some way. The possibilities are endless. Directions for this ornament can be found at BOWER POWER.


23. Jute Tassel

Notice the beads and seashell additions to this tassel. I love the ways that the tassel can be customized by adding your own treasures. Go to home sweet homemade for the instructions for making this tassel.


24. Wrapped Flower Pot

A great idea for changing a plain flower pot into a piece of decor. Find the tutorial at PEPPERMINT PLUM.


25. Jute Hot Pad

You can never have too many hot pads if you like to buffet serve family meals. This super useful craft has directions at Little House in the Suburbs.


26. Napkin Rings

The perfect finish to a beautifully set table. Sweet Something designs shares a tutorial for making these napkin rings.


27. Pretty Pears

A bowl of jute covered pears in a beautiful glass bowl or wire basket would make an outstanding centerpiece. The instructions for this project are found at Sweetsociety.


28. Snowman

One of the things I especially like about snowmen is that you can enjoy their presence for a long time before and after Christmas. Across the Boulevard has a great tutorial for making this snowman.


29. Jute Wrapped Cardboard Box

Make inexpensive and decorative storage containers using jute by going to diy Design Fanatic.


30. Loopy Flower

This loopy flower could be used in so many ways. At MAKE TIME TO CRAFT, where you'll find the instructions, they use the flowers in scrapbooking and card making. But it would also make a unique bow for a gift package.


31. Twine Jute Covered Pumpkins

I love, love, love these pumpkins. I'm sure to make some this coming Fall to decorate my dining room table. The directions are found at THAT’S MY LETTER.


32. Wallhanging

A very attractive wall hanging with directions found at envatotuts+.


33. Jute Covered Paper Mache Pears

Another great jute covered pears project. This one starts with paper mache pears. Go to THAT’S MY LETTER for the tutorial.

34. Make an Organizer from a Box


35. Key Fobs

Make these simple key chains to give as gifts or favors. Find the instructions at White House Crafts.


36. Crocheted Jute Basket

You'll find the crochet directions for making this jute basket at Savvy Nana’s. So beautiful and useful.


37. Cardboard and Jute Vase

Check out this very interesting way to make a vase using cardboard and jute. Find the tutorial at Purple Hues and Me.


38. Lighted Pumpkin

My granddaughter and her friend made some of these pumpkins and they turned out beautifully. Find the tutorial for making these lighted pumpkins at Recaptured Charm.


39. Jute Angel Ornaments

You'll find a pictured tutorial for making these cuties at My Craft Chens. Very easy and inexpensive to make.


40. Twine Wrapped Christmas Tree

I don't think these twine wrapped trees would have to be considered for only Christmas. They would look great all year round.


41. Jute Twine Pumpkin

Now you can add a jute twine pumpkin to your fall holiday centerpiece.

Questions & Answers

Question: I wrap jute around wooden blocks for a craft project, but the jute loosens up after a day or two. Is there a way to stop this from happening, or am I pulling the jute too tight when wrapping? Could this be causing it to loosen up?

Answer: An occasional touch of glue with glue gun when wrapping the blocks should keep the jute from unwrapping.

© 2017 Loraine Brummer

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Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on January 20, 2017:

I love some of the ideas there. I like what you've done to the bottles. That's a great idea.

GKDADHICH on January 20, 2017:

You Can decorate Carry Bag also with Jute.

Door Steps can be decorate with Jute

Donna Herron from USA on January 19, 2017:

Jute is one of my favorite craft materials and I love so many of these projects. Thanks so much for sharing!

RTalloni on January 19, 2017:

These are fun ideas for using twine to craft useful and delightful items. I like the loopy flower for denim handbags.