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How to Use Wine Corks: Crafts, Home Décor Projects, and Garden Ideas

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Wine corks are limitlessly useful. If you're a wine drinker, put your corks to use around the home and garden with these craft ideas.

Wine corks are limitlessly useful. If you're a wine drinker, put your corks to use around the home and garden with these craft ideas.

Wine Cork Crafts

There are numerous crafts and ideas for your wine corks, from wall décor to kitchen tools to garden accessories. No matter what kind of crafty skills you have, there is something here for everyone.

Tips for Acquiring Wine Corks

Some people who are interested in wine cork projects have been saving their corks for years and are burning to start recycling them in new ways. Other people have caught the wine cork bug and are just starting to collect corks. If you don't already have a cork collection going, here are some tips for acquiring corks.

  • Ask friends and family. Even if you drink wine regularly, acquiring enough corks to make many of the projects here will take a long time. Friends and family may be able to contribute to your collection.
  • Ask local restaurants and bars. Any restaurant that serves wine goes through an abundance of bottles almost every weekend. A number of people who do wine cork projects regularly have had success asking places to save for them.
  • Look for deals online. Check eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and FreeCycle for wine cork listings. If Craigslist and FreeCycle don't have listings up right now, put in your own request.

Do you have other tips for acquiring corks? Leave them in the comments section at the end of this article!

Monogram Letters

There are wooden and chipboard letters available at most craft stores in a wide variety of sizes. Any sort of general craft glue, such as a glue gun, or tacky glue, will work well for attaching your corks to the letter. Pick a first letter initial for a child's room, or use your last letter initial for a general home decor piece. You can even get fancy with it and incorporate embellishments like ribbon.

Craft Stamps

The tutorials here detail two different kinds of cork stamps. The first involves carving the end of the cork into the shape of the stamp. The second involves simply gluing a piece of foam in the stamp shape onto the end of the cork. It is entirely up to you which option you'd like to use. Be adventurous and experiment with both.

Coasters and Trivets

Almost every wine cork coaster and trivet tutorial can be converted from one to the other. It's important to cut your corks in half evenly and ensure that the edges are smooth so your pots, pans, and cups will sit flat. In addition to making great accessories for your own home, this is a wonderful gift option for a wedding or housewarming.

Bulletin Boards, Wall Displays, and Frames

A wide variety of picture frames will work for creating a decorated frame, bulletin board, or other wall display. If you find a second-hand frame that isn't in great shape, sand and refinish it or give it a coat of paint before you get ready to attach your corks.

There are also a number of possibilities for attaching your corks. Simply glue the corks the long way close together or turn them on their sides and arrange them in a pattern. If the corks are too tall for your chosen frame (particularly if you're gluing the long way), just cut them in half.

Video: Wine Cork Board Tutorial

Bath Mats and Shoe Mats

When I started researching this article and considering sub-topics, I never imagined that mats would be on here, particularly bath mats. This just goes to show that you can recycle anything into just about anything else if you have patience, creativity, and determination.

If you like the look of bamboo bath mats and want a project you can make yourself, this is a great option. Some tutorials involve using a non-adhesive shelf liner, such as the Duck or Plast-O-Mat brands so that the mat stays in place on the floor, while others involve filling a shadow box with corks.

Gardens, Flowers, and Vases

One of the most popular cork garden ideas that I found is using corks with bamboo skewers to make plant markers. Several people suggest using a fine Sharpie marker to label your corks. There are also some great options out there for cork planters and vase fillers.