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Year of the Tiger Crafts: Printable Kid Projects for Chinese New Year

Adele has been a youth services librarian for 25 years and a mother to a daughter from China for 20 years.

This article has templates for making cut-and-paste pictures, papercut tigers, a paper bag tiger puppet, a paper plate tiger, and a tiger envelope and card.

This article has templates for making cut-and-paste pictures, papercut tigers, a paper bag tiger puppet, a paper plate tiger, and a tiger envelope and card.

The Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger began on February 1st in 2022. The tiger is the third animal in the Chinese zodiac, and the Chinese New Year celebrations feature this strong and brave animal. Below is a roundup of printable patterns for simple crafts you can make that will lend a festive atmosphere to your surroundings.

You can use these patterns with a group or as a one-on-one activity. I have designed them to be suitable for preschool (with some help) or children in kindergarten and elementary school. Most of them involve tasks like coloring, cutting, and assembling. If you teach at a school or daycare, or if you are looking for a craft for your children to do at home, these simple patterns allow you an easy way to print and get started.

Chinese New Year Tiger Crafts

  1. Envelope and Card
  2. Paper Bag Puppet
  3. Papercut Tigers
  4. Cut-and-Glue Tiger
  5. Paper Plate Tiger

We'll also look at some fun facts about the Year of the Tiger! Read on to get started.

Where Are the Tiger Project Templates?

In the image galleries below, you will see a photo of each template along with a description and a picture of the finished product. You can also find here the overall directory of the tiger project templates.

1. Envelope and Card

Cut out the envelope, and then fold along the lines and glue it. Add the ears to make a tiger face on your envelope. The card you put inside says "Happy New Year" in English, pinyin, and Chinese.

2. Paper Bag Puppet

Color and cut out the tiger face and body. Then, glue them to a small paper bag to make a puppet.

3. Papercut Tigers

Paper cutting is a traditional Chinese art. Line this template up on a colored piece of paper and cut with pair of scissors (a craft knife is helpful in some spots) to make a tiger.

4. Cut-and-Glue Tiger

Here is a little tiger you can color, cut and assemble. I’ve included lots of things associated with the Chinese New Year for the tiger to have. Here are the items that you will see:

  • Lantern: Brightly colored lanterns are used to signify momentous and joyful occasions. Two weeks after the new year begins, the people have lantern festivals that coincide with the appearance of the full moon.
  • Fish: Fish are eaten because they signify wealth and prosperity. The word for "fish" in Chinese sounds like the word for "abundance."
  • Red Envelopes: It is customary to give out cash gifts which are tucked into decorated lucky red envelopes, red being an auspicious color in Chinese culture.
  • Coin: These are a traditional Chinese symbol of prosperity.
  • Fan: Chinese have been decorating their fans beautifully for thousands of years. They signify authority and wisdom.
  • Peaches: Peaches symbolize things like immortality and unity. Many round fruits like peaches or oranges are displayed and eaten during the new year because their round shape signifies the circle which has no end.

5. Paper Plate Tiger

Color and cut out these tiger face pieces to attach to a paper plate to make a cute tiger craft.

Facts About the Year of the Tiger

People born in the Year of the Tiger are said to be fierce, courageous, and strong – as you would expect from an animal like the tiger. They are quite competitive, and have a reputation for being fearless about trying things that are new. They are also tenacious tend to stay with any projects that they have started. They have a charming side and tend to be well-liked by others. Yet, they also tend to be opinionated, domineering, and unpredictable.

  • Generally, the years designated as Years of the Tiger include 1938, 1950, 1962, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022. They are calculated according to a lunar calendar, and the first day of the new year changes each year if you go by our (solar) calendar. For example, a baby born in 2022 but before February 1 is still considered as being born in the previous zodiac year, the Year of the Ox.
  • The recommended occupations for Tigers are writer, artist, pilot, actor, musician, comedian, travel agent, politician, police officer, traveler, or explorer.
  • The Chinese also recognize five different sets of cycles for the zodiac: wood, fire, earth, gold, and water. For instance, 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. According to traditional Chinese lore, Water Tigers have a strong sense of self-esteem and are quick learners.
  • Tigers are the most compatible with Dragons, Horses, or Pigs. They are thought to clash with Oxen, other Tigers, Snakes, or Monkeys.
  • Tigers’ lucky colors are blue, gray, and orange. Their lucky numbers are one and three. Their lucky flowers are yellow lily and cineraria.
  • The only animals that come before the tiger in the zodiac are the rat and the ox. After the tiger, the following animals follow in order: rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig—in that order.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Tiger

  • Sun Yat-sen
  • Zhang Yimou
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Louis XIV
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Tom Cruise
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Lady Gaga
  • Fidel Castro
  • Sean Mendez
  • Joe DiMaggio
  • Harper Lee
  • Derek Jeter
  • Steve Wozniak

Happy Crafting!

That's my roundup of crafts for Year of the Tiger. Remember, if you want to print out the templates for these crafts, you can find the link at the beginning of this article.

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