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6 Polymer Clay Charm Ideas and Resources

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You can make a cute octopus polymer clay charm like this (and others), too!

You can make a cute octopus polymer clay charm like this (and others), too!

Where Can I Find Ideas for Polymer Clay Charms?

Here are some great tips and tutorials for making that I have come across around the web as well as some of my own charm tutorials. I hope you get inspired to make your own little creations from polymer clay!

Polymer Clay Mermaid Charm

Polymer Clay Mermaid Charm

1. Mermaid Charm

Put together a lovely polymer clay mermaid charm to give as favors for a summer party or to add to your mermaid collection!

2. Baby Charm

I made this charm of my son when he was still just crawling around.

What You'll Need

  • Wire
  • Skin tone coloured clay
  • Hair-coloured clay
  • Clay for the diaper
  • Needle tool or whatever you'll be using to make the face
  • Eye pin or wire for charm


  1. Start with the body. Roll out a ball of the diaper-coloured clay and the skin tone coloured clay, roughly the same size.
  2. Cut the balls slightly off center.
  3. Attach the smaller half of the diaper-coloured clay to the larger portion of the skin tone clay. You can use a small piece of wire to secure them together, but it isn't really necessary at this point.
  4. Now for the arms and legs. Starting with the arms, roll out two little worms in the skin tone colour. For the legs, roll out two worms, slightly larger than the arm worms and thick on one end and skinnier on the other.
  5. To attach the arms, bend the ends of each worm to act as hands. Then press the arms onto either side of the baby's body, making sure they're as even as possible.
  6. To attach the legs, bend the worms in an S-like shape. The thick part is the thigh, and the skinny part at the bottom is the foot. Press the legs to either side of the diapered portion of the body.
  7. I didn't add any details to mine, but you could easily define fingers or toes with a needle tool.
  8. For the head, I rolled a small ball of the skin tone clay. Then to make curly hair I pressed little balls of the hair clay all over the head.
  9. I used a needle tool to sketch out the face and pressed on and smoothed out a tiny little spec of clay for the nose.
  10. I attached the head to the body by adding a bit of wire to secure it and pressing it down gently.
  11. To make it into a charm, eye pin or shaped piece of wire. I'd suggest adding it to the middle of the back.

For my son's birthday, I made a larger one of these as a cake topper. It was actually a quick last-minute thing because I had asked my husband to buy a dinosaur cake and he came back with one with clowns! The ugly scary kind at that. I made two little cake toppers as quickly as I could to replace the hideous clown toppers.

3. Teddy Bear Baby Charm

My son, Juju, used to have this adorable bear suit I loved putting him in when it was cold. I knew he wasn't going to be able to fit in it forever, so I made this charm to remind myself of how cute he was when he was in it.

What You'll Need

  • Skin tone coloured clay
  • Bear suit coloured clay
  • Wire
  • Needle tool or whatever you want to make the face
  • Eye pin or wire for charm


  1. I started with the body first. Roll out an oblong ball of the bear suit clay for the body, and pinch the bottom of one side for the little tail.
  2. For the arms and legs, roll out two long worms and two short worms. The short worms are the feet, the longer worms are the arms.
  3. Position the arms where you want them and press them on the body, blending them into the body at the top. Flatten the bottom of the body lightly and press and blend in the leg worms, bending and flattening the ends slightly for feet.
  4. Roll out a small skin tone coloured ball for the head. Flatten a circle of bear suit clay and wrap the head in it, leaving the face part open.
  5. Roll out two little balls and press them on the head for the ears.
  6. Use and bit of wire to secure the head onto the body when you press it on.
  7. I added a face with the needle tool. You can also add an eye pin or wire to make it a charm. Try the top of the head or back.

4. Mini Dragon Charms

These were a little experiment when I first started working with polymer clay (which is why they have no faces, because I wasn't really sure the best way to do that yet!). I really loved how they turned out though, they are so super cute and really not that hard to make at all!

By the way, I'm sorry for the poor images, they'll be replaced soon. I just recently moved and my camera charger has gone missing. When I find it, I'll take better pictures.

What You'll Need

  • Dragon coloured clay
  • Spike coloured clay
  • Horn coloured clay
  • Needle tool
  • Eye pin or wire


  1. Take your dragon clay and roll out an oblong ball, then pinch one end out to make the tail. Flatten it at the bottom.
  2. Roll out four little balls for the arms and legs. Press and blend in two of the balls to the side of the body and press the needle tool into the bottom of the arms to make indents to imply fingers.
  3. Flatten the other balls a bit and make indents to imply toes before pressing onto the bottom of the body.
  4. Roll out a small oblong bit of dragon clay and smooth it out onto the face then use the needle tool to make a line across, this is the mouth/snout.
  5. Make two horn-coloured worms that are thin at the one tip and two tiny dragon-coloured worms.
  6. Press the horns on to the head of the dragon very gently. Wrap the tiny dragon-coloured ones around the base. Smooth the dragon worms out onto the head.
  7. For the spikes, make little teardrop shapes with flat bottoms and attach them down the back of the dragon.
  8. Add your eye pin or wire for the charm. I suggest putting it at the top of the head.

For my blue dragon, I wanted to try something different and attached a weird little upside-down teardrop shape to its head. The result reminds me of the Super Milk-chan show for some reason.

Polymer Clay Octopus Charm

Polymer Clay Octopus Charm

5. Octopus Charm

This is a super easy charm to make that can be customized with paint or added features of any kind. I showed my husband's little cousins how to make these when I was babysitting, and they made about a dozen.

What You'll Need

  • Octopus clay
  • Whatever you'd like to add features with (paint, other clay, needle tool, etc.)
  • Eye pin or wire for charm


  1. Start with a ball of clay that is slightly pinched and flattened on one end.
  2. Roll out eight evenly sized worms.
  3. Press the little worms around the pinched and flattened part of the ball of clay. Try to space them evenly.
  4. Add any features you like.
  5. Add your eye pin or wire.
Polymer Clay T-Rex Dinosaur Charm

Polymer Clay T-Rex Dinosaur Charm

6. Dinosaur Charm

Another featureless charm you could easily customize.

What You'll Need

  • Dino clay
  • Needle tool
  • Wire
  • Eye pin or wire


  1. Like with the dragon, roll out an oblong ball of clay, pinch out a tail and flatten the bottom.
  2. You'll also make the arms and legs similar to the dragon, except the top arms are going to be skinny worms and the bottom legs are going to be attached to the sides of the body. You'll also bend the arms a bit for hands and pinch the bottoms of the legs for feet.
  3. For the head, make a rounded teardrop shape and use the needle tool to make mouth and nostril indents.
  4. Attach the head to the body with a bit of wire when pressing.
  5. Customize as you wish and add your charm piece.

Additional Polymer Clay Resources

Here are some great tips and tutorials on making your polymer clay charms the very best they can be! I wish I had seen most of these before I started experimenting because they are super informative and could have prevented me from making messy mistakes (like using sharpies on my charms T_T).


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