Paper Quilling Craft Ideas and Projects

Updated on April 18, 2017
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Lady Rain works as a daytime stock trader and writes about crafts and travels. She spends her weekends doing papercraft models and painting.

Paper quilling shapes are fun to make. There are endless projects that can be created with handmade designs and patterns. Here are some useful craft ideas on what to do with those creations.


Use paper quilling to brighten up stationery items and accessories. Decorate the cover of a plain notebook with creative paper quilled designs. Select a theme and a combination of colours for the items you want on the book cover.

Paper clips decorated with quilled paper flowers are quick and easy to create. Make some fringed quilled flowers and attach one flower to each paper clip with a glue gun. The colourful paper clips might even be an interesting topic for discussion, too.

Fringed flowers on paper clips.
Fringed flowers on paper clips. | Source


Can't find a bookmark for an interesting book you are reading? It only takes a few minutes to make a great looking bookmark. Cut out a stock card or thick paper measuring 5cm in width and 20cm in length. Make some paper quilling patterns, flowers or your favourite designs, and stick them near the top of the bookmark. Make as many bookmarks as you desire. Include a message on each bookmark and give some to your best friends.

Handmade bookmarks with paper quilled designs.
Handmade bookmarks with paper quilled designs. | Source

Greeting Cards

Thinking of sending a birthday card or personal card to someone special? Create your own handmade card with beautiful paper quilled designs to suit the occasion. The message on your handmade card will be delivered with a very personal touch.

Paper quilled handmade cards.
Paper quilled handmade cards. | Source

Photo Frames

Handmade photo frames are wonderful keepsakes. The frame can be made with cardboard paper cut to the required size a little larger than the photo. Apply acrylic paint to the frame and let the paint dry. Another piece of cardboard will be needed as a backing to hold the photo in place. Decorate around the border of the photo frame with paper quilling designs.

An old handmade photo frame decorated with paper quilling coils.
An old handmade photo frame decorated with paper quilling coils. | Source


Not a lot of people know how to make paper quilled jewelry. Impress your friends with handmade jewelry made with paper. Strips of quilling paper can be made into intrinsic earrings, pendants, brooches, rings and other fashion accessories.

Paper quilled jewelry for your sweetheart!
Paper quilled jewelry for your sweetheart! | Source

Gift Tags

Why buy gift tags when you can make your own gift tags that are far more beautiful? Cut out some drawing paper and transform them into awesome handmade gift tags. Decorate the gift tags with paper quilling patterns and write your special messages on the tags before attaching it to the presents.

3D Miniatures

3D paper quilled miniatures are great pieces of paper quilling artwork. These paper quilled masterpieces can be used as decorations or as gifts. Use your creativity and talent to create these amazing looking pieces of miniatures.

Paper quilling miniature - pot of flowers.
Paper quilling miniature - pot of flowers. | Source

Gift Wrapping Accessories

There are many quick ways to spruce up a plain gift box or wrapping. Attach a paper quilled flower, decorate the wrapping paper with quilled embellishments and ribbons or stick a handmade gift tag on the box.

Quilled flower on a gift box.
Quilled flower on a gift box. | Source

Paper Quilling Embellishments

Have some free time on your hands? Make an assortment of paper quilling shapes and items. Store them in plastic containers and you will have a colourful selection of paper quilled embellishments ready for your next craft projects.

Ready to use paper quilling embellishments.
Ready to use paper quilling embellishments. | Source


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