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Painting on Stones Is a Craft That Rocks!

I enjoy writing about creative and crafty things—the world can never have enough pretty things to look at!


Meet Your New Hobby: Painting on Rocks!

I have recently discovered the enjoyable craft of decorating stones. What's not to like? Your canvas is free! Okay, maybe it's not so free if you actually purchase a bag of stones from Michael's Crafts. But that's still okay. Stones are cheap no matter what! And if you have little kids and you want a project for a rainy day, a bag of Michael's stones can be your best friend!

What can you do with your finished, painted stones? Lots of things!

  1. Make them into magnets.
  2. Decorate your garden.
  3. Create seasonal decorations.
  4. Unleash your inner artist and create a mini masterpiece. (And if you make a mistake? It's okay. Just get another stone!)
  5. Have craft time with the kids (indoors or outside.)
  6. Make paperweights or gifts . . . or give paperweights as gifts. ( I think creating decorated stones for gifts is a great idea. Kids love to make them, and grandparents love to get them.)
  7. Make your very own pet rock (with google eyes, bows, or hair attached)
  8. Write inspirational messages on them.
  9. Sell your creations! If you get good enough, that is . . . there are plenty of Etsy shops that feature artsy stones for sale.
  10. A million other things I haven't thought of yet!