Minnesota Crafts: Installing Clock Kit and Photo Face

Updated on May 12, 2017

Handmade Clock From Renaissance Festival

You know, a clock is only as good as it is. When it doesn't function, it is correct twice a day. But only for a second.

We have ignored this clock for years. We probably ignored it before, but since it stopped working, we ignored it more.

It was an expensive, handmade clock from the Renaissance. It has mirrors, shelves and hinged sections. We purchased it some 30 years ago on one of our trips to the Renaissance Festival. The Renaissance Festival is held in Shakopee, Minnesota every fall for a few weekends. Those weekends are full of fun and frolic and lots of shows and shopping and food and beverages.

The Renaissance Festival has been going on now for forty-six years.

Back in 1982
Back in 1982

Memories are Important

So. I was at Fleet Farm and just happened to see this clock kit. It was ten dollars and I thought, this is the time to fix my clock.

Not only do I get to install a new clock in the old one, but I decided to add a picture of my kids to the front. My daughter had taken a photo of her and her brother. I had a photo from when they were small, holding a saw and a hammer. The updated photo, was a carefully reconstructed picture of them, wearing the same colored clothes, holding the same saw and hammer, and of course, 25 years older. She is clever like that. It may have to be another page to show you the two pictures.

Actually, I should just show you now.

Clock Kit

So. The first step in doing the clock kit was to remove the old clock.

There was a door on the front of the clock which I had to open to access the clock hands. Removing the clock amounted to pulling on the second hand, since it is just pressed on. Unscrewing the nut that held the minute hand on, and pulling the hour hand off.

At this point, there was a nut holding the clock to the board. I used a pliers to work the nut loose.

Now, on to getting the new clock to work with the old hole.

It's Never Easy

The first problem I encountered was that the little shaft that held the hands was shorter on my new clock kit.

That meant that I needed to remove some of the wood from the back of the wood piece to get the clock closer to the front.

Then, it was too close and I needed to adjust it back with some washers. I had to tape the washers on to the clock so that the clock would not spin around in the holder. Clocks do not work if they are not accurate.

Drilled Out

I tried to use a spade bit to remove the extra wood. Remember I mentioned that the new clock had a shorter shaft than the old one.I did drill a little too far and poked a hole through my clock face, which I had to take the hammer and flatten it back down so it wouldn't poke my photo.

I fixed the hole with a piece of scotch tape.

Another problem was that although the new clock had a shorter shaft, removing the wood, of course, made it poke out further on the front, but then, I had to add washers on the back, to remove some of my new space otherwise the shaft would bump on the inside of the glass door on the front. Not to mention, the hands of the clock were pressed up against the glass and wouldn't turn.

So, I added a few washers and got the shaft to stop level with the top of the ring holding the door on. I think I'm ready to continue now.

The Photo

Now that I have the extra surface on my clock space, I decided to cut a photo to fit it. I found a round container that matched the size of my photo and drew a black circle around it onto my photo.

This black circle was my guide to cut the photo.

Photo Cut and Ready

Now my picture is cut. I just tossed the cut edge into the garbage.

I laid my photo in the clock frame and flipped it over and drew a dot on on the back of the photo using a Sharpie poked through the hole. That put the dot dead center on the my photo. Then, I took a scissors and poked a small hole through the photo on that dot.

Then, I took a pen and poked it through the photo and used that to line the photo up on the clock face.

I marked a black dot on the top edge of the photo to match up with the 12 o'clock position on my clock. Then, I glued the photo to the clock face.

Glue Photo to Face

Using the pen to exactly center my photo, and using the black mark that I placed on the top of the photo, I placed the newly glued photo to my clock face.

Clock Numbers

The final step is to place the numbers on the clock.

Top center, 12.

Bottom center, 6.

Left center, 9.

Right center, 3.

Then, fill in the rest of the numbers where they belong.

Now, install clock, set hands in place, set the time and voila, a new clock!

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      • firstcookbooklady profile image

        Char Milbrett 11 months ago from Minnesota

        Thanks, Larry Rankin!

      • Larry Rankin profile image

        Larry Rankin 11 months ago from Oklahoma

        Awesome project!

      • firstcookbooklady profile image

        Char Milbrett 11 months ago from Minnesota

        Thank you. Thanks for your comment, Coffeequeen!

      • Coffeequeeen profile image

        Louise Powles 11 months ago from Norfolk, England

        I love that clock. It's great that you personalized it with a photo. It's lovely. =)

      • firstcookbooklady profile image

        Char Milbrett 11 months ago from Minnesota

        Thank you. Thank you for your comment, mactavers!

      • mactavers profile image

        mactavers 11 months ago

        Very cool clock.