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Minc Foiling System: Tips and Ideas

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The Minc Foiling System

The Minc Foiling System

Minc Basics: Everything You Need to Know

The Minc Foiling System is a laminating system for foiling your paper crafts. It uses reactive foils, which means that toner ink is used to adhere the foil to your project.

Printer Tips and Ideas

There are two parts of the Minc Foil System. The first is the printer. You need a laser printer to get the foiled result. If you are going to invest in a laser printer, you need a laser printer that lays the toner ink evenly.

Foiling crafters mostly agree that the best laser printer is a monochrome printer. The black ink in the color printers produce the shoddiest performance hands down.

You can purchase a laser printer for reasonable prices. If you are going to do a lot of foiling projects, invest in a simple black and white laser printer.

So, you would need a laser printer that uses toner to print images on paper (inkjet printers will not work).

What If You Don't Have a Laser Printer?

If you do not have a laser printer, you can still use the Minc System:

  1. Print sheets at your local office supply store. Office Depot and Staples and both offer a service where you can email over your file and they will print it off and have it ready and waiting when you arrive. You need the printing to be done in black and white.
  2. Buy toner sheets that you can use to create projects.
  3. Buy toner pens and markers to create custom art.

Available Sizes

It comes in two sizes, depending on your specific needs:

  • There is a portable 6" size that is handy and fits most basic foiling needs. This smaller sized Minc is referred to as the Mini Minc. The Mini Minc is perfect for projects up to 6" x 6" and comes with a 6 1/4" × 6 1/4" transfer folder, two foil sheets in silver and gold, and two 4'' × 6'' art prints.
  • There is a 12" size that will work on larger papers like 12' by12" scrapbook papers.

Advantages of the 12" by12" Minc

1. The ability to accept a true 12” sheet—perfect for scrapbooking and other large surfaces, especially for DIY-ing.

2. Four pressure rollers (instead of two, which is common in most laminators) for more evenly distributed pressure across the entire 12”x12” sheet. Twelve-inch, four-roller laminators that are similar in design can run as high as $250—making our Minc an exceptional value.

3. An interior heating element that spans the entire 12”x12” surface evenly.

4. An adjustable heat setting feature that allows for foil transfer on sensitive materials like vellum all the way to more robust chipboard and even thin wood veneer.

What's in the Box?

  1. The Minc Machine
  2. Instruction manual
  3. One transfer folder
  4. One small sheet of gold foil
  5. Three practice tags

More Minc Basics

Though the system is basically a heat system, it uses a reactive agent to transfer the foil from your sheet to your project. In most cases this agent is toner ink, but you can also purchase specialized transfer gel, transfer paint, and even transfer toner ink pens!

The biggest difference between a standard laminator and the Minc machine is that a laminator has two pressure rollers, whereas the Minc has four pressure rollers. These pressure rollers give you a more even foil application.

There are two buttons that control the movement of the transfer folder through the machine. These are located at the back of the machine. Make sure the forward and reverse button on the backside of the Minc are switched to F for forward and not R for reverse.

You can only run your project through the Minc once. Once the toner is heated on the first pass through the machine it has been “melted or fused” and will not transfer on the second pass. Make sure you completely foil the areas you would like to transfer during the first pass.

The Minc machine has a six-month warranty against manufacture defects. You need your original receipt and proof of purchase in order to get replacement.

Using Lamination Supplies With the Minc

  • When using standard 3 MIL laminating pouches from an office supply store make sure you place the Minc. on a heat setting of 3. There is no need to use the Minc. carrier sheet when laminating pouches are being used. Insert your item into the laminating pouch and feed through the Minc opening.
  • When using standard 5 MIL laminating pouches from an office supply store, make sure you place the Minc on a heat setting of 3. There is no need to use the Minc carrier sheet when laminating pouches are being used. Insert your item into the laminating pouch and feed through the Minc opening.
  • Important: Do not use a heat setting higher than a 3 with the 3 MIL or 5 MIL laminating pouches.

Materials That You Can Foil With the Minc

Minc recommends using a good quality smooth cardstock for best results on paper. You can use our Minc foil to apply designs on fabric using adhesive and an alternate heat source like an iron. However, we strongly recommend testing any technique before starting a large project.

Unboxing and Setting Up Your Minc

No matter if the Minc that you purchase is the 6" opening size or the 12" size, the box contents include:

  1. The Minc Machine
  2. Instruction manual
  3. One transfer folder
  4. One small sheet of gold foil
  5. Three practice tags

To set up the Minc you first need to remove the tape over the forward reverse button as shown in the photo above, and then peel back the film over the top of the Minc. After you have removed those, simply plug the machine in.

Best Toner Printer for the Minc System

Minc Tips and Notes

  • It is common for small pin dot marks to appear after foil has been applied. This is a characteristic of the foil and the transfer process.
  • To reduce the number of pin dots, make sure that your foil, your project, and your carrier sheet are free of any lint, dust or debris.
  • Try to wipe away any small particles on each item before running it through the Minc. Some users like to use “canned air” to blow off any small dust particles.

Carrier Sheets

Minc always recommends using the carrier sheet for the best possible foil transfer.

The carrier sheet keeps the foil in place as it runs through the Minc and it also helps eliminate jamming or crumpling through the rollers. Tip: close your carrier sheet and smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles with your hands before running your project through the Minc.

You may see some rippling in the carrier sheet. This is normal side effect of the heat, and it should not affect the transfer of foil on future projects.

Feel free to cut it down to a size that works for you! In fact, if you cut your carrier sheet down to a smaller size it will reduce the time it takes your project to run through the Minc.

Carrier Sheet Tips

  • If you get any toner ink on your carrier sheet, you can try to remove the toner by running the carrier sheet back through the Minc several times using a sheet of plain white copy paper.
  • Continue running new sheets of copy paper through the Minc until it has all been removed. If this doesn’t work you might need to replace your carrier sheet so that toner does not transfer to your next project.
  • Make sure all the toner areas are either covered with foil or parchment paper before sending your project through the Minc. This will eliminate any toner transferring to your carrier sheet.

How Carrier Sheets Are Sold

Smooth out your foil wrinkles with the Transfer Folders from the MINC Collection by Heidi Swapp. These folders will not only smooth out the wrinkles, they will also keep your product in place while running it through the Minc. Included in the package are three transfer folders (one 6.25" x 12" folder and two 12.25" x 14" folders).

How to Use the Minc

In just a few steps you can create custom foiled projects with the Minc

In just a few steps you can create custom foiled projects with the Minc

The Minc is one of the easiest foiling systems to operate. With just a few steps, you can be foiling in a few minutes. Print out whatever you want to foil on a laser printer. Or use a laser pen, marker or stamp an image using laser toner ink.

  1. Plug the machine into an outlet.
  2. Turn the machine on with the switch in the back of the machine.
  3. Ensure that the machine is in the "forward" direction using the other switch on the back of the machine. This ensures your project easily feeds through the machine.
  4. Hit the gold button on the top of the machine to activate it. The 0 light will turn on indicating zero heat. Hitting the gold button again selects a heat setting from 0 to 5. Thin materials need the least amount of heat and thick materials the most heat. Make sure your Minc is plugged in and that you have flipped the power switch to the “on position” on the back. Once it is turned on you will also need to push the gold button on the top of the Minc until you reach your desired heat setting. The machine will not begin heating up until you have selected a setting between 1 and 5.
  5. Once the heat selection has been made, wait for the indicator light to turn green and beep. That will let you know that the machine is ready to be used.
  6. Next cut a piece of foil slightly larger than your design, so that the part to be foiled is completely covered by your cut foil sheet. The directions suggest 1/4″ bigger.
  7. A transfer sheet or folder is used to run the project through your Minc. Place your project with an appropriate reactive agent (toner ink, transfer gel, or transfer paint) on it into the folder, face up.
  8. Place the reactive transfer foil on top of your project, shiny side up, covering all the reactive agent areas.
  9. Close the transfer sheet and smooth out the transfer sheets.
  10. Feed the folder into the rollers. Once you feed the project into the machine, the rollers will grab the transfer sheet and project and push it through the machine. The rollers should pick up the folder without your pushing it in.
  11. Once it runs through the machine, you can open the transfer sheet and enjoy your design.
Get the most from your Minc machine with these tips and ideas

Get the most from your Minc machine with these tips and ideas

Tips for Better Projects

Here are a few tips that will help you get better Minc projects:

  • If you want a solid foil application, do not use plain copy paper. If you are going for a smooth foil finish, there is pretty much no way to make plain paper work.
  • Coated papers will work well with the Minc. At a heat setting of 4, the coated paper works well.
  • Apply your foil on one project at a time. Foil will not shift and you will get better results.
  • If you want that distressed look, by all means, force the foil to wrinkle, or wad it up, then smooth it out, before placing it on top of your project and through the machine to get a natural distressed look.
  • You can cut up foil and add multiple pieces of different colors on top of your project to create a multicolor effect.
  • Save any unused pieces of foil. They can always be used for another project.

Jamming Solutions

The most common cause of jamming is that the project was inserted into the Minc crooked. It's crucial you insert your project perfectly straight into the machine. Even a small angle can lead to a jam, especially when working with 12" wide projects.

If your project jams, flip the switch on the back of the machine from "forward" to "reverse." Your project will reverse direction and come out the front.

You can create amazing scrapbook layouts with the Minc stamp and toner Ink

You can create amazing scrapbook layouts with the Minc stamp and toner Ink

How to Use Minc Toner Ink

The Minc Toner Ink and stamp pad is a perfect way to get to foil all of your acrylic stamps in ways that you may never have thought possible. You can use the Minc machine for this project, or you could use the laminator of your choice. But as you may know, the Minc machine has 4 rollers over the standard 2 rollers in a laminator. So, you may get better results with the Minc. You can stamp on paper or acetate!


  • A Minc Machine or laminator of your choice
  • The Minc Toner Ink
  • The Minc measuring cup
  • The Minc Ink Pad
  • Smooth cardstock or Acetate
  • Newspaper or a craft mat to cover your workspace
  • Acrylic stamps
  • Acrylic block
  1. Your Minc (sold separately) should be at its hottest setting of 5.
  2. Choose paper that is very smooth with tight fibers.
  3. Insert a new refill stamp pad into the stamp pad holder (sold separately r as a kit).
  4. Using the included measuring cup, pour 15ml of toner ink into the stamp pad. Try to keep all the ink on that pad. Allow to sit for 15-30 minutes before you start stamping so that the toner ink becomes slightly sticky.
  5. If you're using a stamp for the first time, stamp it into the ink and then onto a scratch piece of paper 2-3 times so that the stamp becomes slightly tacky for your project.
  6. When your stamp is ready, tap it into the ink lightly to transfer the toner ink, then press down firmly onto your project. The ink should sit on the surface and not soak or absorb into the paper. Make sure you ink up your stamp for each impression on your project.
  7. The stamped images must be completely dry before you send them through the Minc. You can use a heat tool to dry the images quicker or just let them sit for about 2 minutes.
  8. Place your project in a transfer sheet with your foil (both sold separately) placed over the stamped image, shiny side up. Place into the Minc and the rollers will pull it through.
  9. Lift the transfer sheet to reveal the beautifully foiled image!

Minc Toner Ink Tips

  • Once you pour the toner ink into the stamp pad, it can be used for approximately 2-3 hours or 125 stamp impressions (whichever comes first). Keeping the saturated ink pad in the case can extend the life of the toner ink up to 12 hours based on climate conditions.
  • When you're finished stamping, the saturated ink pad will need to be disposed of. Replace it with a new, clean refill for next time!
  • Use the Minc Stamp Cleaner (sold separately) to clean your stamps.

More Ideas for the Minc Ink and Stamp Pad


Minc Reactive Foil

Minc recommends using reactive foil only for the best results.

6 Inch Reactive Foil

This package includes one roll of reactive foil that is 6.25" wide by 5 feet long.

12 Inch Reactive Foil

One 72-inch (6 feet) foil roll measuring 12-1/4 inches wide. Comes in a variety of colors. Each sold separately. Average price $13.00

Reactive Foil Tips

  • Keep your foil stored on the roll inside the plastic box packaging if possible. The foil sheets should be kept dust free and should be protected inside a closed container. If the foil is scratched or dented, it can transfer crease marks to your next project.
  • Place the foil (color side up) over your project so that you are seeing the colorful side of the foil when you insert it into the Minc.

Products to Create More Minc Designs

More ideas and products to extend your ink experience

More ideas and products to extend your ink experience

There are a variety of toner products.

Minc Toner Sheets

These sheets are fully printed toner ink sheets so you can use them with any cutting machine, die, punch or free design to create custom designs. Six sheets are included in the package. The measurements of these sheets are one 4" x 6" sheet, one 4" x 4" sheets, two 5" x 7" sheets, and two 8" x 10" sheets.

Minc Toner Pen

The Minc Toner Pen comes as a single unit per pack. You can foil hand drawn designs and letters with this pen that contains toner ink. Best used on smooth or glossy paper. Package contains one pen and three replaceable nibs.

It also comes in a fine tip for even more detail.

Toner Ink Marker

A marker in a single unit pack with one toner ink marker and 3 replaceable nibs included in the package.

Minc Stamping Kit

This is a complete set of everything that you need to stamp your designs and then foil over it. This 8.75x5.5x1.75 inch package contains one toner stamp pad, two toner stamp refill pads, 2oz of toner ink and one .34oz measuring cup. Non-toxic.

Minc Toner Ink

Use the Minc Toner Ink with your stamps to foil almost any design you have in your stash.

The package contains:

  • 1 dropper bottle of toner ink that contains 2 fluid oz of ink
  • 1 measuring cup

Once you pour the specialty Minc toner ink into the stamp pad (sold separately), it will only last for approximately 2-3 hours and about 125 stamp impressions.

Use with the Minc Stamping Pad-sold separately.

Minc Tonner Stamping Pad

This is a unique stamp pad that is made to be used with the Minc Toner Ink. You can use your favorite stamps and foil with them. Get perfect foiled details. This package includes one stamp pad holder.

Stamping Pad Refills

You get four refills with each pack.

  • Once you pour the Minc Toner Stamp Ink into the stamp pad, it can be used for approximately 2-3 hours or 125 stamp impressions. Keeping the saturated ink pad in the case can extend the life of the toner ink up to 12 hours based on climate conditions.
  • When you're finished stamping, the saturated ink pad will need to be disposed of. Replace it with a new, clean refill for next time!

Reactive Mist

This is a spray toner product that is used with stencils to create a background with foil that gives you more like a grunge look. You spray it over the paper. Allow it to get tacky. Then process it through the Minc. You can use it on cards, scrapbook pages and journals.

Pocket Cards

These are pre-toned cards that you can foil right out of the package. You get 12 cards that have designs and sentiments. All you have to do is add the foil and laminate.

Card Fronts

Four 5" by 7" cards that have a predesigned toner card front. They are available in several different designs.

More Minc Product Ideas

Tips and Ideas for Using the Minc Pen

The Minc pen allows you to write in your own handwriting and the add foil to highlight the project. It is a great tool for all of your paper craft projects. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are using this terrific freestyle tool:

  1. Always prime the pen ahead of use. That way you will get the best and consistent flow of ink. Use a piece of scrap paper to do this. Press the pen on the paper on a flat surface. Keep pressing the pen until you see the ink flowing freely from the pen tip. When you see the white tip of the pen turn black, you will know that the pen is ready for use.
  2. Use the pen in a slow and steady pace. That will assure an even application of both the ink and the foil.
  3. Do not press hard on the pen. You may over ink your project and get foil where you do not want it.

More Minc Ideas

Want more Minc ideas and projects? Here are some of our favorite projecs and ideas

Want more Minc ideas and projects? Here are some of our favorite projecs and ideas

Final Thoughts on the Minc Foiling System

There are many ways that you can foil your paper projects. Foil takes your projects to new levels of design.

Foil lamination is one way to take your creativity to new levels. The Minc machine beats out the standard laminators. It has more rollers for more even pressure and distribution of the foil. And it has five heat selection so that you can manage the amount of heat to your project needs.

There are two sizes available. You can make your choice depending on your personal needs.

Even if you do not have a laser printer, you can still get a lot of use from this machine. Just use the toner sheets and other products available with toner ink already on or in them.

There really is not too much that is negative about this system. If you have a Minc or are planning on buying one, I wish you all the best on your Minc journey!

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