50 Things to Bling Craft Ideas

Updated on July 25, 2020
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Are you ready to add some bling to your wardrobe? How about adding bling to other items, such as room décor and personal possessions? Bling is fun and perfect for trend setters.

In this article I will share with you the best “bling” craft projects on the net. All the projects that you’ll find here include a nice picture of the project and also the site name and address to the tutorial. Click on the name and you’ll be taken directly to the tutorial for that craft. What could be easier? Now, check out all the great bling crafts below. Find some that you want to make, go to the tutorials, and “bling it.”

To make the cute little gemheads shown above, find the tutorial at Little Miss Celebration.

1. Candle Holders

Just imagine how easy, and how beautiful, these candle holders would be to make for a wedding reception. The rhinestones are sold in the wide strips so making these is super easy. To make these very elegant candle holders, go to THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE for the tutorial.

2. Rhinestone Sneakers

Dress up a pair of sneakers to wear with your prom dress so you can be comfortable while dancing, or wear them with a jeans outfit to add sparkle. Consider using all one color rhinestone on white sneakers for a really dressy look. You'll find the instructions for this project at DREAM A LITTLE BIGGER.

3. Rhinestone Ornaments

Although I think these rhinestone ornaments would be beautiful on the Christmas tree, I think they would also look outstanding circling a mirror on the wall. I'm sure your imagination will take this project to new heights, just follow the basic tutorial at MOD PODGE ROCKS, and then do your own thing.

4. Sparkle Skull

I would never have believed that I'd consider using a skull in decorating, that is until I saw this one. Who could resist a blinged out skull? If you'd like to make one of these sparkly skulls, go to aunt peaches for the tutorial.

5. Valentine Glitter Wreath

Make this beautiful Valentine glitter wreath to celebrate the holiday of love.

6. Beaded Bracelets

Using beads and elastic jewelry thread, you can make beaded bracelets for yourself or to give as gifts.

7. Mason Jar Lanterns

This mason jar lantern can be used indoors or outdoors. A beautiful addition to a patio party.

8. Beaded Leather Bracelet

Make your own super fashionable bracelet by following the tutorial at Happy Hour Projects.

9. Bling Bag Fasteners

10. iPhone Case With Bling

iPhones are such a necessary thing in our lives now that we like to make our phone special by having a unique cover on it. Consider making iPhone case with bling as gifts to give to friends

11. Sparkle Branch

You'll think of lots of ways to decorate using these beautiful branches. Happily Ever Borrowed is where you'll find directions for this project.

12. Bejewelled Sunglasses

Decorating sunglasses could be an activity planned for a birthday party or sleepover, when a group of girls get together. Just be sure to have a variety of beads and some good glue. The girls will have many ideas for how to make their sunglasses special and unique. Follow the instructions at A MATTER OF STYLE for gluing gems onto plastic sunglasses.

13. Polka Dot Ornaments

I would never have believed that polka dot tree ornaments would be pretty, until I saw this project. The tutorial for making these ornaments is found at HOMEY oh my!

14. Pencil Pot

You'd never know that the container for this pencil pot is an empty tin can. Especially after the can has been painted and covered with beautiful gems. Find the instructions for this pencil pot craft at Creative in Chicago.

15. Glamorous Glove

I know gals who would love this glove update idea. Be sure to check out garage sales during the summer to get inexpensive jewelry to use in crafts. There are other examples of the fancy gloves included with the instructions. You can make this glamorous glove by going to GREENBEAN’s CRAFTEROLE and following the tutorial.

16. Beaded Bracelet

Making a gorgeous bracelet like one of these is possible when you follow the tutorial given on the STYLE ME PRETTY site. It's hard to believe that a plain cuff bracelet is the basis for this outstanding project.

17. Valentine Glitter Symbols

Most craft stores have a variety of wooden or pressed paper letters, numbers and symbols. So, you can make glitter words of your choice. A nice touch for Valentine's Day. The directions for making the glitter symbols is found at Make Life Lovely.

18. German Glass Glitter Easter Egg

Some projects, like this one, are great gifts for family members that you know will keep and treasure it. This impressive Easter egg project has it's instructions at The Graphics Fairy .

19. Bling, Bling Flip Flops

When you go to The Pinning Mama site for the instructions for decorating flip flops, you'll also notice that there are about twelve more bling craft ideas there. All have tutorials included. Buy flip flops in all the different colors, so you can have a pair to go with all your summer outfits.

20. Rhinestone and Glitter Flamingo

Go to craftbits.com for information on how to spark up a flamingo.

21. Glitter Earrings

Making your own glitter earrings will save you a lot of money. Be sure to check out this tutorial.

22. Wine Glass Table Lamp

I can imagine wine glass table lamps used at a wedding reception. They are inexpensive to make, but oh so beautiful and unique.

23. Wedding Napkin Rings

24. Rhinestone Hair Pins

Any little, or big, girl will love rhinestone jewelry for their hair. Find the instructions for this project at petit elefant.

25. Diamond Crushed Glass Vase

26. Outdoor Chandelier

If you spend much time in your back yard, or patio, you probably like to give it special decorator touches. The outdoor chandelier shown here is a great example of what to do. Crafts Unleashed gives a list of supplies and the method to make this outdoor chandelier, on their site.

27. Bling Your Jeans

Bling is better! When you want a more stylish look to your jeans, than the holey look, try rhinestones. The Crafty Blog Stalker shows you how to re-do your jeans with their tutorial. Scroll down the page for the tutorial.

28. Christmas Poinsettia Wreath

Don't you love this idea? This Christmas poinsettia wreath is made using floral picks and enhanced with glitter. Love it!

29. Rhinestone Collar

MADIGAN MADE has the instructions for adding rhinestones to a shirt for the looks of a collar or necklace.

30. Bling a Craft Box

Rather than having plain, but useful, boxes setting on your dresser or shelf, add gems or jewels to make them spectacular. Directions for making the blinged craft boxes shown here are found at dollar store crafts.

31. Glitter Spider Webs

Decorating for Halloween is always fun, but the webs you hang will be special if they glitter. Making these glitter spider webs to add to your Halloween décor is easy when you follow the instructions given at Paper and Glue.

32. Bling Bride Sneakers

By the time the day ends, every bride wishes she could trade her high heels for some comfortable bling bride sneakers.

33. Snowflake Door Hanger

A large snowflake and smaller ones hanging from it and then adding glitter makes the snowflake door hanger a star attraction.

34. Glamor Pumpkin

Halloween isn't just for scary anymore. Notice how beautiful this gemstone decorated pumpkin is. Go to Life on Lakeshore Drive for a list of supplies needed and the tutorial for making a glamorous pumpkin.

35. Rhinestone and Pearl Tree

Imagine making these beautiful tabletop trees for your mantel, or to display in a centerpiece arrangement. To make rhinestone and pearl trees like these, go to just crafty enough for the instructions.

36. Beaded Wedding Belt

Some dresses, whether a bridal gown or a prom dress, are enhanced with a beaded belt. These belts are very easily made, and are much less expensive than the purchased ones. For the easy to follow tutorial for making a beaded wedding belt, go to somethingTurquoise.

37. Bling Sneakers

Want to be comfortable as well as stylish for prom or homecoming? How about adding bling sneakers to your ensemble? Make it special and outstanding.

38. Sparkly Camera Strap

What a great gift this would be for a photographer friend. Can you imagine the ohs and ahs that you'll hear when they see this sparkly, gem filled camera strap. The tutorial for making a sparkly camera strap can be found at Virginie’s Cinema.

39. Glitter Vinyl Butterfly

Did you know that you can purchase glitter vinyl to use instead of rhinestones to make blingy items? I didn't until I found this project at CREATE & babble, where the tutorial for using the vinyl is also included.

40. Votive Candle Holders

You'll think of so many ways, and places, to use these little jeweled votive holders. Group a bunch of these with a bit of greenery to make a beautiful centerpiece arrangement. Find the instructions at love to know.

41. Crystal Chandelier

Seeing this project at in my own style makes me want to copy it. I'll find the tutorial for making the crystal chandelier at that site.

42. Jeweled Heels

Although I don't wear spiked heels like this, I definitely admire them. If you want to make a pair of jeweled heels like these, go to HONESTLYWTF and follow the instructions given there.

43. Locker Mirror

Making a school locker a more personal space is the aim of many teenage girls. Making a really outstanding locker mirror by adding gem stones to the frame is a way to customize the locker. Go to THE CUBICLE CHICK to see how to achieve this gorgeous look.

44. DIY Rhinestone Ruffle Clutch

45. Bling Rings

Bling and ring are two words that are nicely wedded. These rings aren't difficult to make when you follow the tutorial given at favecrafts,

46. Bling Thumb Tacks

Making these jeweled thumb tacks is an idea that I hadn't see before. I love them! Make a teacher happy by giving a box of these for an appreciation gift. You'll see these bling thumb tacks at two twenty one. So easy to do, just use jewelry glue or the E6000 glue to adhere the stones to the tacks.

47. Black and Silver Pumpkins

There is nothing as elegant as using black and silver together. These black and silver glitter pumpkins shout elegance. Find the tutorial for making these pumpkins at twosisters crafting.

48. Christmas Balls

49. Halloween Spider Wreath

Make this spooky, unique Halloween wreath by going to Fun365 for the tutorial.

50. Pocket Bling

Make your own trendy girl jeans by adding pocket bling. Go to Drab to Fab for the instructions.

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

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    • lbrummer profile imageAUTHOR

      Loraine Brummer 

      5 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      I agree, Catherine, a blinged up flamingo would be hard to part with. Although, I'm a bit too mature (as apposed to "old") to wear bling, I do like the looks of rhinestones on jeans. And I love the sparkly wedding décor. Thanks for your visit and comment, Catherine.

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      5 years ago from Orlando Florida

      What amazing craft ideas. If someone put that blinged up flamingo on my lawn, they would have to pay me to get it back. I don't think I would want to part with it. If I ever take a break from writing, I'm going to try these projects. Voted up U and I and B.

    • lbrummer profile imageAUTHOR

      Loraine Brummer 

      5 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      So, you make quilts, Marie. I love handmade quilts and admire folks that have the patience to make them. I'll be visiting your hubs to check out any quilting articles you have. Thanks for visiting my bling crafts.

    • Marie Flint profile image

      Marie Flint 

      5 years ago from Jacksonville, FL USA

      You've really covered the bases here, Loraine. I don't do Bling, but these certainly look like fun projects. I'll keep these in mind when I get tired of quilting!

      Voted Up, Useful, and Beautiful.


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