Life skill to learn: Woodworking

Updated on May 1, 2016
A gift made of African Padauk wood
A gift made of African Padauk wood

Woodworking has been around for thousands of years. It was the prime job in ancient civilizations like Rome and Egypt, but recently this ancient craft has had a drastic drop in popularity. A lot of this is due to the majority of us being consumers instead of producers. But if you live your life as a consumer only, you're really missing out!

Think about it. Christmas or someone's birthday is coming up and you trying to decide what to get them. You want to get them something nice, but everything is so expensive. You could spend 10 bucks on wood and make then a beautiful box, and they'd love it because it would seem so personal. Surprisingly, woodworking is a very easy craft to learn. To start off all you need to a carving knife, a chisel, and some sandpaper for make something simple like a spoon, but there are plenty of other things you could make.

Not only is woodworking great for gifts, but it's also very relaxing. Just watching the saw slice through the wood in a smooth, pure motion just brings this sense of peace on you. The more you practice woodworking, the more you want to do it. This skill is one that has been lost to the world, but it has potential to change it! Woodworking is a skill that is worth investing your time and money in. It will help you appreciate what you have more, grow your skills, and make you feel satisfied when you see your finished product.

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