How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers For Decoration

Updated on April 11, 2016
Instructions For Tissue Paper Flowers: Easy Decorations For Weddings And Birthdays
Instructions For Tissue Paper Flowers: Easy Decorations For Weddings And Birthdays

Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are not only easy to make but they make fantastic decorations for weddings, birthday parties and even unique d├ęcor for your home.

With a couple of simple elements, you can create colorful flowers in all different shapes and sizes and suspend them from your ceiling, create flower bouquets with them or make your own vase of ever-lasting floral art.

This is a great activity to get the kids involved in and they only take minutes to make. They are safe, virtually indestructible and can be reused over and over. This makes for a fantastic decoration.

What Will You Need

To make tissue paper flowers you will need:

  • Colored Tissue Paper - use any colors you like to match your theme or decorations
  • Pipe Cleaners - try to get matching ones to the colored tissue paper you select
  • A pair of scissors
  • Fishing line or invisible nylon

Tissue Paper Flowers - Easy Instructions
Tissue Paper Flowers - Easy Instructions
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Tissue Paper Flower PotsTissue Paper Flowers - Multi Colourssuspended tissue paper flowers from ceiling
Tissue Paper Flower Pots
Tissue Paper Flower Pots
Tissue Paper Flowers - Multi Colours
Tissue Paper Flowers - Multi Colours
suspended tissue paper flowers from ceiling
suspended tissue paper flowers from ceiling

Instructions For Making Tissue Paper Flowers

Step 1: Open your packet of tissue paper and lay about 5 sheets on top of each other flat on the table. You can stick to one colour or place a mixture of colors if you want a multi-colored flower. Cut a rectangle shape approx 30cm x 20cm

Step 2: Starting closest to you, fold the paper up about 5cm wide. Similar to a fan. Turn it over and fold up again. In a concertina type manner until it is all folded.

Step 3: Take a matching colored pipe cleaner and wrap it around the centre of your folded paper. With scissors, cut one end into a point.

Step 4: Cut the other side of the folded paper into a point.

Step 5: Gently fan open the paper folds, starting with the outside layer and work your way in. One by one separate each sheet of folded tissue paper from each other. Don't worry if it rips a little.

Step 6: Once you have completed opening one side, repeat on the other side and you will have yourself one ball of tissue paper. Continue to open and rearrange the tissue paper until you have a ball shape.

Display and Arrange Tissue Paper Flowers

Now that you have made one flower, continue to make them in any color that you want and you can adjust your initial tissue paper rectangle size to make larger or smaller flowers. If the tissue paper is too large to start with you may find that the flower does not have enough strength and it may not hold properly. If you make them too small, they will look like little pom poms. Which is fine if that is what you are wanting.

There are many ways to decorate a party of a function with your paper flowers. Here are some ideas:

  • Tie invisible nylon around the centre of the flower and suspend them from the ceiling. Group different size flowers and different colors for a clever effect.
  • Poke a chopstick or skewer through the centre and place them into a vase like floral display.
  • Get some small pot plant tubs, half fill with sand and then cover with decorating pebbles and place your flowers on the end of skewers or chopsticks and poke them in like a flower stem. Tip: For greater effect, wrap a little green tissue paper around the base of each flower to resemble green leaves.
  • Bouquet - attach longer pipe cleaners to the centre of each flower and assemble like a bunch of flowers. Use different size flowers for a unique effect.

Tissue Paper Flowers Suspended From The Ceiling
Tissue Paper Flowers Suspended From The Ceiling


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    • Monisa Ahmed profile image

      monisa 4 years ago from India

      This tutorial is very useful for party and wedding decorations. I'll try my best to make it..thanks!

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      The images were lovely and really help readers in understanding the instructions for making tissue paper flowers. The finished tissue paper flowers look so colorful and beautiful.

    • Sherry Hewins profile image

      Sherry Hewins 4 years ago from Sierra Foothills, CA

      Great instructions! The photos are so helpful, and your flowers are beautiful.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      pretty hub. I had tried making tissue paper flower but failed. Torn apart. Will try yours.

    • celeste inscribed profile image

      Celeste Wilson 4 years ago

      Very pretty, these would look good in any room. Thank you for sharing.

    • ryanjhoe profile image

      ryanjhoe 4 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      I have never imagined before that tissue paper can be very worth and can be transformed into a beautiful flowers. You are very creative, thanks for sharing this!