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What Is Diamond Painting?

I learned many different types of painting from my mother and grandmother, and I love teaching and sharing my arts and crafts with others.

Diamond painting is an easy, affordable hobby for artists and crafters.

Diamond painting is an easy, affordable hobby for artists and crafters.

How to Do Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is the latest craze in the world of arts and crafts. Everyone is getting into this craft, as it is easy and does not require any special skills. It is also amazingly relaxing!

What Is Diamond Art?

Diamond painting is similar to a paint-by-number kit, but instead of using paints, one "paints" with diamonds or drills (the technical word for diamonds in this craft). Diamond painting is the new way of adult coloring—relaxing, addictive, and fun! The more addicted to diamond painting you become, the more paintings you will want to buy. The kits are definitely good presents for your crafty friends or family members, and the finished products can make equally lovely gifts for everyone else!

In this article, we will talk about:

  • What's included in a diamond painting kit
  • Different types of drills/diamonds
  • How inexpensive this hobby can be (!)
  • Where you can purchase the diamond painting kits
  • Extras tools and supplies (once you get addicted!)
This is what's included in a small diamond painting kit.

This is what's included in a small diamond painting kit.

What's in a Diamond Painting Kit?

Diamond painting comes in two different styles: full and partial.

  • Full Drill Kit: Full diamond-painting kits are where you have to apply diamonds on the complete painting, from one corner to the other corner.
  • Partial Drill Kit: Partial diamond-painting kits are where you apply diamonds only on certain parts of the painting. These kits are cheaper than the full drill kits.

The kits include everything you'll require to complete a painting:

  1. A canvas with the painting
  2. Diamonds/drills
  3. Pick pen
  4. Wax strip
  5. Tray/boat
  6. Tweezers (this is optional and will not be in all kits)

The canvas itself will be a not-so-detailed painting, sized in centimeters (not inches—all diamond paintings are sized in cm).

Different Types of Diamonds or Drills

There are two basic shapes of diamonds/drills: round and square.

  • Round Drills: Round drills, when placed on the canvas, leave some space in between them. It is easier to work with round drills.
  • Square Drills: Square drills, when placed on the canvas, do not leave any space and are tightly knit together. It is a little difficult to work with them, but most experienced diamond painters prefer square drills over the round drills.

In my opinion, square drills make the painting look much better. However, the quality of the drills depends on where you purchased your kit or what price you paid. The more facets on the diamonds, the shiner they are. For example, the brand Diamond Dotz has extra shiny diamonds—the quality is amazing—and all the Diamond Dotz painting kits have round drills. In the end, it all depends on preference and patience.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting kits are everywhere on the internet, from the big online businesses (like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress) to the independent stores. Some of the most famous diamond painting kit websites are:

  • Diamond Art Club
  • Paint With Diamonds
  • PosterLol
  • Etsy

Buying Kits In-Store

You can also buy the kits at Michaels and Walmart (though Walmart only sells a few kits in-store). Kits can be really inexpensive depending on where you purchase them and how long you are willing to wait.

Chinese Suppliers

If you are willing to wait a month to begin working on this hobby, the Chinese market is the best way to go. It can take about two to four weeks to receive your kit when you order from China. But if you're okay waiting, you can get painting for as low as $2 per kit.

Diamond painting kits range from about $2 to about $150 or more. It all depends on the size of the painting. I purchased a kit with a 180 cm x 90 cm (6' x 3') painting for about $48. So it really depends on where and when you purchase. There are a lot of sales and promotions going on if you buy from China.

Shipping Costs

When ordering from China, most of the time—say about 8 out of 10 times—the shipping will be free. I have ordered some kits that were $0.01, but they charged me about $3.99 for shipping, so it cost me $4 for the painting. The size of the painting was 30 cm x 40 cm. This hobby is really inexpensive.

My work in progress, done with a round drill.

My work in progress, done with a round drill.

Additional Tools and Supplies

Once you're addicted to diamond painting and you know that you're going to make more than five kits, I recommend purchasing these few additional tools and supplies:

  • Light Pad: Sometimes the symbols on the painting are really hard to read. A light pad will help the symbols pop up better and help put less strain on your eyes.
  • Pick-Me-Up Tool: In my opinion, this wax pen is necessary because it makes picking up the diamonds very easy and quick.
  • Multi-Pick Tool: These tools sometimes come along with the kit, but if not, you may need to buy them separately. Learning to use these multi-pick tools can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes really easy. These tools help make the process faster, especially for very large paintings. They come in five different sizes.
  • Additional Trays: Usually, if you are going to work on a lot of paintings, you will not have to purchase extra trays, as every kit comes with its own tray. If you use multiple trays for one painting, though, it will make the painting go faster. This way, you won't have to keep taking colors out and putting them back in every time you want to change colors.
  • Storage Containers: The diamonds come in plastic bags that are not resealable. If you start making more than one painting, I highly recommend starting an organization box for the diamonds. I use small containers from Dollar Tree and the 99 cent store.

A Time for Relaxation

A friend of mine got into diamond painting after watching my YouTube videos and this is exactly what she texted me: "Don't judge me, I was going to do only a little work on my diamond painting as it was my first day, but I just could not help but keep working on it. I am addicted and it is super relaxing!"

This hobby is a great way to relax. It takes one away from the daily pressure of work and worries. It makes your heart feel happier. Do try this hobby and let me know how you enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful time diamond painting!