Make Money Using Your Cricut: 4 Product Ideas

Updated on February 20, 2018
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Samantha is a mom of 4 who loves crafting, DIY home improvements, and interior design.

What is a Cricut machine?

If you are new to the crafting world, a Cricut machine is a die-cut machine that can cut various materials to use for a variety of craft projects. You can also purchase different accessories such as the software Sure Cuts A Lot2, which enables you to cut whatever you want without having to buy expensive cartridges.

Here's what you'll need for basic cutting ability:

  • Cricut machine
  • Cutting mat
  • Extra blades
  • Cartridges based on your project (if you chose not to purchase the software).
  • Material to cut

The Cricut allows you to cut paper, vinyl, heat-transfer vinyl, and fabric. It can even draw or type on paper. All of these options mean that you can make just about anything with the help of this machine. I'll go over several cool projects you can make to sell at craft shows, fairs, or online to help you make some extra money while enjoying your craft.

1. Personalized Tumblers

A very popular project has been personalized tumblers. People like to make these as gifts for teachers, coaches, or entire teams. You can personalize them for just about anything: favorite sports teams, sororities, hobbies, weddings, holidays, etc.

What You'll Need:

  • Tumbler: You can purchase them from online wholesalers for cheaper prices. The larger quantities you buy, the cheaper they are.
  • Vinyl: You need various colors of high-quality sign vinyl.
  • Cricut Machine

2. Window Decals

Window Decals are a cheap way to make personalized gifts that can also be sold. All you need is high-quality sign vinyl and some transfer tape.

3. T-shirts, Hoodies, and Bags

A fantastic way to make some money using your Cricut machine is to make personalized garments for teams, sororities, clubs, and family events. You can purchase blank shirts for a few dollars and heat-transfer vinyl for as little as a dollar per foot. This depends on what kind of vinyl you buy.

Here are a few options you can consider:

  • Hoodies: They're a great choice for the cooler months.
  • Sports Bags, Book Bags, and Totes: These can also be personalized so nobody walks away with the wrong bag.
  • Camping Chairs: You can customize them so you don't take home someone else's chair.
  • Dish Towels, Hand Towels, or Washcloths: These would make great housewarming gifts.
  • The options are endless!

You could sell these goods to team parents who want to show their support for their kids on the sidelines, people who are planning a family reunion, or anyone who wants a personalized shirt.

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4. Personalized Artwork

You can create artwork several different ways with your Cricut machine.

  1. Customized Frames. Remove the back of a picture frame and stick vinyl directly onto the glass. These could have monograms, family names, fun quotes, etc.
  2. Signs. Use pallet wood as a single piece or several strips glued together depending on the size you need. Stick the vinyl on the wood, spray paint over it, and peel the stickers off once it's dry. Bam! You have a sign with perfect lettering.
  3. Wall Decals. This is very similar to window decals, but you can place them directly on a wall to personalize any room in your home.

After reading this article do you feel like you could successfully use your Cricut to make some money?

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    • Jennifer F Hall profile image

      Jennifer F Hall 7 months ago

      I was hoping that you could tell me what kind of fonts work well using SCAL2 and the expression? i have hundreds of fonts but they take forever to cut. ? Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated

    • adams07 profile image

      Samantha Adams 10 months ago from Auburn, GA


      Thanks for reading! I usually search goodwill for frames that have more character and then I spray paint them if they're not pretty enough. I haven't purchased any in bulk. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

    • adams07 profile image

      Samantha Adams 10 months ago from Auburn, GA

      Lisa, thank you for reading. I've been doing it for a couple years now and am still trying to figure it out. Its a learning curve. I use sure cuts a lot software to avoid purchasing cartridges and there are a ton of videos on how to use it. Maybe search for a beginners video or a video for a tutorial on your exact project.

    • profile image

      BK 10 months ago

      Any suggestions on places for ordering picture frame in bulk to reduce upfront cost?

    • profile image

      Lisa 19 months ago

      Hello, I love your ideas and I want to just use the vinyl also, but I am having such difficulties learning how to use the circuit. I love doing things on my glass blocks. I had watched video after video but cannot find someone who explains how it really works. Do you have any suggestions on videos that are very thorough? Thank you.