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How to Make an Easy Pop-up Bird Card

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This pop-up card looks like a bird!

This pop-up card looks like a bird!

Learn How to Make a Bird Pop-Up Card

Paper pop-ups are such a fun papercraft. This bird was created by Paul Jackson and inspired me to create a version for my child. I designed this pop-up piece to have a bird that looks like it's flying in the clouds. I converted it to be a birthday party invitation, and the kids loved it!

What You'll Need

  • A4 size pastel sheet (smaller bird) or A3 size sheet (larger bird)
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scissors
  • Decorations (optional)
Fold and draw

Fold and draw

Step 1: Fold the Paper and Draw Half of the Bird

Keep the A4 size sheet flat on the table and fold it in half. I used a pastel sheet here because they're sturdy and help keep the bird from drooping down. The end result will be five times better.

Draw half of the bird on the folded side (the left side) and fold the manifold. See how the beak is drawn straight, and only half of it is done? The dotted line here is the only folding line, making it the only part that joins the clouds and the bird. All of the other lines are the cutting lines.

Cut the continuous lines

Cut the continuous lines

Step 2: Cut the Pencil Lines

Leaving the dotted folding line alone, cut all the pencil lines including the tail feathers drawn using scissors.

Fold the dotted line once towards the front and then the back. This is done to get a proper push when the bird is pushed inside.

Fold towards front and back

Fold towards front and back

Step 3: Push the Bird Inward

Try to push the bird inward from its folding line. Press it firmly. The center fold line which was the main fold of the bird now becomes the inward fold.

Push the bird inside

Push the bird inside

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Step 4: Your Bird Is Ready to Fly!

You're done! Pick up the pop-up and keep it in a standing position on the table and slowly open the clouds part. You will see your bird flying in the sky!

Final pop up

Final pop up

5: Finish Decorating (Optional)

This decorating step is optional. You can add colors, add feathers, draw the eyes, or do anything else you wish. If you want to use this one as a greeting card, just add your message inside. Another idea is to make these birds in different sizes and keep them in one line.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Comments on February 24, 2020:

LOVE THIS! Brilliant. I added a V fold and adapted it to a pop up card.

likitha on March 30, 2014:

i am an Indian . i like crafts very much and i always try to make different crafts. thank's for sharing your thoughts.

Veenoo (author) from India on September 19, 2013:

Thanks Chitrangada for noticing, the best thing about paper craft is that it is most easily available and kids love these little crafts.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on September 19, 2013:

This looks very interesting and creative!

I have done lot of paper craft, when my kids were small and really enjoyed it. Will try this one too with your clear step by step instructions and pictures.

Thanks for sharing!