How to Make a Simple Cat Mask

Updated on June 19, 2017

Mask making is fun whether it is done as an arts-and-crafts exercise or a drama exercise.

Some professional artists create masks that are elaborate and heavy and are displayed upon the shelf as a piece of art.

As I love drama, I prefer to have children make masks that are practical and wearable. They can then be used for school dramatics.

This article gives step-by-step instructions for a cat mask created out of a paper picnic plate. This mask could be made at pre-school, kindergarten or even primary school.

Step 1:

Take a paper plate and turn it over to the blank non-eating side.


Step 2:

Trace eyes onto plate and cut out eyeholes.

(The teacher may choose to cut the eyes out before giving to the children, depending on their age and ability level.)

Draw a mouth onto the plate.

Step 3:

Glue ears onto plate and allow to dry thoroughly. You may play a game, read a story or do other activities with the children during this time.

Step 4:

Get the children to paint and decorate the mask creatively.

The children can aim to be realistic by copying a real cat picture, or may use a variety of colours and glitter to make a rainbow cat.

Then allow to dry.

Step 5:

Draw or glue thin strips of paper for whiskers on plate. (The teacher may wish to have these pre-prepared.)

Final Step 6:

Measure child's head and cut a length of hat elastic. Attach to sides of back of mask with tape or staples.

Creative dramatic play can be encouraged for the younger ones, while the older ones can use their masks to dramatise a script or act out a story as it is narrated from a book.

It is hard to talk wearing a full mask, so the dramatic convention is to mime when wearing a full-face mask, or talk when wearing a half-face mask.

Alien or Midnight Cat

  • This alien or midnight cat was made using a plastic commercial pattern.
  • These patterns can be purchased in bulk packets in the party section of the supermarket or specialty store.
  • The pattern was painted with strong blue paint and outlined with black.
  • Some glitter was sprinkled onto the forehead before the paint dried.

Another mask I have made.
Another mask I have made.

Simple Venetian Mask

  • This mask may be traced onto cardboard from a simple commercial pattern, which can be bought at the supermarket or party supplier.
  • The pattern starts off looking like a large pair of glasses, and is then covered with paper mache. (That is, torn bits of newspaper covered in glue.) The mask is allowed to dry draped across a curved surface.
  • It is then painted using metallic paint. Feathers and sequins may be glued onto the mask using craft glue and a final coat of clear laquer may be applied.


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    • profile image

      Anoushka jha 

      2 years ago

      Loved the mask - the idea was incredible . Used it for my child 's play and the parents liked and admired the idea too . Great job

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      very cute

      very beautiful

      give it to me

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      very cute

    • creativearts2009 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Australia

      Thank you Rio. You can buy books of pre-published masks to cut out, or purchase designs to colour in and cut out. Such masks include animal and television characters. However, some people enjoy making elaborate masks, some of which are far more complex than the ones I have published here.

    • profile image

      Rio Gouin 

      9 years ago

      is there an easy way to do this?


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