How to Craft a UFO or Spaceship With Kids

Updated on July 6, 2017

For his 5th birthday, my son wanted an outer-space party. I spent a lot of time planning and trying to come up with multiple activities to keep 20 boys and girls busy for an hour and a half in our not-so-big house.

Had I known how much fun all the kids would have making homemade UFO and spaceship crafts from old CDs, I would have stopped worrying! With a few supplies laid out, the kids created amazing outer-space objects and this was the hit of the party! This is something you could do for a party with lots of kids, or just on a lazy afternoon with your children at home.

Here are some basic instructions for putting together a CD UFO or spaceship craft.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You most likely have a lot of these supplies already at home. Be creative and use your imagination - there's no end to the ways kids can create new crafts!

Here are the supplies we got together for our outer space party craft:

  • CDs. Old or damaged CDs work fine! Ask your IT department at work if they have any lying around.
  • Applesauce cups from individual sized apple sauce containers.

  • Bottle Top Converters: These add some color and fun!
  • Outerspace stickers and star stickers. Foam outerspace stickers work well here too.
  • Yarn, cut to 6-12 inch pieces.
  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls.
  • Scotch Tape.Tape is much neater than glue, and I'm shocked at how much my kids LOVE tape. Buy extra, for added fun. Just prepare yourself to have lots of random items in your house taped together!

Step 2: Assemble a Model

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, create a model UFO or spaceship for your child so they can get an idea of what it might look like.

  1. Tape the apple sauce top or bottle top converter onto the CD.
  2. Add stickers and tape on string.


Step 3: Watch Your Kids Create!

Let your kids create spaceships and UFOs of their own. Once done, they'll have new homemade toys to zoom around the house all afternoon!


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      • LauraGT profile image

        LauraGT 5 years ago from MA

        Thanks TXMom. It's always fun to reuse household products for art projects! Teaches kids how to reuse/recycle. Enjoy!

      • profile image

        TXMom 6 years ago

        So cool! I'm going to go get together some cds right now! My kids will also be psyched to eat applesauce for snack!