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How to Make a Styrofoam and Ribbon Wreath

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Making a Wreath on a Budget!

Need to make a cheap gift for somebody? Need a quick housewarming present? Have an abundance or ribbon that you’d like to put to good use? Here is a quick and easy homemade decoration that can be displayed in your home as a holiday or seasonal decoration or given away as a gift.

Wreath Materials

  • A piece of round Styrofoam: Any size or thickness will work. If you can choose the color, I suggest you go with green. You can also just cut a large piece of Styrofoam into a circle.
  • 1 box of sewing pins
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Several rolls of ribbon: It took three rolls to make the wreath in this project.
  • A bow (optional)
Wrapped Styrofoam

Wrapped Styrofoam

Step 1: Wrap the Wreath with Ribbon

If you don’t want the Styrofoam to show, wrap a spool of ribbon around the Styrofoam. Work from the center and wind around the outer edge.

Loop it back towards the center.

Keep the ribbon tight, and secure each end with your pins or hot glue.

Tip: I use hot glue as a backup. It’s easier to move the pins around as you work, especially when you are first starting and trying to judge the ribbon spacing versus how much you have to work with.

One Piece of Cut Ribbon

One Piece of Cut Ribbon

Step 2: Cut the Ribbon

Cut the rest of your ribbon into two to three-inch strips. If you have more than one pattern of ribbon, decide how you are going to arrange them on the wreath.

Tip: Use themed colors to make wreaths for different occasions such as holidays and sporting events.

Folded Ribbon

Folded Ribbon

Step 3: Fold the Strips

Fold each strip into thirds. Overlap the ends of each fold into the center of the back of the ribbon.

Pin Your Folded Ribbon to the Wreath

Pin Your Folded Ribbon to the Wreath

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Step 4: Pin or Glue the Ribbon

Pin the strip through the center of the ribbon, making sure to pin through the ends of the back of the ribbon where folded.

Then, pin the ribbon to the Styrofoam.

If you don’t have enough pins, hot glue the ribbon inside the loop to secure together.

Then, glue the back of the ribbon to the front of the Styrofoam.

Pinned Ribbon

Pinned Ribbon

Step 5: Cover in Rows

If your wreath format is wide, you’ll need to pin or glue the ribbon in rows.

Start from the center and work your way out to the edge of the wreath.

Keep the pieces of ribbon close together.

You can even pin or glue ribbon to the inside or outside the wreath.

Bow Secured With Pins

Bow Secured With Pins

Step 6: Fasten a Bow

Glue or pin a bow to the front of the wreath.

You can make one out of leftover ribbon like I did.

Add a String to the Back of the Wreath for Easy Hanging

Add a String to the Back of the Wreath for Easy Hanging

Step 7: Attach a String for Hanging

Optional: Fasten a looped piece of string to the back of the wreath for easy hanging.

Completed Wreath

Completed Wreath

Hang It!

Now, you have a finished wreath that you can display in your home or give away as gifts. The materials are cheap, the assembly is quick, and it doesn't take any artistic skill. Give it a try, and see what you can come up with!


Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on July 10, 2018:

O it must be my day to read about wreaths. I just read one by Peggy Woods about making a seashell wreath. This one too looks like a lovely one I can make to share with a friend. Angels are on the way ps