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How to Make a Necklace out of Your Wisdom Teeth

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For People Who Are Into Freaky, Bizarre Jewelry

The first time I heard the concept, I was totally aghast. Why would anyone do such a thing? But people who have gone ahead and made wisdom teeth jewelry are ones who didn't want to part with their tiny "jewels" after removing them. The surgery is a painful and expensive experience, and many want to safe keep their wisdom teeth as a reminder of the same.

Some argue that if there are different types of tooth necklaces out there, like shark tooth necklaces, what's wrong with sporting a human wisdom tooth necklace? While some others like to keep human teeth for crazy or totally different reasons, like in the case of the celebrity Ke$ha. If you are into freaky jewelry and are looking forward to creating your wisdom teeth necklace, this page will come in handy. Don't just remove your wisdom teeth to make jewelry.

On the contrary, you can make such a necklace when you have to get your wisdom teeth removed for some reason or so. You can let your doctor know that you would like to take your wisdom teeth home after the operation and not to discard them off. Once you have your wisdom teeth, you can follow the steps given below to make a nice wisdom teeth necklace.

Drilling vs. Wire Wrapping

Some people like drilling the wisdom teeth to make small holes in them for necklaces but the wire wrapping method is most recommended. After boiling, your wisdom teeth can get really soft and are prone to damage when drilled into.

How to Make Your own Wisdom Teeth Necklace

  1. Once you get your wisdom teeth, clean them thoroughly using an old toothbrush, some anti-bacterial soap, and hot water. The roots can be easily removed using tweezers if they haven't been fully developed yet.
  2. If you want to whiten up the teeth, use hydrogen peroxide. Keep your teeth in this solution for some time till they reach the desired color.
  3. Take a pan and fill half of it up with water. Boil your teeth in this. This breaks down any extra flesh attached to the teeth and also kills germs and bacteria.
  4. After boiling it for around 30–40 minutes, off the flame and let the wisdom teeth cool down for some time.
  5. When the teeth have cooled down, use paper towels to wipe them clean.
  6. Clean the wisdom teeth again with the old toothbrush and some paste.
  7. In the case of wire wrapping, use a long wire and wrap it around a wisdom tooth. You can refer to the video given below on how exactly you can wrap the wire. Repeat for each tooth. You can then string them to a thread or any chain of your choice using a jump ring. In case you are going for drilling, drill a small hole into the teeth using a dremel slowly and steadily. Then you can use a metal jump ring through the hole you drilled. You can then attach this ring to a necklace or chain.
  8. Your wisdom teeth necklace is ready!

A shark's teeth have been shown here, but the method can also be used to wire wrap a human wisdom tooth. I prefer this wrapping style to the first one.


In case you don't want to wire a tooth directly to a thread or chain for the necklace, you can always use a vial into which you can insert a tooth and preserve it with clear wax. You can then attach this vial to the metal chain or thread instead. Preferably a plastic vial is a safe bet, but I have seen people use glass vials as well with cork tops.

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Even Celebrities Do It!

Ke$ha apparently is into human teeth necklaces too (apart from teeth bra and teeth earrings, believe it or not). But the necklace does not adorn only her teeth but that of her fans' too! How bizarre is that? "I would love to wear a piece of my fans' bodies on me," she quotes. This has lead her to collect more than 500 human teeth from her fans. The necklace also sports some of her own baby teeth.

Human teeth necklace (vuasagale) displayed in The National Museum (or Museum Gajah) in Jakarta, Indonesia

Human teeth necklace (vuasagale) displayed in The National Museum (or Museum Gajah) in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Paddy Eamon on July 31, 2017:

Damn I thought I was the only weirdo doing this. I got my wisdom teeth from 20 years ago my dentist already stuck em my pocket for when I woke up from anethesia. I got 3 more added from other removal techniques i.e. rugby . How can I protect from elements decay etc?

Justin on December 21, 2015:

You can actually do this without wire wrapping, use a dental drill bit *From the office you had your surgery done is the best place to find one* and get the desired hole drilled into your teeth. When the desired hole is in all 4 string it together. I have mine on a gold necklace that has a charm separating my teeth into halves, two on left two on right. Body part jewelry is fun!

tebo from New Zealand on July 12, 2013:

Funnily enough I have kept my children's teeth their baby teeth, the ones that came out when I was aroud and I always said I would make necklaces out of them. Enjoyed your hub.