How to Make a Memorable Album of Your Trip

Updated on September 18, 2018
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A Great Project and What You'll Need

The top two reasons that make a trip album worth doing:

  • It's a place to keep everything related to a special time, without losing momentoes or photos
  • It's creative and relaxing

The things you'll need depend on what you're planning to do. Trip albums can be beautifully simple or elaborate. Both will be discussed a bit later in the article. Here are the basics one can expect to use.

  • Scissors and adhesive
  • Decorations
  • Photos
  • Things gathered during the trip, like tickets and notes
  • A pre-made album or carton pages to make your own

How to Start Your Album

If you are pressed for time or just want to get down to the good stuff, one can purchase a ready-made album. The perks include:

  • Instant acquisition
  • A solid binding
  • A wide variety of beautifully decorated covers.

The main drawbacks are:

  • If the album is too big, there may be too many empty pages left
  • If it is too small, pages may run out before you are truly finished.

For this reason, it's better to err on the side of a bigger album. One can always think of more things to add, such as personal notes written on beautifully decorated paper; write about a specific day, special moment or memory, even hopes. Then, insert them into the pages that are left.

Some people prefer to make their own album. This certainly prevents too few or too many pages left at the end of the day. However, this avenue also has its drawbacks — it takes longer to get the album ready for the project, the book might not turn out as you imagined or struggling with the binding of the pages. One can purchase a thin hardcover folder with a binder clip inside and punch holes in each new carton page before adding them. But this also doesn't weather wear and tear as well as pre-made albums.

Make It a Relaxing Activity

Don't aim for perfection. Choose a time and place that makes this an absorbing and relaxing activity. Make a mess!
Don't aim for perfection. Choose a time and place that makes this an absorbing and relaxing activity. Make a mess! | Source

When to Create the Album's Content

Here, you have three options — create it day by day as you experience your trip, wait until the holiday's over or a combination of the two. The thing is, you must work on the project when you want to, not because it's a chore. The idea is to have fun preserving your memories. A lot of things can happen while the vacation or honeymoon is happening. Use those days to collect momentoes and write daily notes. You can also jot down ideas for each page and choose decorations.

In the end, it's really up to the artist when and where to work on their special album. The one issue with doing so during one's trip is that there are still many momentoes to gather and things to experience. The album cannot truly be finished until the trip is done. The final polish must happen once you arrive back home and have some free time. One can even do this for a trip or special event that happened years ago.

The Photos and Decorations

Photos need to be printed before they can go into your album. Once you have them, divide them into groups and assign each to a page. For example, give each page a theme - arrival, the room you stayed in, a restaurant you visited, an activity that was done, you get the idea. Even the day you pack up and go back home can earn a page.

Scrapbooking delights are endless. Purchase them at special stores, online or make your own. You can also use beautiful stencils, coloured ink pens and good-quality stickers to suit each page's theme. Take the time to mix and match decorations until you are sure what looks good and what doesn't. A little planning beforehand will avoid making second-grade choices you'll later regret.

Consider Your Extras Carefully

You can even keep tickets and money from foreign destinations to add to the album.
You can even keep tickets and money from foreign destinations to add to the album. | Source

Why Extras Make the Album

Photos and decorations are fine. It wouldn't really be an album without them, but what makes a book intensely personal and unique are the extra little additions. If you keep your eyes peeled, such treasures are nearly endless. Obviously, they need to be on the flat side to fit! Below are just some suggestions. Look around, think out of the box and get creative with your extras.

  • Room tickets and menus
  • Wrapper from the welcome chocolate on your pillow
  • Invitations or cards from your wedding
  • Travel stubs (train, airplane)
  • Entry tickets to an event you enjoyed during your trip
  • Post cards showing the local area and attractions
  • Pressed flowers from the places you visited

It's easier to add extras to pre-made albums, since these books often come with a sticky surface. If you plan on making your own pages, choose a type of carton that won't show those ruinous glue marks oozing out the back or through a ticket. Trip extras are difficult to replace, so take good care of them while adding them to the album.

Make It Yours

This project is easy enough for anyone to do, even when you have no scrapbooking experience or creative inclinations. This is a beautiful way to commemorate your memories and special events, so don't rush anything. Enjoy making or choosing a book, planning page by page, comparing decorations and extras to find the best fit for each themed folio. Add notes, stickers, find the album a special place or box. Make it personal until the book resonates with the good feelings you loved during the trip. Our mental images fade (as do feelings), but your trip album will refresh those wonderful times whenever you open those pages.

© 2018 Jana Louise Smit


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    • Emmy ali profile image

      Eman Abdallah Kamel 

      23 months ago from Egypt

      It is a very good and simple idea to make an album. Thank you for this interesting article.


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