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How to Make a Jewelry Box Cloth Liner to Protect Your Silver

Loretta learned to sew on her grandma's treadle sewing machine. She began sewing her own clothes in 7th grade and still enjoys fabric work.

How to Make an Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Box Liner

Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Box Lined With Silver Cloth Pads

Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Box Lined With Silver Cloth Pads

Step 1: Choose a Container or Box

What do you want to protect? A few pieces of larger jewelry? Many pieces of smaller jewelry? Maybe even special pieces of rarely used silverware?

After you know what you want to store, what type of container suits your taste? You might like a basket with a lid or one of the decorative cardboard storage boxes sold in craft stores. I chose a wooden box with a hinged lid.

The cloth pads in the top and bottom of your container need to touch each other in order to be effective. If you have a deep container you can make a larger pad by stuffing it fuller with fiber fill or batting. Measurements on this project do not have to be exact which makes it a very easy project for almost anyone.

My 8" by 8" wooden box with a hinge.

My 8" by 8" wooden box with a hinge.

Step 2: Get Some Silver Cloth

This is a special fabric that is found online or in craft and hobby stores. It's sole purpose in life is to prevent silver from tarnishing. If you have extra leftover you can use it to wrap and store larger objects like a vase or bowl.

Depending on the manufacturer you may have several color choices. It has a really weird feel to it. Little tiny bits of silver are embedded within this cloth. Do not ever wash, dry clean, iron, or put it in the dryer.

Note: This silver cloth is NOT to polish the silver, only to store it. There are other products for shine and polish.

Do not ever wash, dry clean, iron, or put silver cloth in the dryer.

Do not ever wash, dry clean, iron, or put silver cloth in the dryer.

Step 3: Measure, Cut, and Sew

Measure your container and cut your cloth to fit. Remember to add on a 1/2" or so seam allowance. It does not have to be exact. You'll need four pieces in order to make two "pillows" for the bottom and the top.

I suggest using less than your best fabric scissors. Silver Cloth is gritty and you do not want to dull your finest shears. Regular household scissors are the better choice.


There is no right or wrong side to this cloth, which makes it easy to assemble. Sew three sides of your pad by machine or by hand. Turn this inside out. Fill it with fiber fill, or batting, or even a piece of soft foam. You want this stuffing to be very pliable so that when your container is closed it will snuggle your objects. Sew the fourth side closed after it is stuffed.

Repeat this for the other pad. Remember, if your container is too deep for the top and bottom to touch you can stuff the pad as much as is needed.

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Step 4: Finish Your Box and Polish Your Jewelry

Tuck your pads into the top and bottom of your container. It may be that they will fit exactly and stay in place. I needed to glue my top pad in place, otherwise it fell out when I opened the lid. You may also need to secure your lid pad in place.

Shine up your jewelry pieces and put them in your special new box. They will be ready and waiting the next time you want to wear them!

I have used and highly recommend the Sunshine Polishing Cloths. I initially purchased them for a copper bracelet I own. I found they work terrific on copper, silver, gold plate, and also costume jewelry.

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The Sampsons (author) from The Ozarks, Missouri on May 04, 2020:

BTW... if you need to cut your own hair, or a family member's, check out this article on hair tools for use at home.

The Sampsons (author) from The Ozarks, Missouri on April 06, 2020:

BTW, if you end up using the Sunshine Polish Cloths, let me know how you like them. I truly love them. As much as you can love cloth.

The Sampsons (author) from The Ozarks, Missouri on January 21, 2019:

Hi Tim! Thanks a lot!

I'm so happy you and your wife found it useful. For some large items you may not even need a container. Instead, wrap it in the Silver Cloth and store on a shelf.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on January 21, 2019:


This is very useful. We have silver items which we are trying to store properly, and this article provides wonderful directions which my wife and I will put to use.

Great read. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

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Thanks so much!!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on January 15, 2019:

Very helpful. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow, plus you convince us that this is a necessary project.