How to Make a 3D Paper Heart

Updated on August 2, 2016
Easy Crafts with Paper
Easy Crafts with Paper | Source

You Will Need:

  • Paper
  • Paper Cutter (or ruler, pencil and scissors)
  • Stapler
  • String
  • Glue Dots (or other glue)
  • Rivet and Rivet Tool (optional)
  • Clothespin or Paperclips

How to Make a Paper Heart

Easy crafts don't get much easier than this! This paper heart is simple to craft and can be made out of most types of paper. Have fun experimenting with pages from old dictionaries, comic books or even sheet music. It's a great way to use up left over pieces of scrapbook paper that you've got laying around. Once you've got a hang of how to make this heart craft, try making smaller or larger versions.

Step One

Cut your paper into the following strips:

Two strips measuring 12" x 1" (a and b, same color)

One strip also measuring 12" x 1" but different color than first two (c)

Two strips measuring 9" x 1" (d and e, same pattern as each other but different from other strips)

Tip: Since the insides and outsides of each heart are visible, this craft lends itself nicely to double-sided papers. If your papers are all white on the backs, consider alternating a heart so the insides (or outsides) aren't all white. This will give your finished piece more depth and contrast.

Strips of Scrapbook Paper

Making a Paper Heart with Craft Paper
Making a Paper Heart with Craft Paper | Source

Step Two

Fold strip "c" in half, creating a crisp crease.

Folding Paper

How to Do a Paper Heart
How to Do a Paper Heart | Source

Step Three

Hold folded strip "c" in one hand with the fold at the bottom. The bottom fold is going to be the bottom of the innermost heart. Place strips "d" and "e" on each side (outside) of strip "c" lining up the bottoms evenly to prepare for stapling. Strips "d" and "e" are each one half of your middle heart so make sure your patterns are facing the way you would like. Next line up strips "a" and "b" and staple all strips together at the bottom.

Tip: If you're using a variety of strips that don't match each other, don't worry which direction patterns are facing. This is only if you want each individual heart to have distinct coloring on the inside that differs from the outside.

Scrapbook Paper Strips

Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts | Source

Step Four

Using both end pieces of strip "c", gather to form heart and staple. Repeat this process to form remaining two hearts.

Tip: Using two staples works better than just one. Your hearts will be stronger and less wobbly. See examples below.

Making Paper Hearts

How to Make Paper Hearts
How to Make Paper Hearts | Source
Hearts on Paper
Hearts on Paper | Source

Step Five

Apply glue dots (or a little hot glue) to each of the bottom edges where the heart arches are stapled together. The smallest, most inner heart will be tucked downward and glued into itself. The middle heart will be glued down between the arches of the smallest heart. The largest, outermost heart will be tucked and glued down between the arches of the middle heart. Use clothespins or paperclips to hold these sections together until the glue dries.

Paper Heart Ideas

Paper Love Hearts
Paper Love Hearts | Source

Step Six

If you'd like to hang your heart, cut a strip that measures 3" x 1". Use a hole punch to create a hole at the top. Reinforce hole using rivet and rivet tool. Apply glue dots to each side of the bottom of the strip. Tuck down and glue in between the arches of the largest, outermost heart. Secure with clothespin or paperclip until glue is strong. Attach string and hang.

Handmade Hanging Decorations

Heart Paper Craft
Heart Paper Craft | Source

Heather Says

Crafting 3D hearts is so much fun. I never throw away scraps of pretty scrapbook papers, so I've always got a nice stash to choose from. I like to mix colors and patterns to really make the pieces of the heart pop.

These hearts looks so precious hanging almost anywhere. I've got a couple hanging on my china cabinet because the color really pops against the ivory paint. Make these hearts as festive decorations for Valentine's day using traditional colors like pink, red and white. Use Christmas-colored or themed scrapbook papers to create smaller versions for adorable heart ornaments, perfect for trimming the tree.

3D Paper Hearts

Ideas for Scrapbooking Paper
Ideas for Scrapbooking Paper | Source

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