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How to Make a Wire-Wrap Rose Ring

I love creating art of any kind. Wire-wrapped jewelry and pendants are definitely amongst my top favorites to make.

I'm here to show you my step-by-step tutorial on how to make a simple wire-wrap rose ring. It's a beginner's skill level ring and easy to make. I really enjoy making this ring: It's simple yet beautiful and can match any outfit you wear. I have made quite a few different ones, all from different wire types and colors. My daughter loves to take them and hand them out to friends. They make a great homemade gift for anyone.

The completed ring.

The completed ring.

Items Needed

  1. Wire (You're free to use any kind you prefer, in terms of gauge and color.)
  2. Pliers
  3. Cutters
  4. Ring Mandrel (If you don't have one, then a marker would work—like an Expo marker. Really, it depends on the size ring you are looking to achieve.)

Step 1

Gather all your materials needed and have them close at hand. Once you pick out the wire you choose to use, cut a piece roughly 14 inches long.


Step 2

Take your ring mandrel (or marker) and wrap your wire around it so you achieve 4 total lines of wire, keeping an equal amount of length on the end of either side. Keep the wire taut and wrapped close together.


Step 3

Twist the two wire ends together. Continue to twist to get the three-dimensional rose look. I usually do this part by hand because I use softer wire, but if yours is a stronger wire, then using the pliers might be necessary.

Step 4

After twisting the wire and forming your rose shape, leave about 1/4 inch remaining on either end. That remainder of the wire is what is used for wrapping around the band to give it a nice clean look.


Step 5

After wrapping the remaining wire on either side of the rose around the band, snip off the extra. I usually can make two solid wraps of wire on either side. File down the end of the cut if it appears sharp.



Muhammad Abdullah on August 27, 2019:

Now this is too much fun to do. Thanks for such a task.

RTalloni on August 12, 2019:

Thanks for posting your wire wrapped rose ring project. Have only recently begun learning about wire sculptures and easy jewelry projects are very appealing.