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How to Make a Pegboard Organizer


My Pegboard Organizer

Finished organizer

Finished organizer

Materials Needed

I started with a standard 4 x 8 ft. piece of brown pegboard, and three strips of wood that were 1'' x 1/4'' x 8' (1 by 1/4 inch by 8 ft). These items were obtained inexpensively at a home improvement store. I also bought two cans of teal spray paint, a variety set of Pegboard hooks, and a small basket.

Easy to Assemble

Start by measuring the space where you are putting your organizer. The eight foot height fit perfectly in my room, floor to ceiling. If you need a different size, it can be cut to fit.

Next, attach the three wood strips to the wall. Measure so that one strip will be on each side, and one in the middle behind the pegboard. The strips will create a space for the pegboard hooks to fit.

Paint your pegboard the desired color, and let it dry. When the pegboard has dried, attach it to the wall with wood screws. Place hooks, shelves, baskets on your pegboard as desired.

Project Video

Decorating Ideas

I added the phrase, “Happiness is Homemade”, at the top of my organizer. I cut the letters for this with my Cricut machine. You could also use pre-made letters. These can be found at craft stores, office supply stores, or big box stores.

Many decorative items can be added to the organizer. Some ideas would be a bulletin board square, white board square, photos, shelves, and different size baskets.

You can also get some good ideas on how to use pegboards from HGTV and Good Housekeeping.

Have Fun!

My husband and I love our organizer! It has made our spare bedroom much more useful. We especially like having the hooks to hang up our ukuleles.

If you are trying to find a way to store your crafting supplies, music supplies, tools, etc., try a Pegboard. You will be happy you did!

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