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How to Make 8 Crafts From 1 Tissue Box

I've been crafting since I could hold a paintbrush. I love to repurpose random things. Most of my articles are about arts and crafts.

Eight crafts from one tissue box—yes, it can be done!

Eight crafts from one tissue box—yes, it can be done!

Crafts With Tissue Boxes

I love the craft store. I could spend hours in it, and I always buy something whether I need it or not. I am pulled into all that color and shape and the crafting possibilities. The minute I walk out of the store, I feel the sticker shock hit. Craft supplies are expensive! Goodness me!

So I welcome the moments when my fingers won’t release the empty tissue box hovering over the recycling bin. I’ve deconstructed a square tissue box and tried to make as many craft items out of the box as I could. Here are eight ideas that popped into my head as I deconstructed the box. I created all of these in just over an hour.

Total Craft Count From One Tissue Box

In the end, I produced all of the below from one dollar store square tissue box:

  • 1 Flat Pen
  • 2 Gift Tags
  • 1 Set of Greeting Card Embellishments
  • 1 Flower
  • 1 Scrapbook Frame
  • 1 Bookmark
  • 3 Paper Doll Dresses
  • 2 Butterflies
Deconstruct a tissue box

Deconstruct a tissue box

You Will Need

  • Empty Tissue Box
  • Paper Trimmer (a pair of scissors and a ruler will work too)
  • Circle Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Embellishments (buttons, tiny roses, stickers or beads)
  • Card Stock
Flat pen

Flat pen

How to Make a Flat Pen

The square box is the perfect height for a flat pen. I simply cut two one-inch wide pieces and glued them together with the pen’s ink reservoir sandwiched between them.

Gift tags

Gift tags

How to Cut Out the Gift Tags

This was the first idea that popped into my head. I had some used gift tags lying around to use as my template and simply traced these onto the back of the tissue box card, cut them out and punched a hole for the ribbon. Super quick and easy.

Gift tags can be any shape you like. Consider heart shapes, circles, squares or rectangles. You might even want to get really fancy and use a stencil to trace out a butterfly. It’s completely up to you.

Greeting card

Greeting card

How to Embellish a Greeting Card

Making greeting cards is fun and creative and you often don’t need much to transform a bland white stock card into a piece of art.

I punched out three one-inch wide circles and pasted them down the center of the card. My only embellishment here was a red ribbon rose.

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Paper flower

Paper flower

How to Make a Tissue Box Flower

I punched out eight circles and had only used three for the greeting card idea above. So I cut each remaining circle (five of them) in half and used them as petals for a flower.

I punched a smaller half-inch circle to act as my anchor and then hot glued the tip of each petal to it.

Think of a compass and glue one petal on the north end of the circle, then south, east and west. Glue the remaining petals between the first four to create a layered effect.

Hide the glued center with a decorative bead or button.

Scrapbook picture frame

Scrapbook picture frame

A Scrapbook Picture Frame

The top of the tissue box has a round opening where you pull the tissues through. It is always framed by the box for stability.

There is often a piece of plastic with a slit down the middle that acts as a window for this opening.

Cut the square with the frame from the box and trim the sides so that you have equal parts of the decorative box design around the opening.

Remove the plastic window. It should just peel off.

You can now use this framed opening as a scrapbook embellishment or as an insert in a picture frame.



A Decorative Bookmark

I had a rectangular piece of card left after I cut the two pieces I needed for the flat pen, and I didn’t want to waste it, so I punched a hole in the top and made a quick bookmark with it.

Paper doll clothing

Paper doll clothing

Paper Doll Clothes

Find a cute little paper doll online and trace (or draw) a few outfits for it on the reverse side of the tissue box card. I was able to fit three little dresses on a side flap of the tissue box.

I found this little, printable doll online.



Paper Butterflies

I have a butterfly stencil, but you can freehand draw them or even use a punch. I really love butterflies. I think they add pizzazz to any craft project.

I was able to cut two gorgeous butterflies from the last piece of the tissue box card. I’ll keep them to add to a greeting card or future craft project.

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