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How to Create Easy Handmade and Reusable Diwali Floor Decorations

I completed a course in jewelry designing with the dream of one day becoming an established jewelry designer.

About Indian Floor Decorations

On festive days, almost each and every home in India is conspicuous by the presence of elaborate floor decorations. Intricate floor patterns adorn the floors of prayer rooms to honor the Hindu deities. Colorful floor patterns also decorate door-steps, stairs, home-entrances and garden patios to mark the sign of festive celebrations. Wedding halls adopt this special tradition as an auspicious symbol. Five-star hotels and resorts display pretty floor patterns to overwhelm the guests with a grand welcome.

This Indian tradition has been in practice for many centuries. Talent competitions have been conducted in schools, colleges and venues in order to preserve this key tradition. Now it is considered one of the hallmarks of Indian arts and cultural heritage.

Beliefs Behind Decorating the Floors

  • To welcome the Hindu gods and goddesses, particularly Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth
  • Signify the goodness for the house
  • Promote the spirit of culture

Some Types of Indian Floor Decorations

Indian floor patterns are called by distinct names in each state of India. It is commonly known as rangoli in North India and kolam in South India. With each state, they differ on the basis of design, the use of materials and the way of creating them.

South-Indian Floor Patterns

These patterns are traditionally drawn in front of the entrance of the house. They are created by joining the dots through lines to form cubic and fractal patterns, using white rock powder or white rice powder.

On the day of Pongal, an important harvest festival of a South Indian state, Tamil Nadu, the floor decorations are created using liquid rice flour. The key designs are comprised of sugarcane trees, pot with overflowing rice and sun.

Onam, the famous festival of another South Indian state, Kerala, is characterized by stunning presentations of floor decorations using fresh flowers.

North-Indian Floor Patterns

These vibrant floor patterns are created in floral designs, using colored powder and decorated with oil lamps or candles.

Wall and Floor Sticker Decorations

Recently, people paste sticker floor decorations on floors as they are easy to use and maintain. In some houses, walls are also adorned with these sticker decorations.

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Trendy Floor Decorations

These fashionable floor decorations are called folding rangoli. They are embellished plates made of thin plastic sheets studded with imitation rhinestones and pearls. They appear in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are a huge hit with Indian people.

My Experience With Floor Decorations

A few months ago, I and my parents visited one crowded shop for festive shopping and there, a vast array of pretty floor decorations attracted us. We decided to purchase one floor decoration, even though it was quite costly. My mother became fascinated by them and wished to buy more irrespective of its prices.

Suddenly, an idea hit me and I assured my mother that I will create similar floor decorations myself. My mother, having faith in my creative abilities, told me to go ahead. This is one holiday project that is not only creatively stimulating but also is gratifying.

Upcycling Tips

  • If you find anything made of plastic paper such as boxes, folder and wrappers that are crystal clear and sturdy, use them for creative activities.
  • Pretty embellishments on invitation cards, small stones on old gift boxes and anything that caught your eye would be useful for your craft projects.
  • Apart from using DVDs as templates, it can be used as ultra-bright decorations.

How to Make Reusable Floor Decorations

Materials Needed

  • Plastic paper sheets, preferably recycled ones
  • Lightweight and stick-able embellishments
  • Glitter-glue pens
  • Glitter stickers
  • DVD
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sheet-cutter
  • Super-strong glue

Diwali Theme Ideas

  • Use brilliant and glittering colors. Glitter-glue pens and glitter stickers will do the trick. Also, use plenty of gold and silver colors in your floor decorations.
  • Incorporate definite shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and rhombus along with lines, dots and zigzags. Also, draw designs resembling fireworks.
  • Highlight your floor decorations with small rhinestones, pearls, mirror pieces, seashells and other stone-studded embellishments.
  • Beautify your floor decorations with candles and flowers.


  1. Use the DVD as a template and place it on the plastic paper sheet. Draw a circle around its edges, using a sheet-cutter.
  2. Cut it carefully to get a circular-shaped plate.
  3. Decorate the plate with embellishments, glitter-stickers and glitter glue. Then leave it to dry under the fan for a few hours.
  4. Your decoration is ready to adorn your floor, doorstep, staircase, patio and any place of your choice.

You can create many floor decorations of different shapes, sizes, designs and colors, using your vivid imagination.

Note: Wear gloves to keep your hands from getting messy.

Add a Touch of Diwali to Your Home

These decorations are not only for adorning the floors but also make attractive home décor accessories. They would be ideal decorations for Diwali festival and add plenty of color and shine to your rooms.

  • You can make a mini wall-hanging. Make a hole on top of the plate using a perforator and make a loop, using a thick thread or fabric string. You can add trinkets, using a sturdy plier to open its loop and insert it through the hole. Then close the loop with the plier.
  • These decorations would make bright magnets. You can buy magnetic buttons online or from local thrift stores and paste them on the back of these decorations. Place them on the refrigerator or wooden pillar or any place of your choice.
  • You can use them as floating decorations for your bowl-vase. Add fresh flowers and floating candles to the bowl-vase and let your decoration mingle with them. Ensure that this decoration is floating evenly and lightly.
  • You can create candle-holders by making a hole (depending on the size of candles) in the middle of the plate or many holes near the edges of the plate, using the sheet-cutter, scissors or perforator. Then place the candles in these holes.
  • These decorations can end up being striking sun-catchers. Tie them with a brightly colored fabric-string and hang them on your terrace or in another open place of your home.
  • These decorations would be eye-catching centerpieces for your tables and mantelpieces. You can decorate your living room table or dining table with these decorations as well as candles and flowers for a festive look.

More Creative Suggestions

You can experiment with these decorations as follows:

  • You can create coasters with a very big hole in the middle for the glasses so as to avoid damaging the embellishments.
  • Apart from typical Indian designs, you can incorporate your own designs and themes such as artsy, mosaic and vintage.
  • They would make vibrant decorations for Christmas and other important celebrations. You can customize your decorations according to the celebration and season. For example, for Christmas, you can use red and green colors, and for the winter season, you can use white and silver colors.
  • You can string these decorations and use them for birthday parties and other special occasions.
  • Other than plastic paper, you can use any type of paper and other base materials.

The list of creative suggestions is limitless. It is up to you to conjure up your own creative ideas.

Every Now and Then

Every year, we look forward to Diwali, which is the festival of fireworks, oil-lamps, sweets, prayers and family get-togethers. I and my family love decorating our home with many oil-lamps, candles and flowers. Now these handmade decorations joined the medley of Diwali decorations.

As for me, it was overwhelming to see my mother's face lit up with happiness at her acquisition of floor decorations that she deeply desired. I found this holiday project so delightful that I decided to create some more for my relatives.

The reasons attributed to the recent popularity of these trendy floor decorations are

  • Anti-pollution
  • Convenient
  • Re-usable
  • Re-arrangeable

This is a simple and fun holiday project for kids and adults alike. Small kids can undertake this holiday project, provided they do only harmless decorative work and the rest will be done with the complete help of grown-ups. Not only do these decorations enhance your home but also would make wonderful gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Note: Remember not to keep candles or oil lamps too close to the decorations.

Now put on your creative cap and enjoy!

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