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How to Build a Stuffed Animal Storage Cage


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If you have a young kid, the odds are good that their room is flooded with stuffed animals, which almost never find their way into a toy box, but always seem to be scattered everywhere.

One solution to this problem is to create a dedicated stuffed animal holder that makes it easy to pull a specific stuffed toy out of any location so kids don't need to worry about having to dig everything out to get to their favorite one.

You can achieve this by building a simple box, and then lining the sides with paracord, which is strong enough to hold fluffy friends in, but flexible enough to pull a specific one out from any location. This article walks you through how to build a stuffed animal cage using paracord for the sides.


Materials Needed

1-inch Pocket Hole Screws
1 1/4-inch Wood Screws
2-inch Wood Screws
#212 Screw Eyes
50-ft Paracord
3 8-foot 1x4 Boards
1 8-foot 2x2 Board

How to Build Stuffed Animal Holder with Paracord

Steps to Make Stuffed Animal Storage Cage

  1. Start by cutting your boards. You'll need to cut the following: (4) 20-inch long 2x2s, (4) 18-inch long 1x4s, (4) 23-inch long 1x4s, and (4) 24 1/2-inch long 1x4s
  2. Drill two pocket holes on each end of one side of each of the four 23-inch 1x4 boards. The pocket holes should be drilled for 1-inch pocket hole screws. If you've never drilled pocket holes, I'd recommend using a Kreg Jig.
  3. Use a finishing sander to lightly sand all of your boards until all of the surfaces are smooth.
  4. Lay one of the 18-inch long 1x4s flat on the floor. Position one end of one of the 23-inch long 1x4s so that the side of that board is flush with the edge of the 18-inch long 1x4. Make sure that the pocket holes are on the inside of the 23-inch long board, and then screw in the 1-inch pocket hole screws to screw the two boards together. Repeat this process on the other side of the 18-inch 1x4. You should now have three boards screwed together.
  5. Reposition the three boards you have screwed together so that the 18-inch 1x4 is on top, and the ends of the two 23-inch 1x4 boards are touching the ground. Slide one of the other 18-inch long 1x4 boards under the two 23-inch 1x4 boards, line the edges up so the edges are flush and the boards form a rectangle, and then screw in the 1-inch pocket hole screws to join the boards. You should now have a frame of 1x4s.
  6. Repeat this process with two other 18-inch 1x4s and two 23-inch 1x4s to create another frame.
  7. Lay one of the rectangle frames on the ground. Position one of the 24 1/2 inch 1x4 boards so that the edge of the long side of that board is flush with the edge of one of the 20-inch 1x4s, and also is flush with the two corners. Drill holes for two 1 1/4-inch screws on each end of the 24 1/2 board, and then insert four 1 1/4-inch wood screws to fasten the board into place. Repeat this process to fasten another 24 1/2-inch 1x4 on the other side of the frame.
  8. Space two more 24 1/2-inch 1x4s evenly in the remaining space on the bottom of the frame, and then screw those boards into place using 1 1/4-inch screws. You've now created the floor for your stuffed animal holder.
  9. Flip over the box you just built a floor into so that the boards comprising the floor are on the ground. Position one of the 20-inch 2x2 boards so that it is standing upright in one of the corners, flush with the other two boards. Drill holes for two 2-inch screws through the end of the 18-inch 1x4 and into the 20-inch 2x2. Take care not to drill the screw holes through the 23-inch 1x4 and into the 2x2, where you're likely to run into the pocket hole screws.
  10. Repeat this process to screw the other three 20-inch 2x2 boards into the other corners.
  11. Position the box with the floor and the pillars screwed into it so its standing upright on one of the short sides. Slide the other frame over the 2x2 boards. Drill holes for two 2-inch screws through the end of the 18-inch 1x4 and into the 20-inch 2x2. Again, take care not to drill the screw holes through the 23-inch 1x4 and into the 2x2, where you're likely to run into the pocket hole screws.
  12. Position the stuffed animal holder so that the floor of the box is flat on the ground. Paint or stain the box, based on your preference. Let the stuffed animal holder sit for a day to let the paint or stain sink in and dry.
  13. Drill holes for your #212 eye screws along the top of all of your 1x4 boards that make up the outer frame. The holes should be positioned roughly 1/2-inch below the top edge of the 1x4 boards, and 1 1/2-inches apart. If you build your stuffed animal with these dimentions, you'll drill nearly 100 holes. As a way to try and ensure the holes on the top and bottom line up with each other, drill the holes along the top first, then hold straight edge against each of the holes on the top and drill a hole next to the straight edge on the bottom board.
  14. Apply a coat of varnish to your stuffed animal holder, and then give the varnish a day to try. Come back the next day with fine-grain wet/dry sandpaper, and apply a very light sanding to the box, which will result in a glass-like finish.
  15. Screw the #212 eye screws into each of the nearly 100 holes you drilled. The screws should be screwed in to the point where the bottom of the circle touches the 1x4, and the circle should be level and facing up.
  16. Thread the paracord through the top of one of the eye screws on the end of one of the top 1x4s, and then feed the paracord through the eye screw directly beneath it. Tie off the end of the paracord so that it will not slide back through the eye screw. Now, thread the paracord up through the next eye screw along the bottom, and back up through the eye screw on the top board directly above it. Continue threading the paracord through the boards on that side until you thread the paracord through the last eye screw. Cut the paracord and tie it off so that it won't slide back through the eye screw you just ran it through. For any paracord ends that aren't factory ends, use a lighter to melt the ends so that they form a hard plastic ball. Repeat this process to thread the paracord through the other four sides of the stuffed animal holder. Congratulations, you've now finished your stuffed animal storage cage.
  17. Now for the fun part. Put the stuffed animal holder in your child's room, and let them put all of their stuffed animals in the stuffed animal holder.

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