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How to Make Fairy Tree House Windows and Doors From Scratch

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L.M. Reid is an Irish writer who has published many DIY articles online. Learn how to make the numerous crafts she creates from home.

How to make a fairy tree house with custom doors and windows

How to make a fairy tree house with custom doors and windows

Fairy House Doors and Windows

In this article, I'll show you how to make and add doors and windows to your fairy tree house. There are step-by-step instructions with my own photos so it is easy to follow. I make a lot of them because I sell them very successfully on my stall at craft shows.

After a lot of searching, I found that the best place to buy the decorations, buttons and other embellishments is online. They are really very cheap and beat the prices at craft shops, hands down. The only drawback is that it takes about five weeks to get them delivered because they come from Asia.

If you are planning to make lots of fairy doors to sell and make a profit, then this method is highly recommended. The ones I used for this fairy door are from a pack of 60 Tibetan Silver beads I bought online.

How to Make a Fairy Door

Let's start with the door to your fairy house.

Materials Needed

  • A piece of wood
  • Black paint
  • 2 other colours of acrylic paint
  • Clear varnish spray paint
  • Buttons and beads etc.


  • Jigsaw
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Wood file
  • Ruler
How to make a wooden fairy door

How to make a wooden fairy door

Cutting the Wood

  1. Draw the arch of the door on to the wood first.
  2. Measure the size and mark the end of the door.
  3. Use the jigsaw to cut around the shape.
  4. Use a wood file to smooth the edges of the door and make it neater.

Cutting the Arch

  1. Draw a line down the two sides of the wood about an inch from the edge.
  2. Go to the top of the wood and mark a dot in the centre.
  3. Join to the same size of the gap on the sides.
  4. Now you have created the arch.
  5. Paint it and be careful to stay within the lines.
  6. Let it dry before you begin the next step

Painting the Main Part

  1. Paint the main part of the door a contrasting colour.
  2. Allow to dry.

Finish Drawing the Arch

  1. Now you want to draw the bricks around the sides. I find it best to draw the first brick at the very top.
  2. Then continue from there.
  3. Mark out the lines on the door
  4. Use a ruler and pencil and begin at the centre of the top of the door.
  5. From this line draw another one the same distance apart.
Painting the door

Painting the door

How to Create the Bricks

  1. Start from the top and paint the lines black. This will create the arch and bricks that surround the door.
  2. Leave to dry and then paint the lines on the door black as well.
  3. Once it has been left to dry over night you can then spray it with the clear gloss varnish.
  4. Leave to dry for another twenty-four hours.
Painting a Fairy Door

Painting a Fairy Door

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Creating the Doorknob and Hinges

  1. You can be creative here and move your bits around until you are satisfied with the look.
  2. Now it is time to turn on your glue gun.
  3. I find it is safer to add the glue to the door and then attach the button to the glue. Always use a tool to press down on your button as you wait for it to dry. This will take fifteen seconds.
  4. Attach the other bits to create the hinges and any other decoration you like.
Learn how to make a Fairy Door

Learn how to make a Fairy Door

Learn how I made this Fairy Door for my tree house

Learn how I made this Fairy Door for my tree house

How to Make the Wooden Windows (Open Curtains)

With the door complete, let's move on to the windows of the fairy house.

Materials Needed

  • Garden sticks
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Piece of material
  • Secateurs
  • Scissors


  1. Decide the shape and size of each window
  2. Cut the sticks to size with the secateurs.
  3. Place on a flat surface and glue the sides and middle together
  4. You can leave the wood its natural colour or paint it now.
How To Make Windows for a Fairy Tree House

How To Make Windows for a Fairy Tree House

  1. I like the bright bits of material because it gives that fairy magic to it.
  2. Turn the window on its back.
  3. Cut the material to size.
  4. Glue the wood on one side and add the material.
  5. Press down with a tool and hold for 15 seconds
  6. Do the same for the other side.
  7. Turn it back to the front and now you have a window with unique curtains.
A window for a Fairy House

A window for a Fairy House

For Windows With Closed Curtains

For closed-curtain windows, the process is fairly similar.


1. Cut the material to size.

2. Place it on a flat surface.

3. Arrange the sticks to your satisfaction.

4. Carefully glue the middle of each stick and place onto the material.

Closed Windows for a Fairy Tree House

Closed Windows for a Fairy Tree House

5. Turn it to the side of the glued part and add some glue to each side.

6. Put a piece of wood onto the top of the window to secure it for 15 seconds after the last piece of glue is added.

7. Now that is your door and windows created so you can add them to your Fairy Tree House.

DIY Fairy Tree House

DIY Fairy Tree House