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46 Ideas for Homemade Sachet Bags and Scented Fillings

Learn how to make your own scented sachet bags!

Learn how to make your own scented sachet bags!

What Can I Put Inside a Sachet Bag?

I didn't realize there were so many fillings you could make for sachet bags! You can use lavender, rice, essential oil, Epsom salts, potpourri, soda, and my favorite discovery, Downy beads. I've included a few ways to put the sachet bags together, both sew and no-sew. I hope you enjoy this aroma-filled list of ideas!

Learn how to make the sachets shown above at Creative Colour.


1. Frugal Sachets

Aren't these simple yet whimsically sweet? You'll find a list of supplies needed to make inexpensive no-sew sachets at The Coupon Challenge.


2. Pyramid Sachets

It's really very easy to make these pyramid bags, so don't be afraid to give it a try. You can customize the fabric you use to make them perfect for any occasion.


3. Nursery Sachets

These adorable sachets can be tucked into a diaper bag or hung near the changing table. They're filled with a deodorizing soda to keep these areas smelling sweet.


4. Envelope Sachets

You might ask, "Where would I use a sachet made with an envelope?" Well, I'd like to suggest the following places and occasions:

  • Luggage
  • Office desk drawers
  • Favors for weddings or showers

5. Lilac Sachets

Learn how to cut and dry lilac blossoms to use in lilac sachets. The scent is said to produce a calming effect that reduces anxiety and encourages relaxation.


6. Unscented Sachet

There is actually an unscented sachet base you can purchase to mix your own filling.

7. Reusable Scented Sachets


8. Essential Oil Spray

The Miracle of Essential Oils shares a recipe for an essential oil sachet. You can use it to scent dried herbs, flowers, and peels.


9. Love-ly Sachet

Whether making this lovely sachet to give as a Valentine's Day gift or to use yourself, this purse-like sachet with the X's and O's is a real winner.


10. Organza Bag Sachets

Essential oils and cotton balls make this a simple sachet to make.


11. Patchwork Heart Sachets

The scraps of different fabrics in this patchwork heart sachet proves that there really is a good reason to hang onto all those little fabric scraps!


12. Vintage Doily Sachet

Think about the gifts you would give to a mother, grandmother, teen girl, babysitter, teacher, or friend. Any of them would love to receive a vintage doily sachet. If you don't have old doilies, buy them inexpensively from a dollar store and dye them with tea to age them.

13. Downy Un-stopables Filler


14. Instagram Sachets

If you want to make a really personal gift, consider making an Instagram sachet.


15. Minty Fresh Blend

If you love mixing your own sachet filler and also enjoy using different herbs and essential oils, you'll love this minty blend.


16. Cedar Chip Sachets

The typewriter-themed fabric is just one of many to chose from. To make this cedar-chip sachet as a Valentine's Day gift for a special guy, consider his interests when choosing the fabric.


17. No-Sew Sachets

One of the best things about using pinking shears to cut fabric, is that it doesn't unravel. This makes it a great choice to use in no-sew projects like this sachet.


18. Children's Drawing Sachets

It won't take much convincing for kids to color on fabric, especially if they know the drawing will be part of a sachet gift for their mom.


19. Scented Sachets

It's easy to see why these fabric sachets would be a perfect gift for a new bride or graduate. They are so pretty and dainty looking—they'll also smell fantastic!


20. Hanky Sachets

I don't know a lot of gals that still use handkerchiefs—I guess we'd rather use Kleenex and not have to wash anything. That means if you want to make these very pretty sachets, you'll likely have to purchase the hankies. Think dollar stores or garage sales.


21. Lavender-Filled Gnome Sachets

This whimsical lavender-scented gnome sachet would be perfect as stocking stuffers or anytime gift.


22. Lavender Luggage

I think this luggage-style sachet bag would be a great gift for any traveler.

23. Lavender and Epsom Salt Sachet


24. Stamped Favor or Sachet Bags

All you really need to make these sachets is a nice stamp and an ink pad. Since you won't be washing the bag, there's no need to use permanent ink. Learn how to make this at Something Turquoise.


25. Fabric Heart Sachets

I adore the different combinations you can use to put this project together. This very pretty sachet craft is found at Flamingo Toes.


26. Herbal Blend

Learn how to make blend flowers and herbs. I'm sure you'll love this died flower and herbal sachet blend.


27. Rose-Scented Sachet

Sweet Living shows how to make this rose-scented sachet. I love how playful it looks with the flower shape.


28. Lavender Sachet Basket

You'll love giving these lavender sachets as party favors, especially with the pretty little lavender tags. The tag printable is also included at Insightful Nana.


29. Panda Sachet

You'll find how to make this panda drawer sachet at Sew Tara.


30. Shoe Deodorizing Sachets

The Homemade Experiment lays out the (foot)steps to eliminate stinky shoes in your home. It's an easy fix when you make deodorizing sachets to stuff inside them!


31. Embroidered Lavender Sachet

With just a few embroidery stitches, you can make a lovely floral sachet.


32. Sachet Recipes

Find recipes for making different sachet fillings atLearning Herbs!


33. Circle Sachet Bags

Think outside the box and make round bags for your sachets! You can cut them out with scissors, but Red-Handled Scissors uses a product that cuts the circles.


34. Bridal Shower Sachets

Combining seashells and aroma beads makes for a very pretty bridal shower sachet. It's a great DIY bridal project that can save you money.


35. Soap Sachet

This sachet project is a great way to use up the end pieces of soap bars. You'll have to scan down a ways to find this idea included in other ways to use old pill bottles.


36. Bunny Sachets

These bunny sachets aren't just the cutest things ever, they're also quite functional!

37. Lavender Sachet Hanger


38. Lavender Filling Tips

Everything Lavender shares everything you need to know to dry your own lavender.


39. 101 Ways to Use Sachets

You'll be surprised at all the ways you can use sachets. Have you thought of all of these uses before?


40. Scented Tea Sachets

In this project, pretty fabric is used to make the tea bags. I know I've smelled some wonderfully aromatic teas before, but I would never have thought to use it in sachets!


41. No-Sew Sachet

To find the instructions for making this no-sew sachet, stop by Everyday Good Thinking.


42. Toe of the Sock Sachet

All you need is the toe of a sock and some Downy Un-stoppables to make this cute little sachet.

43. Sugar Skull Sachets


44. French Lavender Sachets

Town and Country Living shares five easy steps to make French lavender sachets. They're made using flour sack dish towels— isn't that darling?


45. Lavender Horse Sachet

If you love horse-themed crafts or you know someone who loves receiving horse-themed gifts, you'll want to check out this sachet project.


46. Coffee Filter Sachets

What could be simpler than making sachets using natural-colored coffee filters? They're so easy to put together that you'll want to make a bunch of them.

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