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How to Designate and Design Your Own Creative Workspace


The Importance of Making Your Work Space Reflect Your Creative Mindset

No matter how you look at it, everything in life is a creative process; even designing your own creative workspace is an art form. The secret to getting your unique talents out there is in your environment; so naturally, this is the topic I feel is most important in regards to how someone becomes more creative.

With the perfect space tailored towards your own specific needs and ambitions, you can expect to excel in your creative projects, so it is worth having a good think about the area where you do your creative work. A lot will depend on what kind of creative space you need. For me, I do oil painting and writing so the area where I do my work revolves around these two mediums. You could have just one or many different creative avenues in which you engage in. It doesn’t matter how many. A good space, even if it is a small area, can always be customised to accommodate all of your projects at once.

Due to the nature of art forms and creative activities being so different from one another and the fact that every creative person has varying ways of expressing themselves, every creative space will be unique and differ greatly. A good place to begin is to simply choose an area in your home or if you can, a space you can rent out. This space will be all about you and what you can and will achieve! The idea is to create a space you feel most productive and comfortable working in, a place where your brain will naturally jump into creative mode ready for you to unleash your imaginative brilliance.


Customising the Perfect Spot

Once you have the perfect spot, you can begin to think about how you would like the place to look. Studies have shown that different aspects of your environment can actually boost innovation so things like having adjustable lighting for mood variation and having ambient noise/music, can go a long way to ensuring you are performing at your finest.

Of course, your comfort is a major factor when considering furniture. Often creative people make the mistake of choosing what looks funky without thinking about the long-term working arrangements so having a good realistic think about how you would best be able to produce your work without discomfort becoming a distraction is a must.

I made this grave mistake once and decided I wanted the coolest computer chair in the shop. I loved it, so I bought it! It looked amazing and inviting, but an hour into my work; my back would ache, and I would find myself either packing cushions behind me or worst case scenario, I would come away from my workspace altogether and simply sit on my sofa to do my work. Not such a great long term solution!

Also, I began to realise that, my precious workspace was going to waste all because my computer chair wasn’t comfortable. This was naturally frustrating due to all the time I had spent on getting my creative space together. Creative people can find themselves working for hours on end, so it is very important to reflect well on all of your specific needs and long-term comfort before choosing furniture for your creative workspace.


Optimising and Personalising Your Creative Space

Before you get onto the exciting part of selecting your materials, it is worth having a think about your space in regards to décor. Depending on the way you wish to feel, it is worth knowing that certain colours will, in fact, optimise how you actually work. For instance, blues and greens will make you feel calm, orange, light reds and yellows will induce enthusiasm and fascination, purples will make you feel inspired, and of course, white will offer a sense of purity, innocence, and peace. You can find out more about how colours affect the creative mind and how you can go about selecting the perfect décor in the last chapter of this book.

Any craft, hobby, artistic interest or passion creation area can be optimised to achieve personalised results so being mindful of the feelings you would like to encourage within yourself should always be taken into account when designing your own creative base.

Whatever your creative interest is, making your space personalised will make a big difference to how you will function while you are crafting the ideas and visions of your masterpieces, so filling your creative space with inspiration that speaks to your soul is a vital part of the customising process.

Our minds work in mysterious ways so having a vision board hung on the wall in your creative space will do you wonders… A personalised vision board which includes all of your favourite Artists’ works or indeed images of the things you wish to achieve through your work; these will make all the difference in regards to how you perform. Over time and as these images are constant reminders of the things you love, they will naturally imprint onto your subconscious mind and inevitability fuel your working progression.

Lastly adding a few final and conscious touches to your creative space will also help you along in your travels; remember greens offer calming influences so finding a beautiful plant that you love the look of could offer a soothing element to your environment. Even having a purple canvas art or a picture framed on your wall will help to inspire you on your creative journey.

Only you know how you want your creative development to play out and indeed how you wish to express yourself. So the next time you throw yourself into an exciting creative venture, keep in mind that you can greatly influence your own mind, simply by creating your very own bespoke creative workspace.

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