46 Gorgeous Glass Gems Craft Ideas

Updated on April 3, 2018

In this article you’ll find unique projects using glass gems and marbles. You’ll find jewelry items, garden items, containers and more. Glass gems and marbles are inexpensive, so they are perfect for projects when you need a large number of items, as when making table decorations for a wedding reception or a bridal shower.

Find the tutorial for making a garden globe, like the one shown above, by going to the EMPRESS OF DIRT site.

1. Photo Pendants

I can't think of a more thoughtful gift for a Mother or Grandmother, than a necklace or bracelet made like this. Find the directions at Saving with Sarah. An outstanding project.

2. Glass Gem Tiled Tabletop

This is a beautiful way to update an old end table. Make this by following the instructions found at hometalk.

3. Cute Little Buggles

You can bet the kids would love helping make these little buggles. Make a tic tac toe game with two different colored bugs. Draw the board on one side of a bag that holds the bugs. For the tutorial to make the buggles, go to making life blissful.

4. Mason Jar Autumn Votive

The directions for making this super cute light is found at IT ALL STARTED WITH PAINT.

5. Lighted Wine Bottles

Up cycle glass jars and wine bottles with lights and glass gems. The tutorial for this project is found at hometalk.

6. Candle Trivet

I think trivets like this would make a great bridal shower gift. Imagine using these fancy trivets on your dining table. The instructions are found at THE SWELL DESIGNER.

7. Glass Gem Fashion Rings

8. Plant Waterer

A very attractive plant waterer. The tutorial is found at CREATIVE green LIVING.

9. Suncatcher

The directions, which you'll find at Wholesalers USA, sound very easy to follow and the sun catcher is very pretty.

10. Jeweled Planter

Make any plain flower pot into a piece of decor by following the directions found at Centsational Girl.

11. Mosaic Birdbath

Pieces of tile and a cute little glass gem birdie make this an outstanding bird bath. Go to crafts USA for the tutorial.

12. Cracked Glass Tutorial

Find out how easy it is to get the cracked glass look for your gems by visiting the dollar store crafts site.

13. Gorgeous Pendants

I think young girls would love to make these pendants for themselves and to give to friends. House Revivals has a great tutorial to follow.

14. Sparkly Winter Wreath

Very simple and easy to make, but so beautiful. Go to Yankee New England Magazine site for the general directions.

15. Gem Backsplash

I've seen these little cubby holes in homes and think this is a great idea for making them a decorating feature. Go to dollar store crafts for the instructions.

16. Alphabet Gems

Imagine a set of these on your frig door where you could leave little messages to your significant other. See how to make them by going to moms have questions too.

17. Glass Gem Jewelry

18. Christmas Tabletop Trees

Make beautiful tabletop trees like these by following the directions given at DECK THE HOLIDAYS.

19. Glass Bead Dollar Vase Redo

A beautiful gift idea for a mother, bride to be, or a friend. Creative Me Inspired You is where you'll find the tutorial.

20. Beautiful Marble Plaque

To make a plaque like the one shown above, go to Cards, Crafts, Kids Projects for the instructions.


Cool looking bookmarks made using glass gems. Find the instructions at Inspire-Create.

22. Glass Eyeball

Make eyeballs for your speedpunk jewelry, or for paper mache animal projects. All the information you need for making these eyeballs can be found at Make:zine.

23. Fancy Pants Frames

Pretty picture frames!! Find the tutorial for this project at ruffles & stuff.

24. Mesh Flower Wreath with Glass Gem Center

Wouldn't this be a fun wreath to make. I love the gem center. The instructions are found at GRILLO designs.

25. Rockin' Bowl

A beautiful container bowl like this is a striking addition when holding pine cones, colorful glass Christmas balls, flowers, etc. VERY FOND OF has the tutorial for making the bowl.

26. Mosaic Cross

I love this cross and think it would be a great Lenten project for home or school art class. Find the instructions at Mommy Upgrade.

27. Cloche Jars

I will be making this cloche. Finding the perfect size clear vase will be the hard part, the rest will be a breeze. The tutorial is at home.work.

28. Acorn Marble Necklace

Another project that I think would work well with a group. Find the directions at Rhythms of Play.

29. Grouted Glass Gem Vase

Addicted 2 DECORATING shares the tutorial for making this beautiful hanging light or vase.

30. Colored Glass Marble Gems

A great tutorial for coloring clear gems using frosted nail polish is found at I Can Make This.

31. Bedazzled Mirror

A great idea for updating a worn framed mirror. Go to Bex Bernard for the instructions.

32. Cracked Marble Necklace

A really pretty necklace made with cracked marbles. The tutorial is found at Crafts Unleashed.

33. Glitter Magnets

A tutorial for making your glass gems into glitter gems is found at Theresa Joy.

34. Glass Gem Tree

Using clear gems and a paint color of your choice, and you're ready to make this pretty tree. The directions can be found at crafts USA.

35. Statement Bib Necklace

Bib necklaces are great, especially if you are making your own, because you can make it the perfect size for your needs. Rosyscription shares the instructions for making this necklace.

36. Glass Marble Patio Light

Very pretty. Decorate your patio for a neighborhood get together. Easy to make with the help of Creative Me Inspired You.

37. Glass Marble Garden Globes

Easy to make and beautiful to look at. Make garden globes with the instructions found at sweet paul.

38. Mason Jar Light

39. Dragon Eyes

I was surprised when I found this project, I didn't realize that dragons were a craft folks were making. The tutorial for this eyeball project is found at Our Peaceful Planet.

40. Mermaid Necklace

Little girls who love anything mermaid, are going to love this necklace. Go to MAMA.PAPA.BUBBA and make these with the girls.

41. Coastal Letter

Teen girls and probably guys would enjoy a gift of their name initial. The instructions for making this item is found at Glamorous Addiction.

42. Marble Picture Pendant

I think these are really cool. I even like the idea that polymer clay is used with the picture backed gems. Go to Polymerclayweb for the directions.

43. Flip Flop Refashion

This looks like a really easy way to customize a pair of plain flip flops. The instructions are found at Rosyscription.

44. Alcohol Ink Glass Gems

Alcohol ink makes beautiful jewelry. Go to Sara Jane's Craft Blog for the tutorial.

45. Garden Plant Markers

I love these row makers for the garden. So cute...the directions are found at WOO! jr.

46. Hummingbird Feeders

Decorate your hummingbird feeder with different colors of gems to make your backyard cheerful. Go to Think Crafts! for the feeder directions.

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