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Scrapbook Gift Ideas

You can take a simple album and create a custom gift with just a few simple steps

You can take a simple album and create a custom gift with just a few simple steps

Scrapbook Gifts: Getting Started

Every once in a while, you are looking for the right gift for someone who has a unique hobby or has thought about doing something different. Well, if you know of someone who is getting ready to have a baby, getting married, celebrating a special birthday, or is totally into scrapbooking, you have come to the right place. It will be very easy to get a special gift together that will make your celebration special. That person will know that you put some special thought into your gift.

You might think that making a scrapbook for someone is difficult and time consuming. Not so! With today's scrapbook kits, a little adhesive and some time, you can create a truly unique gift that will be long remembered and treasured.

This is a personalized gift that will show your love for a special person in your life.

What Occasions Fit a Scrapbook Gift

  • Birthdays: Birthdays are a perfect time to create a scrapbook gift. Especially if the birthday is a special milestone. Create the mini- scrapbook with the birthday theme. Leave plenty of spaces for pictures. That way the recipient can add pictures after the event. You can also use a standard 12" by 12" size albu when the birthday is extra special.
  • Anniversaries: When someone is celebrating a milestone anniversary, a scrapbook gift is a perfect remembrance of the occasion.
  • Weddings: Everyone wants to remember a wedding. Not only are there formal pictures, but other attendees will take pictures too. All if these pictures can fit in an album that you create.
  • Births/Showers: Every new Mom would love to have a mini scrapbook to celebrate their new blessing. Any size scrapbook would be appreciated.
  • Retirements: What a great gift for the retirement of someone in your family or a favorite coworker
  • For Someone in a Nursing Home: a gift of a small scrapbook filled with pictures of grandchildren and great grandchildren would be welcome by anyone living in an assisted living facility or a nursing home.
  • Celebration of Life: When someone passes, it is very thoughtful to give them pictures in a scrapbook of the person who has passes on. This s a very personal gift that should be given by someone close to the family.

How to Create Scrapbook Gifts

  • Creating Memorial Albums After Loss
    After losing a loved one, the days, weeks, and months that follow are some of the most difficult we will face. Learn how creating a memorial album can be therapeutic and preserve the memory of your loved one.
You can make a three ring binder scrapbook for your scrapbook gift

You can make a three ring binder scrapbook for your scrapbook gift

Selecting an Album for Your Scrapbook Gift

The first step to making your scrapbook gift is to select the album that you are going to place the photos into. There are many options.

Scrapbook Sizes Vary

The 12inch by 12-inch size scrapbook is the most popular size. It allows you to add the greatest number of pictures. A two-page layout can actually hold 10 or more pictures.

There is an 81/2 inch by 11-inch size that would be the size of a three-ring binder. Think of it as the size of a piece of copy paper. It is a little less expensive than the 12 " by 12" size bur it holds less photos than the 12 by 12-inch version.

There are even smaller sizes that are square scrapbooks. They come in 8" by 8 " sizes. There are even smaller sizes at 6" by 6". These smaller sizes are only going to hold one picture per page. These smaller books are most often used for theme albums. (Special occasions or events).

Album Types

  1. Three-ring binder: This type of album uses D rings.This is the easiest type of album to use. You just slip the pages on the rings. However, this type of album cannot be expanded. The number of pages you can add is dependent on the width of the album.
  2. Post album: The most common type of album that are included in scrapbook kits. The page protectors have holes punched in them where the posts are inserted to hold them securely in the album. The reason that these are so popular is that you can add extra post which screw onto each other to extend the width of the album. Generally, the page protectors from the top.
  3. Book-bound: This type of scrapbook that has a sewn binding very similar to a book that you are used to. Pages cannot be added, but there are perforations that allow you to remove pages. Pages would be removed if you have added a lot of embellishments and the book has become too thick.
  4. Strap-hinge: These scrapbooks use pages that have staples built into the edges. Plastic straps slide through these staples and hold the pages in the book. Since the pages themselves are bound into the book, page protector sleeves are slid over the pages to cover them. To add or remove pages from the album the strap-hinge assembly is taken apart.

Most of these scrapbooks will come with page protectors in them. A thoughtful thing to do would be you include some extra page protectors so that additional pages can be added. I add paper to these extra pages so that they are ready to go.

You will also want to think about the number of pictures that you may have or will have from a specific event. That may also determine what size album you will need.

How to Make Scrapbook Albums

Scrapbook Basics

Even working with a kit, there are just a few things to know when creating a scrapbook gift. It is all simple and easy to do, so let's get started.

  1. Cardstock is the paper that is used or included in your kit to create the pages of your scrapbook. It should be the same size as the page protectors you will use. It comes in solids and patterns. Generally, you would use a good strong paper as your base because of all of the weight of the things that are adhered to it.
  2. Create a title page. This is the first page of the scrapbook. You would want to title it with the person or people's names, the occasion and the date. You can use letter stickers or create titles from the word processor app on your computer.
  3. The page title is important too. Think of every page telling a story. Every story has a title. You can place the title anywhere on the page design. You can use stickers, letters, cut from a magazine, words from your word processor or words from an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut.
  4. A layout has two pages that look similar facing each other.They so not have to be duplicate pages, just similar in color and design.
  5. The pictures are most often mounted on cardstock just slightly larger than the picture itself. The pictures and mats are mounted together and on the cardstock base with double sided tape. It is cleaner to use, and you will not get any bubbles.
  6. Page protectors hold the scrapbook pages so that they stay clean and put together. Pages are usually placed on both sides of the protector. It is a nice idea to include some extra pages with your gift. Include the cover sheet from the page protectors that use so that the recipient of your gift will know what to get to add onto the book.
  7. Embellishments are the things that are used to decorate the pages and layouts. They can be stickers, gems, die cuts, stamped pieces, washi tape, and so much more.
  8. Journaling on a page is often included. Journaling tells the story of the pictures. And all the details of the occasion.are included in a journaling piece. It can be in your own handwriting or written off of a word processor app and mounted on some cardstock.

Basic Scrapbook Gift Tips

  • You can buy cardstock in pads of paper. The deigned sets have solid and patterns to match and go together. This makes it so much easier for you to create your designs.
  • Whatever you choose, make sure that it says, archival.

Scrapbook Basics: Tips and Ideas

Albums can also be hand made as in the case of this custom binder album

Albums can also be hand made as in the case of this custom binder album

How to Create a Gift Scrapbook

You can actually make your own scrapbook album or mini album instead of buying one. All you need to make one is a couple of pieces of cardboard, some card stock and some paper.

Before you get started, you will want to select your theme. There are some themes that suit certain colors. If you were putting together a baby album, then you might think of blue, pink or yellow. Weddings would be in white and the colors that the bride had chosen. Seasons lend themselves to specific colors. Spring would be pastels. Summer would be bright colors. Fall would be browns, crimson and orange. Winter would be white and blue. Holidays have their own colors as well. Choose colors that most represent the theme you are working with.

You can make this type of scrapbook any size that you would like. The larger 12 by 12 inch would have three rings, smaller sizes would have 2 rings.

The number of pages that will fit in your book will depend on the size of the binder ring you have selected.


  • Cardstock
  • Heavy cardboard for the cover
  • Binder rings
  • Glue
  • Double sided tape
  • A hole punch-larger size hand punch or three-hole punch
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments
  • Page Protectors in the size that you have chosen (optional)
  1. Cut pieces of cardstock in the size of your album. The easiest way to do this is to use a paper trimmer. That way all of your pieces will be the exact same size.
  2. Arrange the pieces the way you want to see them in a stack.
  3. Measure where the holes will be for the binder ring and place a pencil mark on each page.
  4. Punch the holes on your marks with a hole punch. You want to make sure that the hole punch you make will allow the binder ring to slip through
  5. Put the paper on the binder rings
  6. Measure and cut the cardboard to fit the size of your book. You want the cardboard to be sturdy enough to hold the book together, but not too thick.
  7. Decorate the covers any way that you would like. The easiest way is to cover them with cardstock. But there are dozens of ways to create covers. Try to stick with your theme when designing your covers.
  8. Add your covers to the front and the back of your book.
  9. Create a title page. This is simple the name of the book. You should add your name and the date you created the album on the bottom of the page,
  10. Pick a layout for your pages. In smaller books, there would generally be only room enough for one or two smaller photos
  11. Mat and adhere your photos onto the page.
  12. Decorate your pages with embellishments. These could be stickers, gems, die cuts and more
  13. Write a caption or journal on each page to tell the story of the picture.

Gift Album Tips

  • There is no right or wrong way to create your gift album. Whoever you give it to will be thrilled that you tool the time to create something special for them.
  • If the event has not occurred yet, give some double-sided tape so the the recipient can adhere pictures down later.
  • Never use glue sticks. The glue does not last over the long term

Best Way to Buy Solid Cardstock

Mini Scrapbook Ideas

There are quite a few ideas to gift pictures beyond the traditional album. Many of the mini books can attach to a full size scrapbook page to add more space. Or they can be made as little gifts or to add to another gift.

  • Mini Scrapbook: This is a three inch by 4-inch album. Really tiny but can also be attached to a page in a larger album that can be used for more pictures and memorabilia.
  • Scrapbook In A Box: Small scrapbook that folds out accordion style. The bottom page is adhered to the box itself
  • Accordion Style Mini Book: Stands on its own as a mini book. Or you can add it on a page to add more space for photos and memorabilia.
  • Stand Up Mini Book: Standing on its own, this mini book has 6 sides.
  • Single Sheet Albums: These come in different small sizes that have one or two pictures.

Smaller Scrapbook Gift Ideas

Scrapbook kits help you create professional looking scrapbook pages

Scrapbook kits help you create professional looking scrapbook pages

Using a Scrapbook Kit

If you are in a hurry to create this scrapbook gift or if you have never made a scrapbook before, a scrapbook kit is a fine alternative.

The kit will come with a scrapbook, page protectors, base paper and embellishments. The only additional tools you will need are a pair of scissors, some glue and some double-sided tape.

Most of these kits can be made up in advance. You could make up a book and give it without any pictures if the event has not happened yet. This would be a good gift for a baby or wedding shower.

Or you could give the kit to someone as a gift with the scissors and tape so they could put it together themselves. Either way this is a thoughtful idea.

There are also kits that are based with supplies to just create scrapbook pages-no albums. Make sure that you understand what you are buying.

Scrapbook kits are often themed. They can be a specific theme like a holiday, birthday or a wedding. Other themes can be seasonal.

Kits can vary with what they contain. Just about any supply and even some tools can be included. Make sure to read the package which should list what is included.

Most kits will also include some ideas, tips and layouts to help you use the kit to its best advantage.

Step 1. Gather Your Photos

One thing to remember is that the number of photos that you can include on a page is limited by the size of the scrapbook you have selected.

Pick out your favorite photos and crop them. Cropping the photos is cutting out extra space that is not important to the picture itself. You simply cut off the edges that is not needed.

You can crop your photos with a paper trimmer which will get you straighter and neater lines. remember once you cut the photo you cannot restore it.

Remember the photos are the story. So, use them in the progression of the event. That way the book makes sense.

Step 2. Select Your Colors for Your Page Base

The first thing you will want to select is the card stock color for the base of your scrapbook page. Since there are no firm rules for scrapbooks, here a few guidelines to consider.

The colors for your scrapbook page may be based on the primary color in the photograph. Or you can select the color from a specific item in the picture.

Another way to select the colors for your pages is by theme. When you think of certain holidays specific colors come to mind. Red for Valentines, Red and green for Christmas, Pastels for Spring. Think of the colors that come to mind for a wedding, a baby or whatever the occasion may be. Continuing your theme is various shades of the same color makes a lovely book.

Chose a color that is the favorite color of the person that you are giving it to. Think about the person's personality. This comes into play in things like birthday albums.

You will want to use good heavy card stock for your pages since you will be adding pictures, mats and embellishments onto the page.

If you are using a kit, this step is not necessary for you. All the base page colors will be selected.

Step 3. Mount and Attach Your Photos

There are all kinds of ways to add layers and focus on the pictures in your scrapbook gift album. In a larger album like a 12 by 12 inch, or an 81/2 by 11-inch album you will have more space for photos and embellishments (decorations for your scrapbook page). In any size lower than that, you will need to limit the photo mat and embellishments due to size.

A photo mat is a piece of paper cut to be like a frame behind the photo. You will want the mat to just create an edge behind the picture. The only rule here is not to place any printed directly behind the photo.

Then you will want to mat your photos. Mats are cardstock cut just slightly bigger than the photo itself. It is like a mini frame behind a picture. The color of the mat should reflect the main color of the photo. It should be a solid color. If you want to use a printed paper. Layer it below the solid color attached to the picture. You can also add a third layer of cardstock if you wish.

The paper should be adhered with double sided tape. That is the cleanest and easiest way to join the photo to the paper.

You can use decorative scissors, pinking shears, paper cutters die cuts and electronic cutting machines to cut your mats.I like to use my dies and my electronic cutting machine (I have a Cricut) to cut my mats. I can do several at the same time.

More Scrapbook Page Ideas and Tips

Step 4. Add Embellishments

This is the most fun that paper craft artists can have. Adding embellishments completes and compliments your scrapbook pages. When you are creating a scrapbook gift, these embellishments become the real artistic size of this craft.

When it comes to embellishments, most crafters follow the rule of three. That means that you would use three of the same kind of embellishments or use an odd number of them.

Follow Your Theme

No matter what your theme is, you will want to add embellishments that fit your story. Every theme has a crazy number of embellishments to fit your theme.

Types of Embellishments

  • Chipboard stickers: These are basically stickers that are made of thicker cardboard instead of regular sticker paper. They add more dimension to a page.
  • Clear stickers: These are waterproof and slightly thinner than chipboard stickers. They are made from clear vinyl so you can see right through them.
  • Alphabet stickers: These are perfect for short titles or sub-titles for your page. Most alpha stickers come in chipboard puffy stickers. There’s a multitude of colors, fonts, and sizes available out there as well.
  • Cardstock Die Cuts: These are cut-out shapes, patterns, designs, or pre-made words and phrases printed on thick cardstock. These usually come in a variety pack with the same theme
  • Acetate Die Cuts: These are similar to cardstock die-cuts but printed in acetate sheets. They are semi-transparent and can add a touch of elegance to any scrapbook page.
  • Washi Tape: These are colorful, decorative tapes made of “rice paper” and are available in various sizes.
  • Sequins: Sequins are shiny little disk-like beads. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes
  • Twine: This is a thin thread that is stronger and sturdier than most strings
  • Thread: Use it as a border, frame your photos with it, and add finishing touches with it. You can also use it to sew a design or pattern directly onto your scrapbook page.
  • Digital Scrapbook Cutouts: These are essentially shapes, designs, or patterns created digitally. You can print them out in thicker cardstock, sticker sheet, or other types of paper.
  • Ribbons: You can use them as a border, a frame, or highlight an element.

More Embellishment Ideas

Include spaces for a first picture off Mom and baby

Include spaces for a first picture off Mom and baby

New Baby Coming: The Perfect Gift Idea

So, a new baby is in the future. The most exciting way to celebrate that upcoming birth is with a baby scrapbook kit. These kits are for beginners and come with everything except the glue or double-sided tape that you need to stick the photos and memorabilia on. These kits some with an album and page protectors as well as accessories and they are gift boxed. Just include some double-sided tape and you are good to go. Great idea for new parents too!

You can create a scrapbook by making one rather than buying a kit. Use tones in blue, pink or yellow.

In both cases, you are making a scrapbook where the parents will be putting in the photos. So, you will be placing mats where the photos should go.

Another nice idea is to create a brag book. These are smaller scrapbooks that hold one picture per page. Brag books are a great gift as they can be tucked into a purse or bag. You can also create a brag book for grandparents as well. This is a nice gift from the new parents to give to the new grandparents.

What to Put in a Baby Album

  • Pregnancy Pages: Include some sonogram pictures, pictures of the Mom and pictures of the nursery as well as preparing for the new arrival.
  • Mementos from the baby shower
  • Current Events: Popular memories or artifacts from that year. Could include clippings from the newspaper, recent memorable occasions, or even take some random everyday pictures from your life. You could also include cost-of-living indicators during that time period. It’s always fun to look back on those facts and see how much a movie ticket or a cup of coffee (or Starbucks Latte) cost!
  • Spaces for important first memories
  • Keepsakes from birth
  • Family trees
  • A grandparents page
  • First day home pictures
  • Other family members

More Baby Scrapbook Gift Ideas

Weddings are the happiest of places to create scrapbooks.

Weddings are the happiest of places to create scrapbooks.

Create Wedding Scrapbooks

Every Bride needs a scrapbook! Why? Because lots of the guests will be snapping pictures to give them and scrapbooks are the perfect way to remember their special day. This is a perfect idea for a wedding shower gift. There are so many kits out there for wedding scrapbooks, so you don't even have to be a crafter to make a lovely remembrance of that special day.

If you are making a scrapbook for a couple after the wedding or as a first anniversary gift, here are a few ideas:

  1. Collect souvenirs. Things like invitations (to the shower and wedding), wedding programs, napkins, place cards or any other personalized items.
  2. Wedding pictures. These are the high points of your gift. Show the progression of the event from bridal showers to the couple leaving. Make sure to include pictures of the wedding cake, the flowers and all the other details that made the wedding a one-of-a-kind event.
  3. Do not clutter photos. Make each photo the star of the page you are presenting
  4. Add embellishments, but not too much. Embellishments are fun to add. But they should enhance the photo.
  5. Include some escort cards and pictures of how they were displayed
  6. Us the colors that the bride has selected from her wedding theme
  7. Add wedding quotes. Just type in wedding quotes in your browser on your computer and get instant journaling ideas
  8. Round edges of the photos and mats to give a softer look

More Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

Anniversary Scrapbook Ideas

When it comes to anniversaries, we naturally tend towards thinking about special anniversaries like the 25th, 40th and 50th. And certainly, these are memorable moments that call for something special to commemorate the occasion.

But how about the first anniversary. This would be an excellent date to give a wedding scrapbook to the new couple.

Or you may want to give your spouse a special book to remember a special anniversary trip. Or even just to celebrate your time together.

Birthday scrapbooks and pages are so much fun to create!

Birthday scrapbooks and pages are so much fun to create!

Birthday Scrapbooks

Are you planning a milestone birthday party for someone special ? A scrapbook is the perfect way to save those precious memories for the birthday person. Create the album in advance. Create pages with mats for the pictures already in place. Have a couple of blank pages where the guests can leave messages to the birthday boy or girl. Leave a page where you can record the gifts given so that it makes it easier to write thank you notes after the party. You can theme the book to a special occasion such as sweet 16, over the hill, etc.

Birthday Scrapbook Tips

  • Choose a theme for your birthday scrapbook. It could be about a specific year or your relationship with the person you are making it for.
  • Record personal things about that person. Could be a list of their favorites, what their accomplishments were that year, their, goals, favorite music or sports and hobbies they enjoy
  • Create a pocket page. This is a piece of cardstock that is taped or glued on three sides with an opening. Mementos like birthday napkins, tickets to a special event, invitations and more can be stored.

More Birthday Scrapbook Gift Ideas

Scrapbooks for Grandchildren

Do you want to create a legacy for your grandchildren that they will treasure for generations?

At the birth of my first grandchild, I started doing a scrapbook to record all the important things about here life from day 1. My thought was that after her wedding, I would present her with these memories and thoughts about her childhood, so that she could share them eventually with her children. Well now I have 8 grandchildren and one great grandchild and the tradition is still going.

Last year, for Christmas I gave my daughter and my son their albums with all of their childhood pictures in them. They really appreciated all of the pictures and memories that I put into those albums. It was a pleasure to make and pass along those years that we shared together.

Seasonal Scrapbook Gift Ideas

Create a Gift Scrapbook Kit

Yes, you can purchase scrapbook kits and I often recommend them. But there is one final scrapbook gift ideas for you to consider. And that is creating a scrapbook kit to give as a gift.

This is a very personal gift where you chose the elements in the kit based on a theme you have selected. I also have found if you shop carefully, you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

Things to Include in Your Scrapbook Kit Gift

  1. An album. The larger albums cost more as you increase in size. You can often find them on sale in Michaels or other craft stores both on and offline. Make the album has page protectors in it
  2. Cardstock. If you find a paper pad in the theme you are following, it has coordinating elements as well as matching paper
  3. Tape runners or double-sided tape
  4. Letter stickers. Used for titles and journals (at least two of the same
  5. Embellishments. Things like gems, ribbons, die cuts, buttons and more
  6. Gift box or bag
  7. Tissue paper


  1. Fine liner pen to journal with
  2. Detail scissors
  3. Page protectors
  4. Washi tape in solid and printed designs
  5. Clear white PVA glue
  6. Paper trimmer
  7. Journal cards

More Tips on Creating a Scrapbook Gift Kit

  • Tape or include any information about page protectors inside the album. That way the recipient of your gift will know what to get.
  • Try your local thrift stores. You can often find new scrapbook albums and other supplies there.
  • Check out your local dollar store (now referred to as the dollar 25 store). They have lots of embellishments and supplies very reasonably.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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