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Fairy Garden Shepherd's Hook DIY

Niina is an artist, illustrator and an art teacher who loves to share her passion for crafting.

How to make a fairy garden shepherd's hook

How to make a fairy garden shepherd's hook

Making Your Own Fairy Garden

​Fairy gardens have become increasingly popular within the past few years. Making one that is uniquely your own can be inspirational and spark your creative juices. The best part is that you can make many of the decorations yourself!

My old earrings have lost their pairs.

What You Will Need

  • Strong metallic wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Broken earrings
Look through an old box of earrings for materials

Look through an old box of earrings for materials


1. Make the Hook

Twist the top section of the metallic wire into a circle. Use the wire cutters to cut the bottom to be the length you desire.


​2. String the Earring

Remove the broken elements of the earrings, such as the earring hooks, and string the earring onto the wire. Then, place it in your garden!


Shepherd’s Hook Decoration Ideas

​You can make a whole fairy garden filled with shepherd’s hooks! Try a few of the ideas below to make yours even more special.

  • Wrap a thinner wire around the hook. Then, string some tiny pearls around it.
  • Attach two hooks against each other. Then, decorate them with similar earrings.
  • If you can’t find earrings, you can substitute them with old keys, coins, Christmas bells, or any other tiny objects that fairies are fond of.
Earrings transformed into fairy garden decor.

Earrings transformed into fairy garden decor.

How to Attract Fairies With Your Fairy Garden

In many countries, people left out bread, milk, and cookies for fairies. With your garden, you can bring some fairy magic to your home. Decorate it with small objects such as buttons, keys, beds, broken eyeglasses, or whatever comes to your mind. The possibilities are endless. Have fun!

A neighborhood kitty making her own fairy garden.

A neighborhood kitty making her own fairy garden.

What Is a Fairy Garden?

Making fairy gardens is a specialized pastime that is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Making little gardens with plants and other components that are all in scale with one another is known as miniature gardening. Gardeners use bonsai trees, tiny plants, and accessories to create beautiful scenery.

What precisely is a fairy garden? Dish gardens, teacup gardens, gnome gardens, and windowsill gardens are other names for them. A fairy garden, whichever you want to refer to it, is simply a very charming kind of miniature garden.

Have you been bitten by the fairy garden bug? Your desire to embellish your little garden will probably grow as the season's change. For example, you might need to redecorate for Christmas or start a little pumpkin patch in October. Or how about an Easter Mad Hatter's tea party?

You can create a mystical scenery for yourself just for fun or maybe you want to design a fairy garden to enchant your children.

It doesn't necessarily need to resemble a typical backyard garden. It can be full of imagination. Some fairy gardeners design landscapes with deserts and mountains, as well as underwater or farm settings. Some miniaturists create a full village and fairy town scenes.

Everything about fairy gardens is in the details. To create a realistic atmosphere, your fairy garden occupants need possessions and furniture. You can purchase decorations for fairy gardens online or at large garden centres and online stores but you can also use old jewellery, things that can be found in nature such as stones, rocks, moss and feathers.

Some fairy gardeners step up the level of accuracy, by making genuine "smoke" emanate from a chimney. Or they may use the sewing machine to quickly put up some little drapes or make miniature serviettes for the table.