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Easy Dollar Store DIY Summer Wreaths That Will Make You Feel Sunny

Chloe loves to design her own front door wreaths and share her tips and tricks with readers.

Summer Wreaths You Can Easily DIY for a Fresh and Fun Front Door

When summer comes and the weather is heating up, it's time to spruce up the home with vibrant decorations, starting with the front door. You can make an excellent DIY wreath using supplies that you can find at your neighborhood dollar store.

As a thrifty crafter, it's easy to see the items that will really bring your project to life. You can get wreath structures, clothespins, paint, strips, and other such things you might require.

So take a look at these ideas for motivation and get started!

Frog Clothespin Wreath

The Frog invite sign in the middle was the beginning stage for this wreath. It's an incredible enrichment to your front entryway.

You'll require a 14-inch wire wreath edge and clothespins which are painted in yellow and green to truly add a pop of shading to your home. Finish by hot gluing yellow flowers to the bottom in an arrangement you enjoy.

Sunflower Wreath

Similar to the frog wreath, you'll need a ton of colored clothespins and fake sunflowers! This craft is fun because you can get super creative with it. It's all up to you to how many flowers to add and if you want to include a bug!

Flip Flop Wreath

This super easy summer wreath is made from kids' flip flops, dollar store flowers, and a wire wreath form. Poke thin gauge wire thru flip flops to attach to wreath form and glue on flowers. You could use the same color flip flops or multi-colored as you wish.

You can watch the video below for a visual tutorial as well!


Wheel Wreath

For a summer event, this wreath idea is ideal. Purchase the wheel wreath form at the local dollar store and spray paint it yellow.

You can then add ribbon and faux foliage at the top using hot glue. Finish with a bright sign to match the color of the wreath.

Fourth of July Wreath

Nothing says the Fourth of July like a beautiful wreath on your front door. Just pick up some patriotic ribbon, twine, and rope. You'll need the same type of metal base that these other ideas require. Start by wrapping the rope around the base, and let your creativity take charge!


Umbrella Wreath

This umbrella wreath would be perfect for a barbecue or a pool party. You can use umbrella toothpicks and a wreath from the dollar store to make this, and it takes no time at all.

Pool Noodle Wreath

Pool noodles are so cheap to buy and are easily made into a wreath. Wire the bucket on and fill the bucket with tissue paper, then add shells, and duck in a bucket. Hot glue shells on, and there you have it!

Nautical Wreath

These nautical wreaths are perfect for summer. Who doesn't love the beach, shells, and boats? Similar to the frog and sunflower ideas, you can use clothespins again for this one.

You could even get the family and kids involved by going to your local beach and collecting some shells. If not, you can purchase shells from your local dollar store or craft store.