DIY Home Decor Project—String Wall Art

Updated on December 9, 2016
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Marceline loves do-it-yourself crafts and thinking out of the box to create one of a kind items.

DIY String Wall Art

If you've ever seen string art, you probably have wanted to do it. But, like myself, probably thought it was very intimidating. I can assure you that it isn't as hard as it appears. Making your own string art is actually very easy, just very time consuming.

The finished product!
The finished product! | Source

Materials Needed:

  1. Wood slab: You decide the dimensions for the wood. (Easiest way to do it is to go to Home Depot and have an employee cut the wood for you.)
  2. Stain/Paint: I used stain for mine, but paint would work as well.
  3. Paintbrush: (Just for the stain/paint)
  4. Hammer
  5. Nails: I would recommend getting a 2-3 boxes of short nails with a wide head.
  6. String: Any string that is durable will work. (I would not use yarn, as it would be stretched out and frayed. Craft stores are your best bet to finding a wide selection of colors.)
  7. Printer: (If you plan on printing out your stencil then you will need this.)
  8. Tape: To hold your stencil on as well as hold your string in place when taking breaks.

Let's Get Started

  • The first thing you want to do is paint or stain your wood. Be sure to take it outside or cover the floor inside where you are doing this as it can get a little messy. If you are using stain, you can add more coats to darken it a bit or keep it light with just a few coats. With paint, just ensure you have painted enough coats to show your color choice rather than the wood underneath. After you have reached your desired color, leave it dry for a few hours. I recommend leaving it outside in a shaded area. It will need to be completely dry before you move on.
  • Next, we will print your stencil. I found an outline of what I wanted online and saved it. I recommend using something simple with just an outline, rather than an image with different shades and textures as it can get confusing to follow. After picking your design outline, we are going to fit it to the dimensions of your wood. I used the website The Rasterbator—this website allows you to upload your image, enter the dimensions you want it to fit, and it will resize your image and allow you to print it.
  • Next, we will apply the stencil to the wood. The best way to do this is to set your picture on top and tape it down to the back as you go. This way, while you are nailing the stencil it won't move around. One thing I like to do that is optional is to make small dots along the outline about 3/4 of an inch apart. This will be where the nails go.
  • After the stencil is taped to the wood, you are ready to start nailing it. Be sure to nail each nail the same depth into your wood, it will look off if they are not the same. The nails also need to be the same distance apart each time. I started off nailing about 3/4 of an inch apart each time, following the dots on the stencil. If you choose not to make the dots on your stencil, I only measured it the first few times, as you will start to be able to eye it as you go.

  • After you finish nailing your stencil, you will need to peel off the paper. For the most part, this is pretty simple, there will be a few pieces stuck under the nail that may be hard to get out. The best way to get them out is to just grab some tweezers and pull it out.
  • Now we begin the longest part: stringing it. Before starting I always get some tape so if I need to stop all of the sudden then I have something to hold my string down. If not, the entire thing may unravel. For the first nail, you will need to tie a knot onto it, as small as you can, then cutting the tip so it doesn't stick out. Then you will start to wind the string from one string to another. When you string it, make sure not to just string it to the nail right next to it, as you are trying to fill in the inside space. The best way to do it is to go from one side to the other with your string, twisting it around the nail and going to another. You will keep doing this for quite a while until you have completely filled your outline. I usually like for mine to be solid with no noticeable open spots, so as you finish up try to cover any spots where you can see wood in your outline.

  • When you think your outline is complete, be sure to tie another knot on the end and cut the tip. I always like to double check and make sure all of the string is below the head of the nail. (It would be horrible if you spent so much time on this and it unraveled!)
  • Lastly, enjoy your one of a kind decor piece!


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        Marceline Day 18 months ago

        Thank you! :)

      • diy clothes pins profile image

        zakariya guenda 18 months ago from arbaouat tahtani

        waaw great idea I love him


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