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DIY Book Nook: Tiny House With a Forest View (Includes Patterns and Printables)

You can build a book nook like this!

You can build a book nook like this!

How to Make a Tiny House Book Nook With a Forest Scene

Book nooks are special little additions that bring life to any bookshelf. They can also be themed to match one's favorite book or story—a snippet of a special or memorable scene.

These nooks can be placed between books or can stand alone. For this particular book nook, I decided to make a half tiny house with a bench, a bookcase, and a large picture window looking out onto a firefly-lighted forest. I also added a few homey touches such as pillows, a snow-drizzled window, and a cute cat.

The main structure and accessories can be built using everyday materials such as cardboard, PVC board, or foam boards from top to bottom. The finishes are all printed, thus rendering this build perfect for beginners. Included are step-by-step instructions on how to create the structure, all the way to assembly. This book nook can be completed in two to three days.

A view of the book nook from all angles.

A view of the book nook from all angles.


You'll need:

  • cardboard/PVC board/foam board/wood
  • super glue/glue gun/glue sticks
  • dried twigs
  • fairy lights
  • popsicle sticks
  • yarn
  • minky (faux fur) fabric, or any fabric
  • pebbles
  • acetate film
  • cutting tools
  • measuring tools
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • white spray paint
Structure and measurements

Structure and measurements

About the Structure

To begin the project, cut out the boards for the ceiling, right wall, left wall, flooring, window wall, and back portion of the book nook (forest area).

Steps 1 to 4: Create the Walls and Floor

Step 1: Print all of the finishes for the walls and floor. For the right side wall, I chose a weathered brick print to give the nook a cozy, rustic feel.

Step 2: Glue the printed chevron pattern wood parquet flooring onto the board. To make this build a bit more realistic-looking, use the printout as a pattern to cut out popsicle stick chips and glue them, mimicking the pattern. Stain and finish the wood accordingly (but this is for more advanced builders).

Step 3: Cut out the window wall, cut out the window, and add the trim. The trim is strips of 1/2" boards. Paint the wall a grey color, or print out the grey printable sheet included in this tutorial and glue it onto the wall, cutting out portions that need to be removed.

Step 4: Attach the right wall to the floor and the window wall. You can use hot glue or super glue for this. Make sure that everything lines up perfectly.

Steps 1 through 4

Steps 1 through 4

Step 5: Create the Window

Here is a view of the portion of the back of the nook where the forest will be. Note that the acetate for the window was added as well as for the trim. For the snow, spray a little bit of white spray paint onto the back of the wall onto the corners of the acetate window. This will give it that wonderful winter feel.

Step 6: Begin Adding the Forest Scene

The inner portion of the book nook will house the forest. Print the forest scene included in the gallery above.

Note that the right wall will consist of three prints/designs. One will be the brick wall on the right side, the middle is the wooden slats, and the winter scene should be glued on to that end on the left side: so, three different designs on one board.

Glue on the back wall of the forest scene. This will leave a pocket for the dried twigs.

Steps 7 to 10: Complete the Forest Scene

Step 7: Gather small dried twigs and spray them loosely with white spray paint, leaving a few portions of the twigs a natural color. This will make the twigs look a bit more real.

Step 8: Glue the snow-filled ground onto the floor of the forest scene. Glue some twigs onto the base of the box. Try not to put too much to avoid crowding.

Step 9: Add a few pebbles or accessories like small forest winter creatures.

Step 10: Glue the triangular wall onto the top of the wall with the picture window.

Steps 11 to 15: Create the Roof and Exterior Walls

Step 11: Cut out the board for the roof.

Step 12: Cut out the skylight windows.

Step 13: Print out the slate and cut it into strips and chips.

Step 14: Glue on the "roof tiles." Start from the bottom layer first. Overlap the next layer and the next until you reach the top.

Step 15: Create the exterior walls with the printable cladding as seen in the gallery above. Add trim and acetate.



About the Accessories

Follow the instructions below for adding the pillows, mini skeins of yarn, fairy lights, mini books and bookshelf, mini crates, and bench.




  • For the pillows, cut two pieces of fabric (use what you have on hand—for this project, I used a soft felt fabric). Glue or stitch the bottom and two sides, leaving the top open.
  • Fill with pebbles or beans. This will give the pillow a more natural look as it sits on the bench.
  • Glue or stitch the top shut.
Mini skeins of yarn

Mini skeins of yarn

Mini Yarn

I added a few accessories like this box of yarn. I used real yarn to make the mini skeins. Add a rolled-up piece of paper for the label. You can add whatever accessory you think would make the space look a bit cozier.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights will give the nook a magical feel, especially if the book nook is placed in a dimly-lit area.

Add this by hanging it onto the branches. The battery pack should be concealed either at the base of the box where the twigs are glued, provided that the battery pack is covered in the snow-covered ground print. It can also be glued to the back of the nook. This is ideal because the batteries can be changed easily.


Cut out the boards and assemble the bookshelf. Here are a few book covers you can print out and use for the books, too.

Mini crates

Mini crates

Mini Crates

These mini crates were made using popsicle sticks. This will be the wall decoration for the left wall. You can add a different picture or artwork to the walls of your book nook. Be creative and give it a personal touch. Print out family pictures or pictures of your pets—something that would personalize the nook and make it more special.




This is a simple bench for the nook. You can use a small box for this. Look around the house; you might find an old eyeglass case box or food packaging. You can recycle these and make them into the bench. All you need to do is color it or cover it with the printed paper.

I took fiberfill fabric for the upholstered top and glued it onto a small board the same size as the bench, and then covered it in minky fabric. You can use flattened-out cotton or foam and cover it in your choice of top fabric.

© 2021 Anna Javier


Anna Javier (author) on January 24, 2021:

Thanks Peggy! These nooks really brighten up the shelf. It's not too hard to make, even kids can start making these early.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 24, 2021:

What a fabulous idea! I used to have a friend, now deceased, who used to make tiny rooms like this. We even visited a museum in St. Louis dedicated to showing the art of tiny rooms. Yours would be beautifully nestled into a bookshelf and add interest.