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37 DIY Super Creative Wine Bottle Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Wine bottles can be transformed into conversation pieces. See how by visiting the websites below!

Wine bottles can be transformed into conversation pieces. See how by visiting the websites below!

Do you ever find yourself choosing a wine because of the bottle? I have, all because I’ve found a craft idea that inspired me, and that particular bottle size or shape is perfect.

I’ve spent considerable time searching for wine bottle craft ideas to feature in this article that include tutorials for making the craft. You’ll find a wide variety of ideas: some of them simple, fun, and easy, and some elegant in design and style.

After making a few projects and learning the basic techniques needed for the different projects, you’ll be able to customize your wine bottle gifts. I’ve made a number of wine bottle gifts like the ones shown above by following the easy-to-understand directions found at Cameo Cottage Designs. You’ll love making these!


1. Perfectly Nautical

Imagine making these beautiful nautical wine bottles to place on your mantel or side table.


2. Jute Wrapped

You can find the directions for making these outstanding jute-wrapped bottles at Everyday . . . a la Mode.


3. Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard is an easy paint to use, so you'll enjoy making these bottles. Follow the tutorial at Bespoke Bride.


4. Stenciled Bottles

Make spring vases like the ones shown above by going to the Real Coake site.

5. Letters and Twine


6. Apple-Themed

Not only will you find the directions for making the apple-themed wine bottles shown above when you visit Creative Jewish Mom, but you'll also find a link to a site telling you how to remove the labels from wine bottles.


7. Self-Watering Planter

Directions for how to cut glass bottles with a string are included in the tutorial for making the self-watering planters at Gypsy Glow Knows Best.


8. Bird Feeders

What a great idea for using wine bottles. Make attractive bird feeders following the directions at The Garden-Roof Coop.


9. Snack Tray

Of course, this is a bit more involved than most of the wine bottle projects because you need a glass kiln to melt the bottles into trays. Find all the information at Real Coake.


10. Map Collage

Using old maps is a beautiful way to cover a wine bottle. Check out the tutorial at Karen Kavett to see how these are made.


11. Picture Frames

Turn an empty wine bottle into a picture frame by going to The Elements of Living site for directions.


12. Chandelier

Make your own unique and stylish chandelier using beautiful wine bottles. Find the directions at Mod Podge Rocks.


13. Wine Bottle Centerpiece

You'll find the tutorial for this very attractive project at Craft and Sparkle.


14. Homemade Herb-Infused Vinegar

You'll find the directions for making homemade vinegar infused with herbs at Inspire a Creation.*

*Note: this website is currently unreachable, but hopefully will be back soon!


15. Etched Glass

You'll definitely want to make more than one of these etched glass bottles. Find a great tutorial at The V Spot.


16. Citronella Candles

Perfect idea for the patio party. Get the tutorial by going to the Hello Glow site.


17. Gold Stripes

So very elegant looking. Great idea for wedding decorations or for holidays. Love this look! Find the instructions at Homey Oh My!

18. Make Crystal Wine Stoppers


19. Mercury Trees

I'm going to have to make this project. So unique and beautiful. The directions are found at The Frugal Tree.


20. Gnome Bottle Topper

Wouldn't this be a cute idea instead of wrapping gifts of wine? Check out the information at Heart and Vine to make these little gnome wine bottle toppers.


21. Cork Key Chains

These are super simple ideas for using the wine corks. Think of adding crystal beads, bells, etc. to customize the key chains. Find the tutorial at Lady and the Blog.


22. Yarn Wrapped Decoupage

To find the tutorial to make the yarn-covered and decoupaged bottles, go to Suzy's Sitcom.


23. Photo Wine Label

If you want to make a photo wine label like this, go to the Twinspiration site for directions.


24. Asian Style

Get an old Asian look for your wine bottles by going to The Spruce for the tutorial. I really like this look.


25. Wine Bottle Stained Glass Panel

Another super unique idea. The tutorial is found at HGTV. Be sure to check out this site.


26. Sea Shells

Make a textured beach vase using a wine bottle and adding sea shells. The information for making this project is found at Crafts By Amanda.


27. Soap Bottles

The tutorial includes etching on the soap dispenser wine bottle. Find all the information at Living Well Spending Less.


28. How to Dye Wine Bottles

When you wish to change the color of your wine bottle, find all the information you need at Start Believing in Forever.


29. How to Drill Holes in Wine Bottles

Get the information you need to drill a hole in a wine bottle at Organize & Decorate Everything. You'll want this info to make a lamp or to add string lights to your wine bottle project.


30. Wine Cork Canape Knives

I'm thinking that if these knives aren't available as a craft supply, one could buy inexpensive canape knives in the Dollar store to make them. Find the directions for this craft at Yarni Gras.


31. Rainbow Lanterns

You'll find the directions for making these beautiful rainbow lanterns for your patio at Saved by Love Creations.


32. Christmas Centerpiece

Make a beautiful Christmas centerpiece using wine bottles by going to Sweet Something design to find the tutorial.


33. Halloween Mercury

An easy Halloween decoration that looks very stylish also. Check out the Art Happens site. That's where you'll find the directions.


34. Wine Cork Reindeer

Make sure you use the wine bottle corks to make a tiny reindeer. Find the tutorial at Favecrafts.


35. Beach Glass

Give your empty wine bottles the look of beach glass by following the tutorial at Carolyn's Homework.

36. Crackle With Elmer's Glue

© 2016 Loraine Brummer

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Jo Miller from Tennessee on January 05, 2017:

Hi, Loraine. This is a very impressive list. Your profile says it involves hours of work. I believe it. So many great ideas to check out I'll have to follow.

Loraine Brummer (author) from Hartington, Nebraska on December 26, 2016:

I love it that with crafts we can take an idea and change it to suit our wants or needs. Love your dry bean storage idea. Would look great on the countertop.

simplehappylife on December 26, 2016:

Great Ideas! For a wine drinker like myself, this really gets me rethinking my "trash" :)

I love the cork keychains and the bird feeder idea got me wondering if I could store dry beans and what not in my bottles. Hmmm ;)