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75+ DIY Snowman Crafts for the Holiday Season

Chloe Reid is a crafter and DIYer who loves a good bargain on supplies.

Keep reading for snowman crafts galore!

Keep reading for snowman crafts galore!

Snowman Crafts for the Holiday Season

What could be more festive and fun than making some snowman crafts? It's an activity that all the family can get involved with and you can use them to decorate your home for the holiday season.

I'm also happy to report that you can make these crafts quite cheaply by using items you already have in your home such as scraps of wood. Alternatively, you can stock up on items from your local dollar store such as large foam dice, which transform into the most adorable snowmen. Check out these ideas for inspiration!

Painted Board


If you have spare wooden boards lying around the house, you can paint them with snowmen to create a wonderful welcome sign for your porch all throughout winter.

Also, you can get two seasons out of this project: Flip them over and paint a bunny for Easter!

Snowman Brick


Paint a brick like a snowman for cute outdoor decoration.


  • 1 brick
  • Paint

Start by drawing the shape of your snowman onto the brick. You can then paint the sky around this. Then you can paint in your snowman with the details you want.

Winter Wreath


You can make this wreath using items from the dollar store.


  • Snowman face sign with tinsel from Dollar Tree
  • 1 package of Chenille Chunky Yarn
  • 1 scarf from Dollar Tree
  • Buttons for mouth and nose

Begin by removing the tinsel from the sign. Now you can use this as your wreath form and start winding the thick yarn around this. Finish by adding your decorations.

Snowmen Spindles


Old chair spindles and legs are transformed into snowmen with the use of some paint and decorations. Start by painting your spindles white. If you want to make little stands for them, you can hot glue them to some scrap wood, which can also be painted.

Snowman Woodblocks


Two-by-fours make this adorable craft. You can use a length of wood to attach them to so that they can stand up. Begin by painting your two woodblocks like snowmen. You can then add little hats to them. On the length of wood, paint the words "Love Never Melts." This would make a cute gift to give a couple.

Snowmen Dice


Dollar store foam dice are easily transformed into snowmen.


  • 6 foam dice
  • White paint or white balloons
  • Black paint or decals
  • Small hats
  • Fabric for scarf


  1. Either paint the dice or cover them with balloons. If using balloons, stretch the balloons over the dice and snip off the ends with scissors. Do this with all six dice.
  2. Hot glue three dice together to form the snowman.
  3. Now you can add the facial features and hot glue a mini hat on top and a scarf around the neck.