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DIY Project: Monstera Leaf Room Décor

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DIY Monstera Leaves Room Decor

DIY Monstera Leaves Room Decor

Tropical Home Decor

Monstera leaves have become an inspiration for a lot of room décor items as they give a tropical feel to your home in summer. They are super trendy and you can find them on a lot of items ranging from curtains, to bottles, to cushion covers and many other things. So with this as my inspiration, I came up with the idea to DIY something super simple for my room.

Give your room a makeover with this simple project. Why spend a lot on your home décor when you can do it yourself. You can, however, customize this project according to your taste. I will be giving some more ideas at the end of this article.

It took me only 15 minutes to make this. Read on to know how you can make your own.



Thing You'll Need

You just need a couple of minutes and items to make this piece of décor.

  • Any cheap photo frame
  • A printout of the stencil that I made
  • A black sheet of paper
  • White ivory sheet/photo paper
  • Glue/double-sided tape (I used double-sided tape simply because it is mess-free and gives a cleaner look than glue)
  • Pencil or pen
  • A pair of scissors (If you are comfortable using a cutter, you can go for that)


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How to Make the Monstera Leaf Room Decor

  • Step 1: Take your frame and measure the size of the picture that can fit inside the frame.
  • Step 2: Cut the white ivory sheet or photo paper according to the size of the frame. Put it aside. I used photo paper because it had a glossy finish to it.
  • Step 3: Print out your stencil on a piece of paper. Cut the stencil out, including the details inside of the stencil.
  • Step 4: Take your stencil, keep it on the black sheet of paper or whatever colour you like and trace it with a pen or a pencil.
  • Step 5: Cut out the black sheet of paper along the marked lines as well as the details that are marked.
  • Step 6: Take your double-sided tape (this is preferred as it gives a smooth look) or your glue and apply it to the back of the black cutout monstera leaf. Tip: While using glue, make sure to spread the glue evenly otherwise there will be bumps while you stick the leaf onto the white sheet.
  • Step 7: Choose how you want to place your leaf on the white paper. Take your white sheet of paper and peel the back of the tape applied to the monstera leaf and place it on the white sheet of paper. In case you are using glue, there is no need for peeling the back of the tape and you can paste it directly.
  • Step 8: Place your finished piece of art onto the photo frame. Place it on your favorite table or hang it on the wall to make your room look artsy. Tip: To close the back of the photo frame, you can use pliers. It will be much easier and it won't hurt your fingers.

More DIY Decor Ideas

Here are some other things you can do:

  • You can use other colors of paper.
  • You can cut out multiple leaves and place them however you like to do an all-over print.
  • You can even directly take the printout of the stencil, color it and put it on the frame. (This DIY project would then turn into a 5-minute one.)
  • You can paint it on a canvas.
  • You can experiment with different backgrounds.

Use a Frame for Versatility

One of the best things about this project is that if you use a photo frame, you can easily change the picture inside every now and then, depending on the season. You can put more works of art while spending only a couple of bucks for your room décor.

The monstera leaves remind many of a relaxing day at the beach and this is an economical way to incorporate that into your space. This effortless piece of art takes only a few minutes to make but the result that you get is surely going to make your room look Tumblr-inspired.

Hope you liked this easy DIY Project.

Room Decor

Room Decor

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