Make Your Own DIY Heart-Shaped Bulletin Board

Updated on February 18, 2017

You can cover your DIY bulletin board with your favorite photographs, magazine clippings, inspirational quotes, polaroids, etc... It's a real-life Pinterest board, and it's super easy and cheap to make!

The finished product
The finished product


Step One

First, check out your local dollar store and see if they carry plain sheets of cork board. I picked up three of them to get an extra big heart shape, and the total came to $3.21. (If they don't have any at a dollar store near you, try Staples or another office supply company—or order a few cork boards online).

Step 2: Draw Heart Shape
Step 2: Draw Heart Shape

Step Two

Next, arrange the boards like shown in the picture, (the back sides of the boards facing up) and draw your heart shape on. You can choose a different shape to suit your tastes, but don't make it too complicated or it will be really difficult to cut out.

Step 3: Cut Out Shape
Step 3: Cut Out Shape

Step Three

Next, you'll need to cut along your pencil lines. Unless you have gigantic scissors, you'll need to use a knife. I really had to dig in to cut all the way through the cork board. I got about halfway deep, and then I was able to bend and break it off along the cut.

Step Four

Once you've cut everything out, go along your edges with a pair of scissors to tidy up the edge, since it's probably a little jagged. At this point, you're probably going to need to get out a dustpan and broom—the crumbled cork is really messy.

Step Five

Now, flip your board right side up, put the pieces back together, and attach your cork heart onto the wall.

Here is your finished heart. Mount on wall.
Here is your finished heart. Mount on wall.

Step Six

Here's the really fun part!

Start pinning your pictures all over the heart! For a really fun, and extra roomy look, let the pictures hang off the edges and don't get too concerned about keeping them inside the heart shape. I went to my local CVS and used their photo printer to print out about 40 different pictures that I had in my iPhoto or downloaded from my Pinterest and Instagram. The picture quality from the photo printers is always better than my printer at home, and it's only about 20 cents per print. I used pictures of movie posters, quotes from my favorite authors, photographs of my favorite bands and actors, and of course pictures of my own friends and family. It's up to you what you put on your bulletin board! Just wait until you see how much it brightens up the room!

That's that, so thanks for reading and enjoy your project!


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