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DIY Holiday Craft: Cozy Clay Mittens Christmas Tree Ornament

As an artist and homeowner, Donna enjoys creating unique decorative items and holiday ornaments to welcome all to her artistic abode.

Cozy clay mittens Christmas tree ornament

Cozy clay mittens Christmas tree ornament

Clay Mitten Christmas Ornaments

These cute clay mittens are an easy holiday craft project. This project only uses three colors of clay and a few tools. Although I've displayed my mittens as a tree ornament, these decorations could also be used to embellish a festive wreath or as an addition to a holiday gift.

Clay colors

Clay colors


  • Two or three colors of polymer clay (though you could use air dry clay, too)—there are a few brands of polymer clay available at most craft stores. They all come in a variety of colors, but it is important that you do not mix brands. They are not necessarily compatible.
  • Wax paper for rolling out your clay.
  • Aluminum foil for baking your clay (if needed).
  • Holiday ribbon, curling ribbon, yarn, or twine to tie your mittens together.


You can use clay tools for this project, but I rely on a few simple items from around my home:

  • A stiff, thin piece of plastic for cutting and making lines - I use an old credit card.
  • A few decorative buttons for stamping—You can use a variety of items, like the ends of pens, to make designs in your clay.
  • A wood dowel for rolling the clay.
  • A small screwdriver for cutting.
  • A dull pencil for making marks and shaping the clay.
  • The plastic tip of an old pen for cutting holes into the clay.

Important: do not use items from your kitchen as tools if you plan to use them later in contact with food.


How to Make a Poinsettia Mitten Ornament

1. Resize and print out the mitten shape above. I made my mittens about two inches long. Then cut out your mitten stencil around the outer edge.


2. Choose the background color for your mittens. Then using about a quarter of a block of that color of polymer clay, soften and roll out your clay so that it is about 1/8 of an inch thick. Make sure your clay piece is large enough to accommodate your mitten stencil. I like working on wax paper to keep my surface clean.

3. (Optional) Stamp your flat clay to create a decorative background. You can use stamps, buttons, pen ends, and other tools.


4. Cut out two mitten shapes, reversing your stencil, from the clay to make a pair of mittens. Use your finger to smooth the outside edge of your clay shape.

5. For each mitten, use a pencil to make a curved line in the clay to create a cuff. Then use a straight tool to mark some ridge lines in the cuff (see above).


6. Take your flower clay color, and using your fingers, roll a very thin coil of clay. Important: wash your hands and tools between changing colors of clay. Darker colors of clay will transfer onto lighter colors, especially red.

7. Place your coil over the cuff edge of your mitten. Cut it to length and gently press it into your mitten so that it sticks.


8. Using your flower color, roll out a small teardrop shape of clay to create your poinsettia petals (see photo above). Press each of these teardrop shapes, so they are slightly flat.

9. Using a straight tool, create a line down the center of each of your petals.


10. Arrange your petals into a flower shape on your mitten. Press each petal carefully into your mitten shape.


11. Roll three little balls of yellow clay and press them gently into the center of your poinsettia.

12. Using a pen tip or some other tool, make a small hole in the cuff of both of your mittens. This hole will be used to tie your mittens together. Make your hole on the side opposite the thumb of your mitten. Be careful not to put your hole too close to the edge of your mitten.


13. Transfer your mittens to a sheet of aluminum foil and bake according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then let them cool completely.

Making polka dot polymer clay mitten ornaments

Making polka dot polymer clay mitten ornaments

How to Make a Polka Dot Mitten Ornament

1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 to create the mitten shape for your ornament.

2. Then follow steps 4 through 7 to create a cuff and coil for each mitten.


3. Take your mitten paper stencil and cut out the curved stripe (in green ink) on the stencil.

4. Roll out a small, thin piece of clay in a contrasting color (I chose white). Use the stencil to cut out a stripe for each of your mittens, reversing the stencil for the opposite mitten.


5. Place this stripe on each of your mittens. Roll the ends over the edge of your mitten. Press your stripe gently into the mitten or carefully roll over it to adhere it to your background.


6. Roll three little balls of your background color and place them in a row on your stripe. Press them flat to create dots.

7. Then roll more little balls of your stripe color and place them around your background shape. Press them flat to create dots. Do this on both mittens. I don't think your dots have to match on both mittens.

8. Using a pen tip or some other tool, make a small hole in the cuff of both of your mittens. This hole will be used to tie your mittens together. Make your hole on the side opposite the thumb of your mitten.

9. Move your mittens on to a piece of aluminum foil and bake according to the clay's directions. Let cool completely.


10. Cut two pieces of ribbon, yarn, or twine that are each about 8 inches long. Tie the two ends of ribbon together in a bow.

11. Feed one of the loose ends of ribbon through the hole in each of your mittens and tie off in a knot. You can place this bow over your tree branch for hanging.

12. If you are using curling ribbon, cut your ribbon a little bit longer and leave a tail after tying through your mittens to curl with scissors.

© 2019 Donna Herron


Donna Herron (author) from USA on November 28, 2019:

Hi Heidi - I made these little mittens for my parents, who have moved from a full-size fresh tree to a tabletop artificial tree. They've found that a lot of their old ornaments are too big for this smaller tree. So I thought these little mittens might be the perfect fit. Thanks for your comments! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far!

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on November 27, 2019:

Love, love, love the mitten with the stamped design from buttons. So cute and clever, as always! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

Donna Herron (author) from USA on November 27, 2019:

Hi Linda - I hope you do try working with polymer clay. It's easy to work with and you can make all kinds of things. Using stamps, you could make all kinds of additions for scrapbook pages. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Donna Herron (author) from USA on November 27, 2019:

Hi Claudia - So glad you liked this project. I think there are many options to use these little mittens at the holidays. These mittens could be decorated with initials then used as a gift tag on a package, or as a fun ornament for a new baby. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

Linda F Correa from Spring Hill Florida on November 27, 2019:

Well done ! What a cute idea ! Your directions are so easy to follow ! Clay is not something I have tried before, but this article makes me want to give it a shot, Thanks

Claudia Porter on November 26, 2019:

Hi Donna - I love that you used buttons for the design. These look like they would be so much fun to make. They'd make a nice gift decorating addition. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!