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DIY Bookmarks Inspired by Harry Potter

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Three variations of DIY Harry Potter-themed bookmarks.

Three variations of DIY Harry Potter-themed bookmarks.

Book Series Themed Bookmarks

Who doesn't love Harry Potter? Even after nearly a decade of the last book published, we all continue to cherish our beloved characters every now and then! And just like that, I thought why not make a Harry Potter-inspired bookmark to pay tribute to the greatest book series in modern times.

I am sure all the Muggles out there are going to love this.



Things That You'll Need

The things that you'll need for this project are as follows:

  1. Cardstock 2" X 8"
  2. Markers (red, yellow, black)

Step 1: Draw the Scarf

Start by taking the yellow marker to draw the scarf on the bottom of the cardstock. Just make two curved lines, and fill in the color in the scarf. This will be the base of the scarf. I have used the colors of Gryffindor, but you can change the colors according to your favorite house.

Step 2: Make the Glasses

The second step is to make the glasses. So take your black fine tip marker, and make two circles, and connect them with a line. You can add the lightning symbol on the top of the glasses.

Draw the glasses.

Draw the glasses.

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Step 3: Complete the Scarf

The next step is to complete the scarf, by adding some red lines to it to resemble the muffler that the movie characters wear according to their houses. You can modify the width according to your preference.

Fill in the scarf.

Fill in the scarf.

Step 4: Choose Your Spell

Choose your favorite spell from the book or the movie, and using your black fine tip marker, write your favorite spell in a magical font. I chose Alohomora for this bookmark. Some suggestions for the spells are as follows:

  • Wingardium Leviosa
  • Obliviate
  • Accio
  • Stupefy
  • Expecto Patronum
Write a spell.

Write a spell.

Step 5: Add Details

Add some final touches and details. I chose to add some footsteps from the Marauder's Map through the spell, and a wand, and some stars. I finished it by outlining the details with a gold paint pen.

Finished bookmark

Finished bookmark

More DIY Bookmark Designs

For the two other bookmarks:

  1. Lumos Bookmark: I used black cardstock and used a gold paint pen to just draw a wand and write the spell Lumos in the bottom.
  2. Slytherin Bookmark: I used white cardstock and used a black marker and a gold paint pen to draw the snake which is commonly visible on the Slytherin logo. I finished with Slytherin written in the same font as it appears on the logo and a check design at the bottom.

Ready to Read

Your bookmark is ready for use. These make great gifts for your loved ones, especially the Harry Potter fans out there.

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