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Easy Easter Craft: How to Make Eggshell Votive Candles

Jamie loves writing about DIY projects, decorating on a budget, craft ideas, and creative ways to reuse and upcycle products.

Eggshell Candles

Eggshell Candles

Turn Empty Eggshells Into Votive Candles

Eggshell votive candles are easy to make and inexpensive, and they add that perfect decorative touch for the Easter holiday. You could make a few and display them in groups on a counter, bar, or table. Another great idea is to make a dozen eggshell candles and put them back in the carton for packaging and give them as a gift. They also sell eggs in smaller cartons of six if you would rather not make the whole dozen. You could even decorate the carton if you wanted!

Candles Are a Fun Easter Craft Idea

I wish I could take the credit for coming up with these cute Easter candles, but I must give credit where credit is due. I was inspired to make these because of the eggshell candles I saw from PaintCutPaste and ILovetoCraft. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. There are a few different steps to the tutorial, but, all in all, it's an easy project and lots of fun to do!

What You Need

  • Large raw eggs
  • Bowl
  • Pin, needle, or some other sharp metal point or an egg topper
  • Paint, egg dye, or food coloring
  • Tea light candles (Dollar Store ones work great) or wax and wick candles or birthday candles
  • Glue gun
  • Small funnel
  • Egg cups or egg carton
  • Toilet paper tubes cut up into 5 or 6 rings
  • Sticks or skewers
  • Can or jar
How to Empty the Egg

How to Empty the Egg

Step 1: Empty the Eggs

The first thing to do is empty the contents of the eggs, and you will probably want to empty them into a bowl so you can eat them later!

  1. With the needle, pen, or the sharp pointed object (I used the tip of a knife on the first couple of eggs), hold each egg with the more pointed and narrow side up.
  2. Carefully yet firmly push the pin or pointed object into the very top of the egg's shell. It should just poke right through. This part scared me some, but I learned that you can't let the egg intimidate you. It is easier than you may think. So don't be afraid, just hold the egg stable and firmly push through!
  3. Once there is a hole, very carefully start chipping away at the small hole. The goal is to make the opening big enough to pour the egg out and also open enough to put the candle inside.
  4. Once the opening is big enough, pour the contents in a bowl and rinse the inside with very hot water and then sit the egg inside the toilet paper rings to dry.
Egg Topper

Egg Topper

Top Removed With the Egg Topper

Top Removed With the Egg Topper

Time-Saving Tip: Try an Egg Topper

To make removing the tops of the eggs easier, you could purchase an egg topper. This tool has little teeth that will pierce and take the top off the egg when you squeeze the handles together! Mine cost $5 on Amazon.

Step 2: Color the Eggshells

The next step is adding color to the eggshells. You can do this any way you choose. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Paint them with acrylic paint.
  • Use Easter egg dye to color them.
  • Use food coloring. In a coffee cup or disposable cup, put 20 drops of coloring, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 1/2 cup warm water. Add more or less coloring, then let the egg soak until desired shade is achieved. Also, you can mix colors to make other colors.
  • Use watercolors.

Tip: Using egg dye or the food coloring is the best way to go if you want to color both the inside and outside of the eggshells. You could use the paints to color the insides, too, but of course it will just take a bit longer.

Add Optional Embellishments

You could even embellish the eggshells if you want. Here are a few ideas:

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  • Use permanent markers to do your own designs.
  • Use E6000 glue (tolerates heat well) to cover the eggs or do a design with seed beads, glass rhinestones, small glass beads, glitter, etc.
  • Use watercolor pencils.

After you are done coloring/decorating your eggshells, place them open side down on sticks or skewers in a can, jar, or other type container. This will allow the exterior to dry without having to touch anything and mess up the paint, etc.

Step 3: Add the Candles

Now that the eggshells are all pretty and colored, it's time to put candles inside them.

Tea Lights

The easiest and quickest way to do this is to use tea light candles. If the tea light is small enough, it may fit right inside, but sometimes the tea light may be too big. In that case, you can either chip a little bit more around the opening of your egg or take the tea light (remove from container if there is one) and use a knife to carve some wax from around the tea light until it's small enough to fit inside.

Melted Wax and Birthday Candles

I had a few used tea lights on hand, so three were made with tea lights, and the others were made using melted wax and birthday candles. It's not hard to do compared to using tea lights. It just takes a few extra steps. Here is how to do it:

  • Squeeze about a dime sized amount of hot glue inside the bottom of the eggshell and then start blowing inside the shell to start cooling off the glue a bit.
  • Take the birthday candle and put it down into the glue and continue blowing inside the shell to cool the glue. You will have to hold the birthday candle a bit until the glue starts to harden and the candle is stable and not falling over. You can also hold a piece of ice under it to help the process.
  • Once the birthday candle is standing up in the glue, put the eggshell into the freezer for about one minute and then take it back out. The glue should be completely set and the birthday candle standing straight up.
  • Now take your wax and melt it in the microwave or however you want to do it. I used a "scentsy" type warmer and heated my wax. Once the wax is melted, take the small funnel and pour the wax inside the eggshell, around the birthday candle.
  • You can let it sit for a while to let the wax become solid again or put it in the freezer if you want to speed up the process.

Tip 1: A low temp glue gun will work better for mounting the birthday candles inside the eggshell because it will tend not to melt the birthday candle as much while you are waiting for the glue to dry.

Tip 2: If you have a "scentsy" or scentsy-type warmer, you could be melting the wax in it so the wax is ready to be poured into the eggshell after your birthday candles are anchored.

Egg Cups

Egg Cups

Lit Candles in Egg Cups

Lit Candles in Egg Cups

Step 4: Prepare the Candles for Display or Gifting

With the candles in place inside the eggshells, all you need to do is put them in the egg cups for display or back into the egg carton to give them as a gift. You can also use the carton for protecting and storing the eggshell candles so you can use them again next Easter.

Pretty Packaging Ideas

If you are making egg shell candles to give as a gift packaged in the carton, here are some decorative packaging tips and ideas:

  • The hard cardboard like cartons are best if you want to paint the carton. You can spray paint it, use acrylics or any paint you like and you can seal the carton too.
  • When painting on foam type cartons, only use paints that are water based like acrylic and tempura paints. Sanding the foam first may help you get better coverage. Avoid using spray paints; they will eat at the foam.
  • Use rubber stamps to add some pizzazz to a painted carton
  • You could use rub-on designs and words to embellish the carton
  • Don't forget about sequins, resin rhinestones and glitter if you are wanting bright and glitzy packaging!
  • For a more rustic, country look, you could use minimal paint, distress techniques when painting or leave the carton how it is and wrap some raffia around it and tie into a bow.


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