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How to Fold Paper Gems for Home Décor

I love developing a wide variety of creative DIY projects—everything from fashion to beauty to crafts!


Would You Turn Paper Into Gems?

This is one of my favorite crafts because I love how they look when they're strung up or scattered all around. These gems look much more exciting than 2D crafts. And wouldn't you know it—while they do take some time to fold, they are simple to make.

What You'll Need

This craft requires few materials, and they may be items you already have at home!

  • Thick Paper: I used some scrapbooking paper I purchased at WalMart for $5. You could also use something like cardstock or construction paper.
  • Scissors
  • Double-Sided Tape

1. Trace a Pattern

Select a few colors of paper that work well, and get ready to trace a pattern! I've included some of the patterns I used at the bottom of this page—feel free to use them if you'd like. If you're interested in more patterns, just look up paper gem templates and you can find a bunch more.

Honestly, I just held my paper up to my computer screen and traced the patterns on. It would probably be easier to print, but tracing worked just fine!

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2. Cut the Template

This is the easiest step! Make sure you cut the angles precisely or the gem may not fit together. Once you're done cutting, stretch your little finger muscles—it's time to fold!


3. Fold the Lines

Make sure you fold the lines precisely. Folding with your hands won't create a sharp enough edge, so I suggest grabbing a pen or pencil and pressing over the fold. This will ensure a crisp edge and help the final product to look much more gem-like!


4. Tape the Gem

Get out your double-sided tape! I cut it into smaller pieces since the flaps on the gems weren't that big. Once you've folded the shape, there should be no question about where to tape what—everything will go into place.

Taping at first is easy, but once you get to the last bits, it gets kind of hard. Since you can't reach the inside of the prism anymore, you can't secure the tape. To remedy this, I poked a needle through one of the corners near the final flaps. I used the needle to push the two sides together so the tape would stick securely.


How to Display the Gems

These would look fabulous in a dish or jar, to be used as a centerpiece. Additionally, they can be hung from a mobile or garland. I haven't decided how to use mine yet, so for now, I'll just scatter them.