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20+ DIY Clay Pot Lighthouses That Are Truly Works of Art

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Turn Pots Into Lighthouses!

Transform your outdoor space by putting together a clay pot lighthouse. It's so much fun to make, and kids can get involved too. You'll need various sizes of clay pots, from small to large, to be stacked upside-down to form the lighthouse.

Make sure to use good quality outdoor paint since these will be outside. You can be as creative as you like with this craft. They also make lovely gifts to give to new homeowners, for example.


Rock Wall

The rock wall at the bottom of this lighthouse is so adorable. To recreate this, begin by placing masking tape at the edge of each pot where the white stripe will go, and then paint all your pots black. Reverse this to add the white stripes. Paint a saucer in black and then add a solar light to that.


Fish Net

Increase the nautical appeal by hot-gluing some net around your lighthouse. You'll need four terra cotta pots to create this beauty and paint them all white. You can also hot glue shells around it as an extra detail.


Solar Light Topper

Use a solar light on top of a saucer at the top of the structure to create this look. You can choose whatever solar light you like and watch as it lights up in the summer evenings.



This combination of a solar lighthouse and birdbath is made from terracotta pots, paint, seashells, rocks, sea glass, flat back glass stones, wood, twine, garden solar light, and one fake bird.

This one even has hand-painted seagulls on the lighthouse part! You can paint green seashells for trees on top of a driftwood piece and hot glue glass stones around the edges for a pretty finish.


Red and White Stripes

The classic red and white lighthouse design is perfect for brightening any space. Use outdoor acrylic paint and paint the rim of the clay pots red and the body of the pots white. Once dry, you can hot glue white rope around the rims and then paint your windows black on each pot.


Red and Black Twins

These two lighthouses would look great in your yard or equally good on your porch. You can paint them in different colors, or you could paint them exactly the same according to your preference.



Gray is a charming color to paint your lighthouse in. If you have a favorite team that you support, you could also paint your design in their colors for you to enjoy or give to someone special as a present.


Blue and White

The coastal feel of this design is perfect for a beachy vibe. The bottom consists of a saucer which was painted black and then filled with little stones.


Navy and white with accents of gold are sure to look stunning in any garden. Instead of solar light, you can use a small lantern with a battery-operated tea light at the top, as shown in the picture.



For an awesome 4th of July decoration, recreate this idea which consists of five terracotta pots. You can make the fence at the top from black popsicle sticks and then hot glued them together.


Lifesaver Raft

Lifesavers are a great take on this creative design! You can usually find them at your local dollar store or do a search online for them.


Blue Ombre

For a striking look, paint your lighthouse in blue ombre tones. You can get the small nautical decor from your local dollar store.


Gray and Red Stripe

The hand-painted red brick all the bottom of this lighthouse is adorable. This one is designed to look like a castle with colorful, whimsical flowers painted outside the windows.

How to Make a Flowerpot Lighthouse


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